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I've done a lot of research - I'm not a youngster,...

I've done a lot of research - I'm not a youngster, but I'm by no means Senior either so my smile is important to me. We don't have a lot of discretionary cash laying around, we put four kids through college (no student loans/2nd mortgages or any type of assistance other than frugal living for 20 years) and two of them through vet school - - not to mention many scary dental experiences as a child in a very small SE Texas town that has me convulsing at the thought of going to the Dentist! So I'm in need of some serious help so I can enjoy my empty nest.

I had my first consult today, I expected to be treated a lot better for the amount of money that we were considering to spend. I was told the appointment would be approximately one hour, at most 1.25 hours - - therefore since we're working people my Husband and I scheduled our work day and meetings around this timeframe. Luckily I have done a lot of research, otherwise we would have left this appointment completely in the dark - - - after arriving and filling out paperwork we proceeded to sit and wait, and wait, and wait - - after 30 minutes I was taken to get a scan, then we waited again - - not something I would expect in recruiting a new patient.... but on the other hand existing patients were being called and taken care of which is a positive thing if I do become a patient.... when we had 25 minutes remaining until we had to depart for our real life responsibilities, I told the very nice, polite ladies in the front that we had other commitments, within a couple of minutes we were given a quick tour (I've watched every video available and virtually toured the facility already so it wasn't a big deal) then we met the "consultant", who was nice, pleasurable and had the presence of mind to know we were dealing with a time constraint so he stepped up his sales pitch (thank you, as I said I did thorough research so ...)

We met with a Dr. who has not yet completed their boards, the Dr. was nice and told me what I wanted to hear and told me what Dr. wanted me to hear, but as I said earlier I have two children who are Vets and I would never have entrusted them to give me a presentation on what to do with my pets if they've not yet passed their boards... I would want to hear from a board certified Dr. So... as we're rushing though and not board certified Dr. gets through and leaves we get to the sales pitch.... based on the costs for uppers and lowers that have been posted we were not totally shocked (well my Husband was, I was not) - - but it's a huge amount of money to spend!! Quickly, very quickly, we negotiated down to a figure that will be honored for thirty days - - I could buy a small lake house, RV, put another kid through under-grad school (but I don't have another kid)... just how important or relevant to our livelihood are my teeth?? I can wait until they all fall out, heck I might be dead in a year, if I spend the money and have the implants so I look pretty and I die can my husband take them out and mount them somewhere, ya know, like a deer head or something - - can he re-sell them, is there a charitable organization that would take $49k dentures - - no need to be buried with them.... so how important is my smile, how valuable, is facial vanity worth the same as a King Ranch F150, or 5 amazing vacations with my kids and g-kids? The jury's out - - I've got a lot to think about.... I truly appreciate CC Dallas for recognizing that we were on a time constraint, albeit, one they determined during the set-up of our consultation and everyone we did meet were friendly, knowledgeable and I'm sure honest people. Recommendation - - hire someone who's a result of your services to work your front desk - - it would have been great to meet people that have benefited from your services... So... tick-tock, tick-tock - - I have 30 days to think about this great offer!!

OK -- I must decide tomorrow in order to "get" the...

OK -- I must decide tomorrow in order to "get" the price quoted..... we have secured the dollars required and I have been on consultations at two other local "all on four" dental clinics that offer the same .... one was extremely nice and treated us so well and really brought that customer service that was lacking at Clear Choice, but when we got to the tough questions that were not covered on their web-site that CC does explain, there were a few things that came out that CC includes that the others don't. One place did come in 4k less than the CC quote... but I really don't know, I've not been able to come up with a lot of customer reviews, there are some that are very positive but overall there are just a "few" reviews which leads me to believe they've not done a lot of these (they are full dental clinics and do all realms of dentistry from veneers, to root canals,etc.) One thing that I like about CC is that's the only thing they do..... so they've got to be good at it - right? comments, please - - would love some feedback! Really scared and ready to run for the hills - wait caves, no mountains, okay I'm just ready to run!! I like soup and mashed potatoes and rice - jello, ensure these days is really good - - am I really ready to spend 40k+ on teeth?? still trying to decide!

I have completed my consultation, had more scans,...

I have completed my consultation, had more scans, molds made and met with the Dr. I really have to say I was very impressed with the staff that I interacted with and came out with a positive feeling after talking with the Doctor about what my options are. He did comment that I could probably get by another five years with some extensive crown work but after 5 years I would be once again exploring my options and the rate my bone is disappearing the all on four may - or may not - be an option for me. I've decided to more forward and my surgery is scheduled for November 12. I hope and pray that I am making the right decision. In conclusion, the "money" man at the Dallas CC is very professional, very thorough and was very easy to work with. So far my experience with the Doctor's and staff have been positive (all except maybe the very first visit where I waited so long - but they've made up for that at the next visit and it's almost forgotten!)....... I had an opportunity to speak with a patient in the office waiting room and she had nothing but glowing remarks to make about CC Dallas, she mentioned that it took her some time to learn how to effectively clean her new teeth but she's been very happy with the outcome... until next time!!
Dr, Kim

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