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Im 31 years old..mother of two girls. Ive been...

Im 31 years old..mother of two girls. Ive been dealing with breast pain since ive been in high school. I developed at 12..was a 36dd by my sophmore year (early pregnancy) . When i was 18, i was scheduled for BR but as soon as i was prepped for surgery, i was pulled from the table.

State Medicaid (louisiana) decided not to pay..(mudducks) anyways..years later and im a 42f..200lbs (my breasts weigh more than the rest of my body) im in need of BR!! I cannot exercise due to my breasts being the way..i always end up with pinched nipples when i sleep at night...i have had one consultation where the doc took the photos but u know if u dont have insurance at the time of srrvice..they wont talk much.

Not a good day for me...apparently my insurance...

Not a good day for me...apparently my insurance has an exclusion where it will not pay for BR surgery. They basically lied to me!! Dont use united healthcare!! Im canceling my insurance with them asap!! I need to find another insurance company asap!"

I really feel like just giving up and dealing with...

I really feel like just giving up and dealing with the pain. Everytime i see a success story of a breast reduction on here, tears roll down my eyes. Maybe im one of those not so luck ones who have to suffer with the pain. I cant stand pain (im a big baby) and i hate the way i feel. I read my policy over & over wishing i could make the words change saying that my insurance could pay for the surgery but its something i have to deal with. So tata for now.

So close to getting a breast reduction

Hi everyone. Its been a while since I posted. I found a new pcp who understands me and know the pain I am going through . Since my last update, my breasts have grew to a 48K. Very heavy and painful at times. The pain was so unbearable to the point where I had to voluntarily quit my job because of the medication I took daily for pain. Fast forward, I went to an orthopaedic doctor, but he sent me to have an open and closed MRI which both were failures, so now I was referred to a plastic surgeon by the name of Dr. Duffy and a orthopedic surgeon as well.
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