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I am 28, 5 ft 2 inches, 170 pounds. I have aways...

I am 28, 5 ft 2 inches, 170 pounds. I have aways been very busty. When I graduated hight school in 2001 I was 120 pounds with a DD, As I have gotten older it's become worse. Right now I am a 38F. I feel like my large chest has always defined me. I was always known as the girl with the huge boobs. I have wanted a reduction for ten years but, it never seemed possible. In July I married the most wonderful man. I have talked in detail about my issues with my breasts (their size, weight, appearance) with my husband and he is so supportive. Fortunately, we have some of the best insurance. With a new pilot program, we will pay nothing out of pocket for my surgery. My husband is my biggest cheerleader since knows the issues I face every day. He rubs my back everyday for me, he has to deal with me when I shop for clothes and bras. ][

I have had back problems for many years but, I havent had insurance so I never sought proper care. I decided to go see a family medicine doctor once we were married and i had insurance. When I went to the doctor she suggested three months of physical therapy. She also in passing suggested to go see a PS. She said I could bypass the therapy and see what the surgeon said but, it was really hard to get insurance to cover a reduction. I decided to go with my gut and I made an apt with the ps.

Sept 28 2012
I had my consult with the PS. He told me I was an excellent candidate for the surgery. He said he could remove between 800- 1000 grams per breast. I was so excited ! We talked to his admin assistant and I was on cloud nine when I left the office. Shortly after my visit I found realself.com. I read many stories about insurance/ps offices not following up so I decided to take matters in my own hands. I called both offices a few time a week. Around the second week I found something alarming.... the ps office told insurance that they were taking 500- 700 grams out not the 800- 1000 grams that I had been informed of. I got on the phone to the ps right away and the realised they made a mistake. ( At the 500-700 gram mark, the insurance company wanted notes from other doctors I had seen regarding my breasts... but, at the 800- 1000 they issued and approval the next day). I have my pre op on Nov 7. and my surgery is set for Nov 29. At my consult we never really discussed size.... I hope I can get to a C. I am so excited and ready for this life changing event! Realself had made me so much more excited for my future!

11/2/12 I have been reading on realself that...


I have been reading on realself that women brought pictures of what they wanted their breasts to look like to their pre op apt. My question is where do I find some really good natural looking C cup pictures?
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