My BR W Lift Was Part of my "Granny Takeover" - Dallas, TX

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I'll turn 65 at the end of November and have lived...

I'll turn 65 at the end of November and have lived with large breasts all my life. But over the last 3-4 years things began changing. I grew from a 36 DD-DDD to a 38G. I gained 6 lbs from 182 to 188 on my 5'6" frame. I got married after being divorced 23 years. And, the worst thing, I slowly lost my ability to comfortably hold a pen and write! I had been enjoying journaling for years while I got over my divorce and dated badly, working through learning about myself and the bad choices I made in men.

So how I finally moved to new hubby isn't a breast man, he prefers legs. Well, I thought, he chose me first so that's his problem. When we married, he asked me to give up my day jobs (that I did to support my acting career) which left me with more time. So I started working on a dream project of mine - a talk show for senior women like myself. In the process of developing and producing the show, my inability to hold a pen and write really became problematic. Couple that with increasing mysterious neck pain that radiated across my shoulders and down my spine, I was beginning to think that my 60s were not going to be very much fun even though I was now an empty nester and a newly-wed!!! Geez, I thought. Is God playing tricks on us as we age???

So internet research became my friend. I really got into an obsessive habit of researching everything: biz holiday gifts, topics for my show, experts to weigh in on the topics for my show, interests and trends among mature women, why mature women become invisible in our society, beauty trends among senior women which led me to PS trends which were the usual eye lift, neck tightening, spot removal, etc. But for younger women there was something called a "mommy makeover". Very interesting!!! I dove into understanding that, found Real Self and it's Mommy Makeover section, and that started my personal wheels turning.

I got my show on the air, did a complete 16 show season. But now my Internet research expanded to this whole PS industry, which I found to be very interesting. Long story short, I suffered through the aforementioned neck, shoulder and spine pain while I made a series of appts with my internist, a hand specialist, and a neurologist (their tests really hurt!!!). No one could figure out why I couldn't hold a pen and write. At the same time I learned about the neck and back pain from large breasted women here on RS and that a BR was the solution they elected. Interesting. But my focus all along had really been on my tummy, for decades. It was my melting-down-the-front-of-me tummy, my "kangaroo pouch" that was the bane of my existence, not my large breasts, which I, frankly, had always been proud of. My new hubby noticed how men gave my cleavage a 2nd look. Hehehe.

So I made a series of consultation appts with PS....about my tummy. During one, Dr. Godat examined my tummy/pannus, told me what he could do to make it....OMGosh...FLAT again, and offhandedly suggested I might even consider breast work later on, to make them perky (PERKY!!!?), and he'd bet I could some day wear a bikini. (Whuuuuttt!!!). Aloud, I quipped "Perky? I don't care about perky. I'm 64. I'd just like to get rid of the neck and back pain.". Dr. Godat quickly picked up on that, asked me a series of questions about my breast and pain history, then suggested I consider addressing both issues, because he was pretty sure my insurance would cover a BR (geez, they're THAT big??) surgery and hospitalization, so all I'd have to pay for is the TT.

WELL. WELL. Then I told him about my inability to write. He brought up the possible nerve damage in my right arm due to a possible pinched nerve in my shoulder from heavy breasts. My internist confirmed this theory.

I thought about it all a couple of weeks. Did more Internet research. Then made a decision.

So my TT journey is posted in the Mommy Makeover Section of this website. And I'll post my BR journey here. I soooo don't relate to the mommy makeover thing because of reasons I explain in that section. So I guess I have to post in both these sections. I wrote RS administration about creating an area for more mature women like me who have combined procedures but don't want to call it a mommy makeover. I call it a "granny takeover" because I'm taking back my body from the ravages of 5 pregnancies, 4 births, 1 c-section, 1 hysterectomy, twenty-five plus years ago!!! Now I'm an empty nester, newly married to a man who loves to garden and travel the world, like me, I take 2 high blood pressure pills, a cholesterol pill, I don't have the skin tone of a younger woman and recovery may take a bit longer even though I don't smoke. So I consider myself, as a more mature plastic surgeon patient, to be ...."special".

The procedure cost includes hospital and PS charges for all the procedures.


I have these deep grooves in my shoulders from bra straps holding dense heavy breasts. On a recent 4 hr flight from Alaska I wore plastic BR strap shields that contain the straps and disperse the weight on my shoulders. That evening when I removed them I saw blisters that began to itch. Over the next few days they dried, turned dark then my skin peeled. What was left were dark scars which are slowly fading.

More pictures

"After" pictures

So I ended up getting a full granny takeover: BR w lift and lipo, plus a TT with MR (muscle repair) and lipo.

My breasts feel like they are lactating times 10!!!!! Was taking too many Tylenol. Hubby wants me to protect my liver and switch to something else. Any ideas?

Im 2.5 weeks post op and still very swollen in belly and very tender wher my PS lipo'd but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now.

Lightening Bolts in my tits are driving me CRAZY!!!!

I've tried ice packs for 20 minutes and I took a Naproxen (prescription Alleve).

I want some relief because the pain woke me up at 4am this morning and I couldn't get back to sleep! Tonight I'm going to try a Vicodin. This started 2 weeks ago (I'm 4 weeks post op today) and has grown more frequent and intense each day). Arrggghhh!!!

Its 504 am and pain woke me up!

It's 504am and PAIN woke me an hour ago. Engorged, achiness and sharp bolts inside my breasts. Comes in waves. I cup my breasts with my hands until the pain subsides - 4-5 minutes. 3-4 min later I feel the engorged feeling coming again.

I feel a burning sensation in 3 places on my belly, deep inside. Sometimes it builds to a sharp crescendo then slowly fades away. Sometimes comes right back. Sometimes comes back in a couple hours.

I feel a general achiness and itching in my flanks, across my back and love handles areas, all the liposuction areas.

This has been going on for 5 weeks but worse the last two. Today Im 5 weeks post op. intellectually I know tissue is connecting and healing in my breasts. Nerve endings are reconnecting in them. I know liposuction leaves tunnels that the CG collapses and the areas must heal. I know the MR in my tummy takes several months to heal and flatten.

But knowing all that doesn't stop the pain.

Ibuprofen 800 mg tabs, 500 mg Alleve, 650 mg Tylenol. Nothing works. I only have 3 Vicodin left. I have to save them for trying days. Like yesterday. I took one so I could record a radio voice over then do a film audition in relative comfort. When breast pain broke through the Vicodin relief, I find a way to cradle my breasts inconspicuously in the studio.

In time this will all subside and I can enjoy my new breasts and greatly reduced tummy. But right now.... I have to lay here in my recliner and listen to my husband snore (since he's chosen to not use his C-pap machine tonight). Oh great. He farted. Now is a good time for me to move to another bedroom so I can whimper aloud, hold my breasts and feel sorry for my gorgeous new bodied self. OMG.
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Dr. David M. Godat is wonderful. I highly recommend him and his staff. Even his facility is beautiful with a beautiful view and the hospital right next door. Please read more on my page under the Mommy Makeover category here on Real Self.

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