Breast Reduction June 13 - Dallas, TX

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Hi I have been lurking for awhile but have...

I have been lurking for awhile but have finally decided to join since my surgery is in just 23 days! I am 49 yrs old and I weigh 152 lbs. (recently gained about 5 lbs that I cannot get off~ so frustrating!!) On June 13th I am getting a breast reduction, lower eye lid, and chin lipo.
I am wearing a 34DDD in Wacoal brand bras right now. My doctor asked me to bring in a Wacoal bra in the size I wanted to be. I would like to be a 34C, I think. But, the picture of me wearing the 34C makes a 34C look REALLY small. After reading all the reviews here I am really hesitant to ask for a D because it seems like more women are wishing they had gone smaller than bigger.

3 days post op

Bandages off and first showe

Almost 3 weeks

Almost 3 weeks. Most of original tape still on. Love them!

1 month

I keep thinking they are still big...but then I wear a bathing suit or tank top and they err WAY smaller.

6 1/2 weeks

I feel great! I have an appt tomorrow. I still have some tape on. I was instructed to let it fall off on its own. I was replacing it up until a few days ago.
I have very little tenderness on my incision lines and I am back to normal activity and lifting. I went to a Zumba class this week but I have not gone running yet.. I have been sleeping on my side still and will try to continue that. I wish I was a little smaller ( and it just my boobs!) but overall I am so happy I did this.


6 1/2 weeks with some remaining tape.

(Last post I meant NOT just my boobs)

Finally a bra I like!

I actually fit into a 36d sports bra! Yea! It is nice and snug so I can feel comfortable running. I am a little worried it might be too tight in my scars. I'll try it tomorrow. I am not sure of the brand.

I finally found an everyday bra that I love! It is a Bali comfort revolution in size SMALL!! I got a pack of 2 for $23. The cups are soft, but have a nice division between them and it hooks in back. I was getting tired of rolling bras down over my head! I'll post phot of the package.


I meant 34 d.... For sports bra...which is size I requested!

Past the 3 month mark

It has been about just over 3 months and I am SOOOO happy I had the BR done. I still have those days when all I want to do is come home after work and take off my bra... but it feels AWESOME to go braless!!! Bathing suits are so easy to find now too. I haven't gone running yet - several reasons... tired from work, a little lazy, but also b/c I still need and want to wear a very tight supportive sports bra and I am a little bit sore where my scars are. I'll add pictures soon and I'll report back when I do begin running again.
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