56 Yrs Old and FINALLY Getting Rid of the 34DDD 139lbs November 3rd Surgery Date! - Dallas, TX

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I have the same story as a lot of you. Started...

I have the same story as a lot of you. Started rapidly growing in 6th grade and never stopped. The only person in my family with large breasts was my Aunt Juanita and I hated being compared to her. Her breasts literally hung down to her waist and I was terrified I was going to follow in her footsteps. By the time I was in high school I was known as "The little girl with the big BOOBS". So embarrassing!

I don't have to tell everyone how uncomfortable it is dealing with these huge mounds of flesh. I have primarily neck and shoulder pain, but lately my back has really been hurting as well. Constant pain in the grooves of my shoulders and clothes and bra shopping is a nightmare.
I've wanted this surgery for years and in fact seriously looked into it 10 yrs ago. At the time I was discouraged from pursuing it believing that insurance would not cover it and my husband was dead set on spending the money. A month ago something just triggered in my mind and I decided that I was tired of dealing with this and made up my mind that the surgery was going to happen... and soon. I sat done and had a "Come to Jesus" talk with my husband and told him that I would try to get it covered by insurance, but if denied I was going to go ahead with it anyway. To my complete surprise he totally agreed and said to go for it. He's been extremely supportive and excited for me although he's worried about me going through such a "major" surgery.

On September I5th I had my consultation with Dr Weider. He and his staff explained everything and answered all my questions. I told him I'd like to be a large B or C and he thought C would be best. I'm fine with that, however I'll make it clear to him that if there is any doubt while I'm on the table to remember that I'm ok with being smaller. I just don't want to be anywhere near the D's! He took photos and measurements and submitted them to insurance. After reading everyone's insurance stories I figured I had a 50% chance of getting approved. I was convinced I wouldn't get approved. I really didn't want to spend the money but was totally prepared to do so if I didn't get approved. Well lo and behold I got a letter 10 days later approving my surgery!! I was soooooo HAPPY!! All I have to pay is my deductible for the year. I immediately set my surgery date for November 3 and I can hardly wait!! Now that I have a date it seems like the days are dragging and my breasts are even more uncomfortable and embarrassing! It seems I've become obsessed and am constantly on this site looking at everyone' s experiences. It's been so very helpful to read all the good and the bad and I'm am hoping and praying that my experience will be a positive one.

Today's the Day!!

It's 3am and I can't sleep! I have to be at the hospital by 6am and surgery is scheduled to start at 7:30. Yesterday was a whirlwind of activity trying to get everything ready. Hope I didn't forget anything. I'm trying so hard not to be nervous but I have to admit I'm not succeeding very well. I've got major butterfly's in my tummy! I'm going to take the next hour or so to relax and try to get my mind in a good place. I'll have to remind myself how long I've waited for this and how much better I'm going to feel and look! I'm in good hands. God and my Dr! See ya post op!!

It's Done!!!

I can't believe it's done! 3 weeks ago I could hardly wait for the 3rd of November. It seemed so far away.....
Here's how it went....
The day before was a whirlwind of activity. I was trying to get as much done as possible since I knew it would be total rest the following week. I was trying so hard not to be nervous but as the day wore on all I could think about was what could go wrong. I finally realized that I had to let it go and just trust God , the Dr , nurses, hospital and the process.
I didn't sleep much but I got up at 4am took a shower (again) with the lovely antibacterial soap the Dr. said I had to get. My husband, daughter and I left our home and arrived at the hospital at 6am. I was assigned a room and a nurse and I changed into my gown. The nurse took my vitals and lo and behold my blood pressure was 166/95! Just a little nervous I guess? : ) After more questions (the favorite being name, DOB and why am I here) I was taken to the surgery holding area. After more questions the anesthesiologist came in to talk to me (a very nice Dr I might add). While he was talking the nurse came in for the IV. I was really dreading this but she told the Dr to keep talking and distracting me and before I knew it the IV was in with virtually no pain! I was so incredibly thankful and I'm sure my BP dropped a few points. Dr Weider my PS came in and marked me all up and told me I might not have to have the horizontal incision and he might not put drains in! Yipee!
He said he'd make the call after he started and I was totally ok with that. Once he was done the anesthesiologist administered the magic "I don't care drug" to relax me and they wheeled me to surgery. I remember all the big lights in the surgery room and I remember asking them "if all that was for me" and then nothing. I was out.
I woke up in recovery, I think around noontime and I didn't feel bad at all. During surgery they put in a pain/numbing pump in my chest which will stay in and slowing administer meds for the next 2 days. Sweet! I think my throat was more uncomfortable than anything else and I was extremely thirsty. I was shocked to see how small my new boobies are! Even in my surgical bra I could tell how cute they are! I was so happy I wanted to cry! Instantly I noticed my lower back didn't hurt and I felt so light. Unfortunately he had to put drains in but it was probably a good thing since I've seen how much I'm draining.
After awhile they moved me back to my original room where I had a lovely lunch of crackers and apple juice. Seriously tasty since I was so hungry. Dr came in and told me how every thing went and checked me out one more time. I'll go see him Friday (or if I stop draining on Thursday) to get the pain pump and my drains removed. I got my post op instructions from the nurse and then I was released to go home around 3. I have to give much kudo's to the staff at Medical City in Dallas. They were professional and caring and helped make a stressful time a lot more bearable.
So now I'm at home healing and feeling pretty good. Moving slow and the drains are a bit of a pain but I'm dealing with it. My family as been extremely supportive, caring and helpful. And the best part yesterday..... I got Blue Bell ice cream when I got home!!!

Post Op Appt Today

Today is my post op appt with my PS. Things have gone really well. Better than I expected. Not much pain and I've been able to sleep nights except for last night. I didn't have any pain but was uncomfortable due to the drains and the empty pain pump. I'm REALLY looking forward to getting all of it taken off today. Hope it doesn't hurt but just in case I've taken pain meds ahead of my appt. So far I'm so thrilled with my little cute boobies. I haven't had a good look yet As they're still hiding behind bandages and a surgical bra but hope to get a good look at my appt.

Recovery is moving along.....

Drains were taken out at my post op on Friday. Didn't hurt at all. I felt so much better with them gone however the down side is that I got real swollen 24 hrs later. I'm assuming because the fluid is there but no drains to drain it. Rather uncomfortable but I know it will start to go down eventually. I think I over did it a little yesterday. I went out for lunch with a friend and stopped at a department store on my way home. Plan on getting some good rest today however I'm a little upset that my teenage son violated his curfew last night. Maybe I'll just let my husband handle it and stay out of it for now. Oh well... I'll just look forward to queing up Amazon Video and continue to binge watch "The Good Wife" today!

Not to happy....

Well it's been a little over 3 weeks and I have to say at this point I'm not real happy. First the Pros
1. Surgery went exceptionally well. Not much pain and healing is going great and scars look good
2. Back and shoulder pain is gone.
3. Breasts are definitely lifted and areola is smaller.

1. I realize that I'm still swollen but I am still wearing a DDD the same as before surgery. Even if my swelling goes down I'm pretty sure I won't be a full B or small C that I requested. I am so disappointed and I'm trying so hard not to be upset. In clothes my chest looks the same only lifted. It's just that I got this one chance to do this and I'm nowhere near the size I requested. I just hope and pray that there's much more swelling that will go away and will at least take me down to a D. Not real hopeful at this point. Now that I got the ok to resume exercise, maybe if I drop 15lbs they'll go down a little more. One of the things I was so looking forward to is being able to fit in clothes better. I'm so sad right now.....

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