33 Years Old, 2 Breast Fed Kids. 5'10 and 165 - Dallas, TX

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I am currently a deflated 34 DD, both surgeons...

I am currently a deflated 34 DD, both surgeons have said that they definitely don't look that big. So far I have went to two consults. The first doctor made it seem like an easy procedure for a lift and implants. The second consult said that he would not do my breast lift and augmentation in one stage but that he would only do it in 2 stages. Now he has put the fear of God into me and changed my thinking.i'm scared that I'll have sagging booby's again in six months if I go to big. I just want something that's proportionate to my body. A full perky c cup with upper pole fullness is my only wish. I'm also scared that that means only 400cc or above. With that said I have a third console scheduled for next Tuesday (12/22) just to even things out. I do trust my first consult as well. My mind hurts from looking at pictures and reviews and wondering if I will make the right decision. I'm deathly afraid that I'll make the wrong decision and then my breast will be sagging in a year and I'll need a revision. Personally I do not feel that I have the worst case scenario when it comes to lifts but I guess I have poor quality skin from two (big) pregnancies and breastfeeding. We shall see!

Surgery date booked! Omg, next week! Dec. 29th

Well I visited with my 3rd consult today and I feel better about choosing one stage rather than two. But only time will tell! Doc is telling me to go with the 350cc mentor plus textured implants. He chose texture vs the smooth bc I'm asking for full upper pole. And bc it can help with sagging that I'm deathly afraid of coming back. I have to admit I've been researching and have a bit of anxiety with the whole textured vs round debate. In the end I chose him bc he explained everything to me in detail. He also said that he wouldn't go over 350cc... Only bc of the one stage and that they would be heavier and eventually gravity would take its course. Eeekk.

Ugh. Was scheduled for tomorrow 12/29 but was pushed to the 31st.

Hospital pushed us out a couple days. Nerves are setting in.... My husband is only taking off the 31st. But will go back to work on Monday. My dad will be here to help me with the kids.

Hello to other side!!

Well I made it! Doc followed through with 350cc textured mentor moderate plus. Can't see much bc I'm all bandaged up. But from what I see... I like them!! I was so afraid they were going to be too small and of "the boob greed". Hopefully my feelings will stay the same, very hopeful!

Pain is about a 2 on 1-10 scale. The only discomfort is the middle of my sternum and it feels sore/tight. I don't feel anything from the incisions of the anchor lift yet.

Day 4 - feeling tired

Well hubs is going back to work today. I've been trying to rest as much as possible but my mom guilt sets in after hear two kids screaming then my husband screaming back. Range of motion is getting better, I can get out of bed by myself. I've also weaned myself off the Percocet...hoping for another bowel movement today!

The girls seem to be doing well. I think I'll be able to wear all my same clothing and bras (although I haven't tried on any bras yet). I still wish he would have let me go to 400cc but I also wanted the perkiest boobs I could get doing a one stage procedure. So all in all I'm very happy.

Officially two weeks out

I have to say that I feel my doctor is a miracle worker. I've been feeling great about healing for the last 2 weeks, then had a little drainage last night that started to freak me out a bit. I sent an email that night and recieved a call from my PS in the morning. He told me to remove all the tape and to keep it clean and dry. I have started scar therapy with the silicone sheeting on my anchor scars bc there are no open wounds. My nipple area is where I had a bit of discharge and is still trying to heal. So happy with the end result thus far.
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