30 Year Old, 2 Kids, in Need of Some Uplifting - Dallas, TX

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I'm a 30 year old wife and mother of two small...

I'm a 30 year old wife and mother of two small children ages 3 and 1. I've been desiring a breast lift since losing over 50 lbs about 11 years ago. I've been 'fairly' happy with the size of my breast just not the shape. However after the weaning of my second child, I dropped down to a A cup. I probably haven't been that small since the 6th grade. Even my husband noticed the difference even though he was not bothered by the change. So anyhow, now I'm very motivated to consider a breast lift with moderate implants.
Pre-Pregnancy I was a 34-36B, I believe I'm a 32B now?? I'm 5'7 1/2 and weigh about 135. I met with Dr Fredrick Lester in Dallas, TX who believes silicon and under the muscle is the way to go because of the thinness of my skin around the sides of my breast. I'm hesitant about silicon because it's not as natural as saline however he believes it will achieve the results I desire.
I also made a consultation appt with Dr. Richardo Meade however the consultation won't be for another 30 days from now (and I made that appt over two weeks ago! lol). My co worker referred me to Dr. Meade who has a close friend he has done wonders for. When I googled Dr. Meade, he had outstanding reviews. Dr. Fredrick Lester also had stellar reviews and is well known among other physicians.

Another consultation

I have another consultation scheduled for this morning with Dr Gregory Stagnone. Visited his website after viewing his profile/reviews on realself. He seems really talented when it comes to crafting a more natural breast line. I'm impressed the staff was able to squeeze me in so soon too. Called yesterday and they said they had a opening for tomorrow because of a cancelation. So thrilled, I can't wait to meet the doctor :)

dr. stagnone

Omgoodness, this guy is a genius when he comes to the anatomy of a women's breast. Ok so I went in for a consultation for lift with implant and there two ways to go. Either a) lift with moderate implants where the doctor customizes the implant to fit your body (one surgery, your body determines the size of the implant) then there option b) a stage impact where 1st u lift, then a second surgery is scheduled 6 weeks after the lift in which u can pick the size of your implant. This dude was way to impressive and he really studied the ideal look and position if a natural breast so man.. He is a professional.. With that in mind, he's about double 40% higher when it comes to the cost.. whew!! If I had the money, hands down I would pick him. I mean beautiful crafted workmanship and so incredibly honest. He basically flat out told me he will craft out an ideal shape and he has the pics to show it. So impressed...

Dr Steven J. White (Dallas/Ft Worth) - double board certified

Also another excellent doctors who takes his time and is precise with the services he is delivering. His technique for breast lifts include removing excess skin and sowing the bottom breast tissue to the wall so that a natural uplifted and fullness is achieved. He has a $75 consultation fee the can be applied towards surgery. I suggest to anyone to ask for a round about cost when scheduling for a consultation.

Dr Edward Melmed

Just scheduled with dr melmed. He is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. He could tell me about the various breast lift techniques. We decided on a 'double bubble' lift with the tucking of breast tissue to help fill back out the deflated look without the use of an implant. Dr melmed does not believe in implants. He has encountered many woman whose body's have been greatly impaired by them. Nervous but looking forward. I thank real self for allowing me to see and view real woman he has operated on.

post op attire

Visited walmart. Purchased some front latching, fruit of the loom sports bras (2 pack for $11). I wanted the non-racer backs but looks like the bra strap version is only available online: 1 for $8 or 2 for $15. Also purchased a super soft lounge suit ($25).. feels very fluffy. It may be cold in the next couple weeks and I won't be eating so I want to be prepared just in case since I'm usually cold blooded.
Doc says I need to rest with little to no lifting the first 4 days especially no raising arms over the shoulder so don't know how my hair will turn out! Lol
After 3 weeks I have unrestricted use of my arms. After 6 weeks I can workout again; YEESSS!!!!
The post op sheets also tells me I need to wear a front opening sports bra the first 3 weeks.
Oh yea! I'm getting pumped now. I'm going to up my vitamins and workout so that I can make up for the expected lost time. :)

surgery day

Had my surgery 10/28. Feeling pretty good. I'm not in too much pain. I was given Tylenol 3 for any discomfort. Came to the facility at 8am for paperwork, by 8:20 they started to prep me. They had me change into a gown with only undies on. The nurses and anesthesiologist were so kind and personal-able just like dr melmed. The anesthesiologist told me he will be with me the entire time and it's not like the movies or tv where the anesthesiologist walks off (lol). The nurse numbed my hand where the iv was going to be placed and inserted an iv for hydration into my vein. They gave me two anti - nausea medication and one valumn taken with 1oz of water to ease my anxiety and the after effects of nausea. They asked me if I was warm and comfortable many times. Later, dr melmed came in and drew on my skin. I asked him if he could make my areolas look like buttons. He cheerfully laughed with a smile and said "no sweetie, but how 'bouta quarter?". (Lol) I could listen to him talk all day in that cute English accent :).
I was in pre-op for a total of 15-ish minutes then the nurse wheeled my bed into the surgery room at about 9am. The surgery room was nice! There was another bed in there so I thought to myself, "how are they going to get me into the bed?" Next thing I knew, I woke up in a comfortable post op room where the nurse told me I did great and asked if I was comfortable (ha!).
I was at the hospital from 8am-2pm but i was ready by 1pm. My coworker picked me up at 2. They gave me post op instructions to walk around at home so clots don't develop in my legs. I pretty much slept from 3pm-11pm.
I'm up posting on realself but I'm going back to bed after this.
Just so you know, at about 1pm I had gram crackers and apple juice the hospital gave me. At 2:30 i had a chick fil a sandwhich and 4 waffles fries. I made a kale/spinach smoothie made with green tea, tangerine, 1/4 banana, 1/2 pear, and 6 green grapes at 11:30pm. I took the smoothie with my hair/skin/nails vitamins.
Going to bed now; good night :)

Post op bandage wrap with no drains

2 days post op

I took off this bandages this morning. Doctor said no pectoral work (driving included) until day 4 which would be Saturday. Breast look really good! I covered the nipple incisions with the me pi form silicone sheet (10×18) I purchased from amazon.com; I think it was like $18? Pretty sticky stuff. I cut out the nipple and cut the squares to fit over my areolas.
Took a shower with the instructions to avoid getting the incision wet and patting dry. The silicone sheet is super water proof. I messed up putting it on the right side but was able to re adjust with the sticky part still very sticky. The key is to get these sucked on super flat so that the incisions will heal evenly. Hoping everything will turn out ideal.
Doctor said to wait until the tape on the vertical incisions fall off. At that point I will put silicone sheets on those as well.

3 days post op

I'm still getting used to the fact that I've had the surgery done. Seems so unreal. Can't wait to remove these strips. More pics to come as the weeks come by.

4 breast lift techniques

Per request, I had someone ask me about the different breast lift techniques.
1) the first one is traditional and most doctors which tell client you need implants for optimum results perform this technique which is probably about 80% of plastic surgeons. The traditional lift will only remove skin which will lift the breast without creating filling the upper pole.
2) dr stagnone specializes in the second technique in which the skin which in removed is rolled and sowed under or on to the chest muscle wall pushing the breast tissue out. The skin in closed and the breast is lifted while creating a more ideal upper pole.
3) dr white specializes in the third technique in which the bottom portion of the breast tissue is lifted and sown onto the chest muscle wall lifting and firming the breast tissue as will as filling out the upper poles. The skin is also removed supending the breast in the new lifted position.
4) dr melmed was able to explain to me the three non traditional option and performed the following technique on me.. The third non traditional option which creates upper pole fullness on the breast is the technique in which the breast tissue is lifted and rolled under itself. Ladies humor me for a sec.. Grab one of your breast and roll it down and under as if you are rolling a towel. Notice your breast will lift and push out creating a firm and upper pole fullness. The double bubble skin lift is used in combination with this technique to lift and firm and create upper pole fullness.
I put a picture displaying the double bubble technique. I asked dr melmed if my tissue would like it or what what happened if I got pregnant and wanted to to breast feed. He stated it poses no threat and showed me I'm the surgery book (with very graphic details) the breast tissue stays in tack and studies of women in which this was performed maintained satisfactory results after pregnancy with breast feeding.
Anyways, this is what I've learned. Please ask your physicians for details concerning your options as i am not an expert and I am only repeating what the physician and/or supporting staff has shared with me. Fyi, #4 is called a "pedicel auto augmentation mammaplasty". Based upon studies, patients were selected based upon the presence of wide, low lying breasts lacking central projection.

2 weeks post op

Took these pics yesterday at my two week mark. I didn't notice until after surgery how my bigger my left breast is in comparison to my right. I unconsciencely knew it was bigger because it always produced 1-2oz more milk but no matter how hard I try, I can't fit it in my hand where as my right breast fits perfectly in my hand! (Lol)
The incisions are healing great. My left breast's incision area is more red and discolored because on day four, I washed my hair and I accidently got conditioner on it. It started to sting right away. I tried to wash it off but by the next morning it was red. Drat!
Since then, all I do is wash with dove soap and apply neosporine 3x a day.
Another thing I will note is both my breast are still sore to the touch. It feels like a bruise. Also my left breast is harder than my right. My right breast is nice and soft but my left (the bigger one) feels hard on the sides near my arm like when your milk ducts are hard from filling with milk? In fact, I felt all around the hard spots and I felt maybe two to four hard individual ducts. I'm not sure what this means but I will most likely make an appointment or call the office to see what is going on there. This could be contributing to why that breast is so much bigger than the other.

Two weeks pics

I guess the upload failed. Here are the pics again.

3 weeks post op

3 weeks post op today!


Here are some before and after pics.

10 week pics

Hi guys. Happy new year. I meant to check in but you guys know how the holidays goes. Here are some 10 week post op pics.

I'm not too happy about the extra skin on the bottom of my left breast nor the scarring that has occurred as a result of shampoo touching the incision sites but I'm extremely happy with the results. I would like to add that some of my internal stitches have been 'spitting' starting at about 8 weeks. Most of them has subsided by now.

I have a follow up with Dr. Melmed this month. I will keep you all posted.

10 months post op

Sorry for taking so long to post updates. I gained some weight and due to vanity I was prolonging picture taking... any ways, I'm maybe 12lbs more now (?) But here are some updated photo. I'm still happy with my results.
Note, I did pick at my scabs (sigh...) and I also like sleeping on my stomach. I noticed my breast started to droop a bit to I stopped sleeping on my stomach.
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Very experienced and knowledgeable with various procedures. Likes to make you feel comfortable. Staff has been working with the doctor for many years. They are like one unit. Doesn't mind answering as many questions as u like. Flexible and customizes the surgery to fit your body.

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