Almost 40 !!! Happy Birthday to Me - Lift W/ Possible Implants -Dallas, TX

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Here I am - almost 40 - mom of 2 - wife of one -...

Here I am - almost 40 - mom of 2 - wife of one - and basically super happy in my life. Yes, I could lose a few pounds, maybe "want" to have sex with my husband more often, could use a few more bucks in my wallet, my kids could work a tad on being more perfect, and I wish a little fairy could fly around all day though my house cleaning up after all of us, but like I said, Pretty happy life - Except one thing... actually 2, not so small things, that have created way more frustration than necessary and more attention than they deserve. My saggy boobs - they have been the topic of discussions, played roles in games with other girlfriends (how many pencils can you fit in your sag?), and have cost way too much money trying to find the perfect bra.
I have wanted to do something about my saggy boobs for years. My kiddos are 8 & 9 1/2 - breastfed them both for a full year. I said I was going to do something at 35, but that came and went - so now that I am about to be 40 I decided I am not waiting any longer.
I am so ready to be able to wear a strapless bra without having to be pulling it up all night or swimsuits with tops that arent made for support. What would it be like to be able to wear those little pasties that I hear people talking about - or actually going braless "yikes - that thought makes me cringe". What in the world would all those things be like ??? It would be a whole new world - a life of free and easy - so many clothing decisions would become simple and possibly fun :)
So now that I am going to fix this "problem" the question becomes how to fix it. Every body is different - I can look at before and after picture trying to find the one that looks just like I do, but I have come to realize that that is not possible - so now I have to succumb to "opinions" of friends, family, and surgeons.
I saw my first doctor last week - his consultant was convinced that I should do just a lift - she was actually very adamant that that was the only responsible thing to do. She completely discouraged implants. She did say that I could find dozens of other doctors who would happily do implants and lift, but that would be a bad decision. I had not done any research on this subject so I wasnt sure what to say - I had explained to her that I really was not looking at being that much bigger, but I also did not want to be smaller - I just wanted firmer, perkier breast. She had me so excited about it - I liked the idea of staying natural and not having the round, fake look. I left the office, got home, figured out financing and called back and paid my 10% to hold the surgery date.
Then reality set in and I realized that even though I trusted the person who had referred me to the first doctor that I probably should get another opinion. There was a side of me that was not truly convinced that I just needed a lift.
Went to second doctor and he said absolutely I should do lift and implants - otherwise I would not have the firmness and size he felt I was looking for. Uhggg - here we go - now what - who do you believe ?? They were both reputable, and both referred by trusted people.
Went to 3rd doctor - I didnt care for him personally, but he also said I should do a lift with a small implant.
Both implant doctors said they would do just a lift, but they didnt have me convinced that I would be happy with the results. They both said they thought I would be back in a year for implants.
I am okay with implants, but I am so worried about having them look fake - I REALLY like the idea of looking natural - dont care if I actually am natural - just really want that look.
I feel like with just a lift I will still be too squishy and mushy. I also think they will be a little smaller - which I dont think I will be happy with.
I went from just going to see one doctor to seeing 3 and have 2 other appointments early next week. I have spent more hours that I expected researching doctors and lift w/ implants vs. lift only.
I guess I need to realize that there is not one thing that could be right for me - I am just going to need to make a decision. Not sure if the problem is that I have yet to meet a doctor that has convinced me one way or another - or maybe there is no doctor that will do that. I think I am right on the edge of being able to do either with my breast type - I will say that I am starting to veer towards lift w/implants.
I am actually meeting with first doctor tomorrow (I initially only met with his consultant) It will be interesting to see if he tells me the same as his consultant did. And hopefully meeting the other two doctors next week will help my decision.
I am ready to make a decision and start getting excited about the "New Me". Any advice is very appreciated !

Made my Decision !!!

I found my doctor !! I really feel everything happens for a reason - and that theory was proven to me on Friday. I had 2 appointments with 2 different drs. on monday - I got a referral from a trusted friend about another Dr. In order to make that appointment I had to change one of my Monday appointments to Friday - They were so nice about fitting me in on Friday. I got to the office and the staff was so nice - the lady that sits in the consult was also so sweet - btw - are they actual nurses ?? When the doctor came in we sat and talked for a good 15 minutes - I was still dressed and I felt like he really spent that time getting to know me, hear about what I was thinking and my previous consults - I liked him immediately. He told me to put the robe on and then came right back and after examining me suggested a lift with small implants - maybe 200cc's. He was not at all pushy or trying to talk me into something I was unsure about. He put my concerns at ease about doing implants at the same time as a lift. And he really explained it in a way that I understood and was comfortable with.
When we were done his office manager came in to discuss price and see what I was thinking - I told her that I really like him and I think I wanted him to do the surgery - She said they could do the surgery Feb 19th - I was kinda sad bc I am ready now - she told me that the only other day he had sooner was next Tuesday, Feb. 4th - I said OKAY !!! I think she thought I was a tad crazy but was so excited along with me. My husband was not with me so I called him and he asked his "protective questions" which makes me love him more - he even talked to the office manager about the doctor and quizzed her on his experience. It was kinda silly, but I trust my husbands instincts and since I was lost in a moment of excitement I needed him to be the smart one :)
We were able to get my labs done right then and get all the paperwork taken care of. I felt a little crazy making such a quick decision, but I honestly felt like the reason I was having a hard time making a decision is bc I had not found the right doctor for me who made me comfortable with whichever decision I was going to make.
Needless to say - I am beyond excited !!!! I am not at all nervous or concerned if I am making the right decision, otherwise I know I would still be doing research, maybe questioning if I was too hasty - but that is not at all the case !!!
My advice to anyone who is having a hard time deciding on what to do is to really ask yourself if maybe your indecisiveness is due to not finding the right doctor yet.
So - as of Tuesday afternoon I will begin my new adventure in a life without the "Boob Hassle".
I feel like a kid before Christmas !!!
I will keep you posted :)

Tomorrow is the big day !!

In less than 24 hours I will be looking down at my new perky boobies :) I am so excited !!! I have to admit that I am a tad nervous about the surgery and any complications that could arise. I know that this feeling normal and that I am in good hands. At the risk of being politically incorrect I would love to ask for any prayers I can get. Please pray that Dr. Armijo is calm, confident and precise. Pray that my body is strong and healthy and that the entire OR staff is in the right frame of mind to keep my body safe and secure.
I will post an update as soon as I can !!

Had Surgery yesterday !!

I have my new boobs !!! Yay !!! Surgery went great and I can naot say enough about how much I LOVE my doctor.
I felt pretty good after surgery and into last night - Sleeping brought on some new issues though. I obviously needed to sleep on my back and I am not usually a back sleeper so that was difficult. My back was achey all night and I was very restless. I woke to alot of muscle pain and soreness this morning - I realize this is to be expected and since I choose to do this surgery I can only complain a little bit.
I had some pain meds from a back surgery I had last June that were stronger so I called my Dr. and asked if I could take those and he said yes - so i took one of the pain pills and one of the muscle relaxers and was able to get a great long morning nap in. I plan to take them again tonight before bed.
My hubby went to work so I was on my own - luckily I have wonderful friends - one brought me breakfast and another brought me lunch and also stayed to help me change the dressing on the wounds - now thats a great friend :) She didnt flinch a bit. It felt good to get the yucky stuff off and new pads on.
I was able to get a little dinner ready for my kids and my daughter ready for a soccer game. I feel bad that I could not go with her to the game, but I am not ready to do much moving around.
Since my hubby is with my daughter I am home alone with my 8 year old son - he is pretty easy but needs a bath and I still help the little stincker with that so we will see how that goes.
My boobs are swollen, but I can already tell that I am going to love them. I can not wait to feel better so I can really start enjoying them.
They are very hard up on top which I was told would be the case. Dr.said it could take 2-3 weeks before the fell to a normal level.
I am going to attempt a shower tomorrow, but I am worried about washing my hair and then having to dry it - but each day I am sure will bring less pain - so we will see.
I cant remember what the dr. said about moving my arms around and up and down. I know he said not to use my arms to push myself up which using those pec. muscles - but does anyone know about use of arms as long as it is not pushing or pulling and really using those muscles.
I kinda feel like it feels good to move my arms around a little and get them moving, but is that okay.
Even though this had added pain and some difficulty in my life for a few days and I can already tell it will be worth it !!

1 week post op

It is the weirdest feeling not having saggy boobs - of course I am not totally healed so there is still some discomfort, but I can already tell I am going to love my new boobs.
This past week has actually been pretty good - I have taken it as slow as I can. I am not one to sit around and do nothing, but I want everything to heal properly so I am doing my best.
On Sunday I did notice some greenish/yellowish discharge on my gauze - It was really gross - I texted a picture of it to my doctor and he thought maybe I was having an allergic reaction to the antibacterial stuff I had been putting on the wounds - so he called in a prescription one for me and that seems to be helping.
I have my check up appointment with the dr. on Thursday and I know I will feel better after he sees me and makes sure everything is as it should be.
I think one of biggest issues is the itchiness where the tape is on my skin - I am doing my best to use as little as possible.
All in all this has been a great experience and I am still 100% confident I made the right decision.
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Armijo is so wonderful. The day I went in for my consultation was the same day I scheduled my surgery with him. I had seen 3 other doctors that I just was not sure about. Each of them said something different and I wasnt sure if I felt comfortable with any of them or their opinions. The minute I met Dr. Armijo we connected. He is so easy to talk to and I felt like he and I were on the same page from the beginning. He called me the night after the surgery to make sure I was okay and gave me his cell phone to call if I ever needed anything. I actually had to text him with a question about meds and he immediately replied. I am 100% confident that he was the perfect doctor for me.

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