I did it!! 535 cc's - mentor - ultra high profile

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I'm 34 with 2 kids. 15 years ago i was overweight...

I'm 34 with 2 kids. 15 years ago i was overweight and lost 65 pounds in one year and have kept the weight off. my breasts obviously drooped. i have 2 kids and breastfed both kids. I'm currently a 34b and have tubular type breasts, one is smaller and lower then the other one. I have always been small chested and have wanted this augmentation for many years now. I don't feel comfortable in front of my husband. He thinks I'm fine, but I know I'm not. I'm tired of wearing padded bras and padded bikinis. I've had consultations and feel like i have found a doctor i trust and am comfortable with and now it's just up to me to call and schedule the breast aug appt. i will be getting silicone, 400-425 cc's, my end goal would be a full D (which is how big i got while i breastfed, and loved that size!) i would also have a small lift through the areola and the doctor explained to me a method to expand the bottom portion of my breasts to make them more round since i do have tubular breasts.
I'm very active and workout a lot and thanks to God very healthy. Please any input would be helpful. Im just not 100% sure...
My worries:
•Silent rupture
• Interference- Mammograms not detecting cancer
•capsular contraction
•not waking up from anesthesia (I've never had a surgery)
The picture I added I what I want my end result to look like. (400cc)
Thanks for any input and info.

Tuberous / tubular breasts - not sure if lift alone will help me.

This is how I currently look. Not sure if a lift alone will help me any? Just worried about getting implants.

Getting closer to scheduling! 475cc-600cc???!

So I went and saw my surgeon. Again. This will be the 3rd time I see him. I'm comfortable with him and I'm pretty sure im going with him. I'm just so nervous about picking up the phone and making the appointment!!!! I have it scheduled tentatively for February 4!!! I have my mammogram that he requires, on January 7th. I'm glad he requires it.
I really want to be a full D. He won't know the exact cc's until that day because of my anatomy and skin elasticity from my weight loss. He thinks a range between upper 400'scc and 600cc. 600cc scares me! That makes me nervous I guess. Im 5'5, 118lbs.
I want this for me. I want to feel confident and sexy in front of my husband. I want to feel good in a bikini.
Any tips on calming my nerves would greatly be appreciated!!! Hope to schedule my appointment next week for February 4th!!

I just booked my BA surgery date!!!!! February 5!!

I just booked and I am sooooo nervous, excited, scared, nervooooouuusssss!!!!!

I went to Target this week and saw the cute swimsuits. Yes they are already out! (So excited) I've had enough of all the padding and not being able to feel confident! I booked it and there's no turning back now! I'm doing this for myself and for my husband. He is a boob guy and he says im fine the way I am now, and I'm like "are you blind!" After losing lots of weight and also 2 breastfed kids, it's time. I was never big breasted to begin with, but what I did have is now droopy. I'm so excited to be able to work out and not loose the weight in that area first. How I wish all the fat calories would pack up in the chest area but instead they go to my thighs and stomach :( lol!!!
I'm so nervous!!! My medical physical is in 2 weeks. All the $$$ is due then. Here are a few pics of me in my sports bra. Not much there.
Trying to think happy thoughts and trying to not feel so nervous!!!

Mammogram was today.

My mammogram was today. I've has sonograms if my breast in the past. Never a mammogram though. A little uncomfortable. I'm glad my doctor requires it. The technician mentioned I have very dense breasts tissue. Anyone else with this? She just said to make sure to never stop getting my mamagrams as dense tissue can hide abnormalities... I'm just not as excited today about the implants. I just don't know if I should or should not get them. I really want them but I don't want to worry about the hassle of having to redo them if they rupture, etc... I'll continue to pray about this.


Mammogram was yesterday. My ps requires it. Technician let me know that I have very high dense breast tissue, meaning on the screen it looks mostly white, and so does cancer and tumors. I just don't want anything to get in the way of me detecting cancer early if I ever did get it. I pray I never do.
I wonder if MRI's can detect cancer better? Will implants under the muscle help detect cancer with women with high density breasts by pushing the tissue out? I just don't know if I should proceed with this enhancement. I really want it, but my life is much more important to me then looks. Here are some pictures of how flat I continue to get with my workouts. The more I workout, the more I loose on top. Seems like I have no fat in my chest area, period.

23 days left!!!

34 days left before my surgery. I have my physical in 2 days and my first pre-op that day to. My mammogram result were good. Super excited & nervous. Thankful that I have been super busy with work so I haven't had time to think about it!! Here are some pictures without a bra or sports bra.

23 days not 34**

23 days not 34**

Pre-op was today - EKG abnormal - 20 days left

Today was my pre-op. It started at a doctors office who would do an EKG, vitals, tempature, etc then I would go get my blood work and urine sample. The doctor doing my work let me know right away that my EKG came back abnormal. They did the test at least 4 times, and the same: abnormal. She then sent me to go get a sonogram of my heart - echocardiogram. I get results in on Friday. Praying that everything is okay. My doctor will NOT operate if I haven't been cleared. I'm fine with that. I will not risk my life over boobs. Anyone else with an EKG that was abnormal?? I'm so worried now. It read that I have had a heart attack on the past!!? I haven't ever had one!

I then went back to finish with my blood work and urine. Then I finally went back to my PS office. I let them know what was going on, they said to not think about it and that everything should be fine.
The ps office gave me all my prescriptions, let me know to shower with dial soap the night and morning before surgery. Surgery is at 8am on February 5 - if my heart results come back okay.

Dress - before surgery

Here are some pictures of a nice dress I got without a bra. Not much there at all. Flat. Hope I get cleared for surgery.

my heart echocardiogram came back normal!! proceeding with my boobies! 18 days!!

well my results came back normal! praise God! i'm good to go! 18 more days!! I can now go and buy my bras, get my prescriptions filled, get my vitamins, dial soap, etc, etc...
im so excited!!

Nervous, scared, anxious, excited

All kinds of feelings going on right now... 2 weeks away on Wednesday. This doesn't feel real. It hasn't hit me. Yet. I filled my prescriptions yesterday, just need to pick them up. I haven't purchased any bras yet. Thankfully I have help at home so I don't have to worry about cleaning or washing. My only worry is having to pick up my 22lb baby. I will have help for a few days but that's it. I'm debating if I should get a nanny for a couple of months.
As I lay her I'm just thinking if this is the right decision... I sure do hope so.

Picked up my meds today

and I'm starting to get nervous. Really nervous!!! 2 weeks! I need to go and purchase some dial soap to shower in the night & morning before, some bras and I think that's is.

9 more days

I can't believe its almost here. Im having such a hard time sleeping at night. I fall asleep just fine but when my baby wakes me up for his feeding, that's when my mind starts to think and I'm up for hours just thinking. Thinking of all the things that could go wrong. Lately I've been super stressed with work and other things and this elective surgery isn't helping out my stress. I just don't know if this is the right decision! I so want bigger, fuller boobs but I guess there is no other way around it... I'm scared of not waking up from the surgery. I'm worried I'll end up too big... I've never had a surgery except for my tonsils and that's it. Im super healthy thank God, but what if I mess all that up? I'm just starting to get so nervous.

I have a pre-op appt with my doctor early tomorrow, for pictures and another consult with him. I've also been so emotional lately. Crying a lot. Here is another picture of my flatness. I do want to look curvy, nice and confident. I started to take my vitamins and vitamin c. Ordered some sports bras from walmart online. I saw this other girl on here and they looked so comfortable. I'm a 34b and I ordered a 36. Hope they fit.

Going to try and get some sleep. Good night.

Frustrated - possible UTI

I'm so frustrated! I'm about to head to prima care because I have all the symptoms of a UTI. I've had them before and I know I have one now. My surgery was set for this Wednesday! Everything happens for a reason I guess... I'll call my PS tomorrow morning to see what he says... #frustrated!

Looks like we are proceeding with surgery

Oh my gosh!!!!!!! 2 more days. I think it still hasn't hit me yet! I'm a little nervous but excited! I did test positive for a UTI yesterday at the doctor and was prescribed cipro. I called my surgeon this morning and he told me to stop taking it and that he would be prescribing levaquin, which would kill the bacteria right away. So looks like we are proceding with boobies early Wednesday. Here are my current stats:
114 pounds
2 kids
34 years young (;
Extremely active
Happily married to my awesome husband :)
I'll update you guys, God willing, after surgery Wednesday.

It's go time.

Say a little prayer that all comes out right and no complications.

aaaaand I have boobs!

I can't believe I actually went through with it!!!! I felt like walking out of the hospital I was so nervous.
I'll update tomorrow cause I'm in some pain and extremely drowsy. I don't know the cc's yet until tomorrow morning at my post op appt. My husband LOVES them.

1 day post up • 500-600 cc's

Hello everyone. Well I made it alive out of surgery. I'm not going lie but I was scared of not ever waking up again.
The night before I washed by body in antibacterial soap as well as the morning of surgery. I suprisingly slept good the night before surgery.

I arrived at the hospital at 6am. Checked in and was then told to go to the 2nd floor and give my paperwork to the nurse at the end of the hallway. My husband and i walked down turned it in and waited for a few minutes. Another nurse came out and called me in and we walked to te recovery area where I would get my IV, urine sample, alcohol bath, etc. All the nurses were friendly and so funny. About 7:20am it hit me. I started to cry and was telling myself I was so selfish for doing this. What would my kids to without a mother if I wasn't to wake up. By this time it was 7:40am and the anestgiolists was there and tried to calm me down. She would give me a "cocktail" as soon as dr white would make all his marking. At about 8am he come in and try's to calm me down too because I'm still crying. He said not to worry and that i was in good hands. He marked me and as soon as that was done the anestgiolists gave me my cocktail to relax. Boy was I relaxed! I kissed my husband and then I was wheeled off to the operating room. I was so relaxed and just had my eyes closed. They moved me to the operating table and that's all I remember. I woke up with no pain whatsoever. Just a little soreness in my chest. My mouth/ throat was super dry. I remember the nurse giving me ice chips, and they were so good since I was so thirsty. Next thing I know I was in my room and my husband was already there. I kept asking for water and ice. I guess the anesthesia makes you super thirsty. The nausea was the worst. I was giving 3 different pills for the nausea but nothing ever works for me. I ate some jello and that was it. Crackers just made me feel worst. I didn't have an appetite at all. I did get an anxiety attack and they put cold towels on my neck and face and that made me feel better. I couldn't leave the hospital until I pee'd at least 300cc. Finally got discharged at about 6pm. Went home. My husband picked me up some chicken noodle soup and I ate a little so that I could continue to take my meds. I've been taking my hydroconine for pain every 4 hours on the hour. I'm scared of pain and don't want to feel it if I don't have to. I've been taking my antibiotics 4 times a day and my muscle relaxers 3 times per day. Those muscle relaxers make me feel so drowsy. I have to wear this band that pushes my boobs down as well as this sports bra 24/7... The band is really uncomfortable the bra not so much.
I slept pretty good last night, I did set my alarm for my pain meds. I just propped a bunch of pillows and slept good. It's very hard to get in and out of bed. Hope to sleep good again tonight.

Went to my first post op appt this morning and the doctor said surgery went better then expected. He wouldn't tell me the cc's until a month from now. He did say they are 500-600 cc's though! Wow! They are sitting high but once they drop, I know I will love them. My husband has been nothing but great. Very attentive to my every need. I love him so much!! I'll post more pictures later. It's just so hard to take pictures. I also get to shower today!! We shall see how that goes.

Finally showered! 1 day post op

I was able to shower all alone. Washed my hair and I feel sooooo much better! I did take a long time to shower but I can't move too fast. I have this rash on my stomach and upper back. Maybe the meds? I felt so good most of the day and the nausea came back strong a little while ago. I wasn't able to eat dinner. Hate nausea!!! My husband kept on coming back and forth to the shower to "see if I needed any help" and to take a peek. He is so silly. Can't wait for them to drop and look more like natural boobies. They feel so hard and stiff.

I got 500-600 cc's I find out on Monday exact cc's.
ultra high profile
under the muscle
incision at the breast crease
I'm 5'4
114 lbs
Before: 34b
Goal: d / dd

Morning boob...

So I guess this is what morning boob is. SUPER sore, I can't move my upper body. Ughhhhh it really feels like I have bricks on my chest. Not fun at all!

I had been taking my pain meds every 4 hours on the hour. Well with me not eating because of my bad nausea I cut them down to 1 every 4-5 hours. But it's really not pain, more soreness. I slept ok last night. Lots of pillows propped up. With less meds I can feel everything. So I have to move s l o w e r. This morning I woke up nausea free and went straight to the kitchen and ate a bowl of cocoa pebbles. I have to take advantage of the no nausea. I then took my antibiotic, 1 muscle relaxer and 1 pain pill. Hopefully they will kick in and I can sleep a little more. I'm started to get drowsy already as I type this. Yes!!!

We are suppose to go to a dinner tonight. Not sure how I'm going to do it... Unless if my husband curls my hair and dresses me?

Survived my first outing

Well dinner went good tonight. I was actually able to straighten my hair a bit and curl it. Felt good enough to put some make up on. My husband is IN LOVE with them :) I'm glad. I did take all my meds at about 6:30 and was feeling really good an hour later for dinner ;) the dinner party was at 8pm. now I'm going home to shower and go to sleep. I'm so drowsy and sleepy. Loving all this alone time with my honey but also missing my kids.

Post op day 3 - feeling better

Today is post op day 3. I've been taking my antibiotics 4 times per day as prescribed. Today I've only taken 1 pain killer (hydroconan) this morning when I woke up. I've taken 2 muscle relaxers as I do continue to feel sore and tight in my chest. But my pain is pretty much gone, thank God. Morning boob was horrible again this morning. It just feels like bricks are attached to your chest and you feel so tight. Really, really sore and it's just hard to move your arms. My nausea is almost completely gone. Towards the end of the day, I can move my arms a lot more and do more things pain/ sore free. Today is the first day I feel so much better.

I slept ok last night. I'm going to try and sleep on my back tonight and just elevate my head with pillows. I've been propping pillows and sort of sitting up to sleep but that is hurting my tail bone. I'm a side/ back sleeper so that shouldn't be so bad.
I changed into this black sports bra I purchased online at walmart.com - it's fruit of the loom and it's so much more comfortable than the one I got at the hospital. Im currently washing my surgical bra as well as my stockings that I have to wear for 2 weeks to prevent blood clots so that's why I changed into this one. It's super comfortable!! I also have a grey one too.
My stats again:
34 yrs young
2 kids
Happily married :)
114 lbs
500-600 cc's under muscle - I find out cc's on Monday
Silicone - mentor

5 days post op - continue to feel good

Hey everyone. I am completely my pain meds. I'm now only on antibiotics which I have a few days to go on those and I will take muscle relaxers about twice a day. I'm sleeping really good and have been sleeping good since day one. I sleep on my back with 2 pillows under my head and I'll slightly tilt to the left/right and sleep good. To get out of bed I have to use my stomach muscles since I'm not suppose to use my arms to pull on anything. My swelling has really gotten better. Thank God I had no bleeding or bruising. Morning boob is just about gone. It gets better day to day. Showering every night is getting so much easier. I slather a lot of lotion on my boobies at night since they feel so tight and I don't want any stretch marks.
I went to my 2nd post op today. He said I needed to start the rocking of the breast/ range of motion to keep from getting capsular contraction. It was so painful as he was showing me how to do it! 3 times per day... I'm going to dread doing those range of motion exercises! :( oh well.
He would not tell me cc's. He said he doesn't tell his patients until the boobs are 1 month. His nurse said that is his thing so that we don't start complaint about size since they aren't near where they should be fresh out of surgery. I honestly don't mind - as long as the cc's are between 500-600 - I'm happy. My husband loves the size and so do I :) I meet with my surgeon in 2 weeks and we will start talking about incision care and scar care. He uses special silicone sheets so I'll wait for that.
He also said to not over do it. Thankfully my 10 month old has been staying with my mom and mom-in-law since the night before surgery. I do miss him at home but soon enough we will all be together.
I was able to drive for the first time today and it went pretty good. I dropped my daughter off at school and then drove about 30 minutes to my doctors office. I then ran some errands and then back to get my daughter and thankfully wasn't so bad. I do want to nap though. The weather is cloudy, misty and freezing so this weather isn't helping at all.

6 days post op- almost 1 week old boobies

6 days post op. Woke up with morning boob again today. Not as severe as day 1-3 but it was there. So so sore. Maybe because I started my range of motion exercises? Who knows.
I was a bit uncomfortable last night while I slept. I just can't seem to get in a good back position yet. I'm more of a side sleeper... I'm having to wear a compression thing to push down on my boobs like 24/7 and it's so uncomfortable!!!!! It has to go right underneath my armpits and I think it's really straining those muscles. Im in pain. Overall I feel good though. :)

1 week old!!

Hapoy 1 week boobies!! I couldn't resist and purchased a cute bikini at target. I use to wear a small with padding. This one is a large :) with no padding!! I so know they will change but I just couldn't resist. I also try in some shirts with no bra. #inlove
Couldn't sleep last night. At all! Woke up at 2:15am and fell sleep at about 6:30 to only wake up to my 7:15 alarm :( let's just say I'm very tired. I'm just having a hard time sleeping in my back. I'm too scared to sleep on my side. Today was my last day of antibiotics and no muscle relaxers at all today. I'll be taking one tonight to try and relax and sleep. I need my sweet sleep.

12 days post op

Hi again! I'm feeling great! It's beautiful and sunny outside today! :)
Today is day 12. 2 days away from 2 weeks!
Things that are still hard for me to do:
- button my pants. It's soooo hard! It's weird! Lol
- Lay on my side :( and im a side sleeper
- It's hard to push a stroller - my husband takes over that.
- Cutting and peeling in the kitchen. Made brunch on Saturday and it was so hard to cut with a knife!
- I can't sweep- period.
Still a bit hard to reach up high.
Overall boobs are really really sore in the morning. It goes away after about an hour of walking around. When I cover them up they conceal extremely well. Can't even tell I got a boob job. So no problem at church or work.
I do have this weird pain on my right one near my underarm. It's hurts to even touch my skin. Once I touch the area a couple of times it doesn't hurt as much. Weird.
I'm going to try and start walking a couple of miles a day now that's it's nice outside. I'm usually a workout-aholic so I'm going crazy and just feeling super fat not being able to work out. I'm also still wearing my compression stockings and this compression bra to push boobs down into pocket. I've had it with that since I still can't wear cute outfits because of those 2 things.
Picked up some sports bras and I got Medium and they fit good. Good support. I use to be an x-small so I'm not complaining!

Tootles! :)

day 1 vs day 12

I can totally see a difference! They look fuller now and have dropped a bit. They are still not as soft as I would like them though. Maybe it's too soon.


day 1 vs day 12

3 weeks post op - 535 cc

So today was my 3 week appointment with my doctor. I found out the cc's today.
535 - mentor - ultra high profile.
He took off the strips over my scars and cleaned up the scars with alcohol. I looked at the scars for the first time. I was actually a little nervous and really didn't want to see them. He put silicone sheets on my scars and I'm to leave on for 3 weeks. That should minimize the scar significantly. My right boob is higher and I must continue to wear the ugly, uncomfortable surgical bra and the compression band :/
I'm sleeping great, thank God. I have noticed that I sweat a lot at night. Some nights I wake up so sweaty I have to change. GROSS! So I'm having to take like 3 showers a day. I also feel so greasy. Not sure what all that's about. I've read somewhere, that's how the body is healing??
I asked him if I could start working out and he said yes. I'm so excited!!!! I haven't worked out in over 3 weeks! Im so ready! He did say no running for at least another week.
I had to buy some nipple petals because my nipples are always out. Not sure if it's because it's cold or what but I'm just not use to that. They are also super, super sensitive. They hurt so bad to even touch them! Ouch! Hopefully that passes soon.
I got some cute, comfortable bralettes at Dillard's and they are so comfortable. I will post pics later.
I can't seem to stop buying bikinis. I know they will change in size but I just can't help myself. I love everything I try on! I've bought lace bralettes and never in a million years would they have looked like they do now.

5 weeks post op

Hello everyone! I've posted just a few pictures with a new sports bra I just purchased. I'll try and post some without so you all can see how beautifully they have dropped and look. I remember before my surgery my sports bras would make me look completely flat. I love how I look now! I now feel so much more confident in front of my husband ;)
I'm now able to sleep comfortably on my side. I can pretty much do anything I use to do before surgery. The zingers and twitching people talk about is REAL! I sometimes get these sharp pains that last for a few seconds and wow! They hurt. Doesn't happen often but it happens. The night sweats are gone- thank God! I continue to wear my silicone sheets on my scars. My next follow up is next week. I'm really happy with the doctor I chose. He is a perfectionist just like I am. I love my results. I continue to wear the compression band as my right boob is still high. I continue to do my massages twice a day, everyday. I begin to work back out this week and let me tell you it's been hard. Insanity has a lot of jumping and I take it really easy in those moves. It just feels so weird with boobs now. I'm still a little sore. I use 2 sports bras but I just need to find a really good high impact bra I guess. Any suggestions out there??
I can't seem to stop buying bikinis!! I'll try and take some pictures of those. They're cute! I haven't bought any bras yet. All I have are compression bras my doctor told me to wear for at least 2 months. My left nipple is super, super sensitive, the right one is too but not as bad. People that know I did this ask me if I can feel the implant or does it feel weird? It doesn't. I feel like myself. Like the old me. I touch my boobs and they feel like my old ones but they are really big now. There are many times I forget I even got them done :)

Almost 6 weeks post op #happy

I had another appt with my surgeon a couple of days ago. Doctor is very happy with my results just as I am :) I don't have to wear the flimsy bra anymore. He wants me to be more supported now so In now in a super sexy white Zbra (surgical bra) it doesn't look comfortable but it actually is. It's a size 32E. He said that's equivalent to a 34 DD. :))) I have to wear that one for another 2-4 weeks. My next appointment with him is in 1 month. I'm soooooo glad I went with him for my surgery. I had consulted with another doctor who suggested to me to go with 350cc-400cc if I wanted to be a D or DD and he was going to go thru my areola to do a small lift. Sure am glad I did my research and went with Dr. White- for one 350-400cc should have been so small!! I'm glad I left the sizing in my doctors hands and he would determine what would fit my body. So, SO glad!! Im not going to lie but I was super scared and nervous of not knowing the size prior to surgery. I didn't want to be too small or too big. For me to leave that in someone else's hands? I'm a control freak so that was extremely hard. I did let him know I wanted to end up at least a D/DD and he let me know prior to surgery that should not be a problem since I had plenty of breast tissue/ sagginess. I mean I wouldn't have mined if my doctor would have gone closer to 600cc (boob greed). Just make sure to review our doctor very well and do your homework. I had 4 consults with my doctor before proceeding.
My scars are starting to be really itchy! Sometimes it drives me crazy!! I continue to wear my silicone sheets over my scars. I continue to wear my compression bra as my right boob is still higher.

Had my first massage post op this week. My husband and I had date night this week and we went to get massages. I let my masseuse know I had surgery so she gave me a prenatal type massage where I hug a body pillow on my side. Awwwww it was so nice and relaxing. I'm so scared of laying on my stomach and busting my boobs. I don't think I could ever get another massage and lay on my stomach ever again. I'm totally fine with that. So glad I'm a side and back sleeper.

I started to work out this past week and was in desperate need of good high impact sports bras. Found some great ones at under armor. I tried on so many different ones. In the zip up ones im a 32DD - got in black too. Wish they had more colors. In the pink/black I'm a 36C. Im only took a few pictures of a few. Let's just say I've never spent so much on sports bras. Need to take care of my investment! Lol

Current stats:
2 kids- both breast fed
Before surgery deflated, 34b
Goal D or DD- haven't been sized for a bra yet.
535cc in both boobs
No lift
Ultra high profile
Smooth, round mentor silicone
Under the muscle
Happy so far :)

Worried... Went running and I can now feel my implant...

I went for my first run yesterday, I did wear my ultra high impact sports bra, and I can feel like my implant rubbing against what feels like my chest wall. I could also hear a swishy type noise as I ran and when I move them around. It feels uncomfortable when I massage it. It's my right breast, the one that's always been higher. I just feel like the implant is just moving around way too much when it wasn't a couple of days ago. Any one else with this problem? I'll be calling my surgeon first thing in the morning. Hope everything is okay as I'm so in love with them.

2 months post op! :)

I'm a few days away from my 2 month anniversary and I wanted to update you. I've posted a before and now picture. I'm happy with my results so far. When I'm wearing normal clothes you can not tell at all I've gotten implants. I continue to workout 3 times a week. My life is pretty much normal except now I have full breasts. They don't hurt. My only concern that I'll bring up to my doctor is the fact that after I went running last week I could "feel" the implant after my run and a sloshy noise. I'll bring that up to my surgeon at my next appt in 2 weeks. I sleep on my side with no problems. Morning boob is completely gone and it has been for about a month now. My husband is absolutely in love with my new boobies and so am I. Most of my clothes fit just like it did before surgery. Since I always wore extremely padded bras, maybe that's why.
If I could do it all over again, I think I would. Maybe shoot for 600cc's. I'm happy now but that's if I was doing it all over ;) a little bigger wouldn't hurt...I do feel more confident about myself. I've worked hard to maintain my body and all my weight loss and so I'm feeling great! I do need ALOT of toning on my stomach but I'll get there one day.
Ever since my surgery I can not stop buying swimsuits, lingerie and clothes! Body hugging tops and dresses. I'm going to go bankrupt! I'm like addicted for some odd reason. I did go into Victoria's Secret to get "fitted" and she fitted me right over my shirt. I could have had a 2 cup push up bra and the measurement could have been wrong??! But anyways. She said I was at a 34C or 34 D. I really hope she was wrong and I'm really a DD! I also posted some pictures of me in the bras I tried on. I didn't buy anything.
For now I continue to wear my ugly supportive medical bra and will for 2 more weeks. I'm just the type of gal that listens to doctors orders :)
until next time.

535 cc
No lift
Under muscle
Ultra High profile
Mentor/ silicone
Before 34b, flat and deflated
Breastfed 2 kids

Feeling great! (and sexy!)

Hey everyone! I posted a couple of pictures showing you how you can't tell I've gotten a boobie job ;) I've had this bra forever. I bought it at Victoria secret years ago on sale and only have worn it while pregnant when my boobs were huge! Lol
This is a 34c no padding and so comfortable yet sexy ;) I know my nipples show a little but that's okay.

9 weeks post op

Hello! Today is 9 weeks post op. Feeling great. I started to workout a little more hardcore so I'm using 2 sports bras so my boobs won't be going all over the place :) I honestly feel like my boobs look smaller. Who knows. I sometimes can't believe I got 535cc's... I feel like they are way smaller than that. I see my surgeon on Monday so I can ask about my right boob feeling like its loose in there. When I lay down, I feel like it goes a little into my armpit. I just hope everything is okay. One thing that does feel weird is when I bend over to pick something up or pick up my baby I feel like my boobs are sooooo heavy and I feel like I have to hold on to them. Weird. Still love them! I would do this surgery all over again if I had to. I feel great and so confident now.

32DDD!!!! Almost 3 months post op

Well I'm almost 3 months post op! I love them more and more everyday! If I had to do it all over, I would do it. I went and got fitted at nordstrom, the right way, not over my bra and shirt like at victoria secret... I'm officially a 32DDD or in some bras 32F. I had been wearing the wrong size my whole life! I use to wear a 34C with lots of padding but I've always been a 32. No wonder those 34's never ever fit me right.
I continue to do my exercises everyday, twice a day. I'm back to normal with pretty much everything. I'm still having a hard time when I work out with my sports bras. I have a few bras that are ultra high impact but I want more compression and still haven't found the sports bra I like. I'll continue to search. I workout 3 times per week. I mix it up and run on some days and do insanity on other days. When I run, I try to shoot for 5-7 miles so I need all the support I can get.
We finally booked our summer trip and can't wait to go and walk the beach with my new girls & ALL my new bikinis! Lol! can't stop buying bikinis.
I did ask my surgeon on how I can feel my implant on the right boob and he said that was totally normal. Not to worry. I see him again in 2 months. He is very pleased with his work, just like my husband and I are too. We paid a little more for the implants but worth every single penny. From the appointments, he would sit and answer all 50 of my questions, to the day of surgery, I was treated like royalty at the hospital when I needed it most. His team is fantastic, 5 stars all around. Any other work I want done, definitely going back to him!
Any questions you have for me, just let me know.

Almost 8 month update!

Boobies are almost 8 months old. I would so do this augmentation all over again if I had too. I feel much more confident in front of my husband. I feel great!
- no more padded bras!!!
- I can go braless with a lot of tops and dresses and looks much better.
- lots more confident
- no more padded bikinis
- lots of cute bikinis I can wear now
- when working out, I have to wear 2-3 sports bras to keep them from bouncing all over the place (even when I wear high impact sport bras)
- I have to get massages on my side, it feels so weird to lay on my stomach. I feel like I am going to pop them.
- I have to wear supportive bralettes/ bra to bed for the rest of my life. My doctor has recommended this since they are so heavy (535cc) I want them to be high, perky for as long as I can have them like that
- my left nipple is extremely sensitive. Like it feels like it's on fire when touched.

Other than that, they feel like part of me and I'm content. If I could go back I would have gone with 600cc.
Dr. Steven White

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