BA was a success!!! :)

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Ive been teased about my boobs since elementary...

ive been teased about my boobs since elementary school (weird huh?) so ive always been self concious about my boobs. im about a 36A n can probably still fit into a training bra. hahaha. i breast fed but i dnt feel my boobs sagging too bad. i loved how they looked wen they were full of milk and sometimes wouldnt pump lol my kid is 18mnths n i think its time to get the surgery ive always dreamed of. i feel that once i get this my body will finally look proportionate. im 5'4 about 135lbs. im looking for a big C, small D. my doctor told me 350cc or 400cc max is best. saline under the muscle. i wanted the aerolar incision but i decided to go with under the breast cause it doesnt affect the inside of my boob functioning. im soooo excited for this upcoming thursday. my surgery will be first up of the day. have to be there by 6:45am. im scared but excited.

Im so excited. Just 3more days.Im getting a bit...

Im so excited. Just 3more days.Im getting a bit paranoid tho. Ive been lookin at so many pictures about how some boobs look so lopsided or rippling. now my extreme fear is rippling. im 21 wont be 22 until november so i cant get silicone unless i wait. i specifically want memory gel silicone tho if i could get it but its soooo expensive n im scared of the regukar silicone so ill stick wit my saline but im just scared of the rippling tho cz i feel that i dont have enough breast tissue to get the size that I want. Ive seen people tho that are my size or smaller n get lik 475cc of SALINE n dey look good. idk wat to think. i guess ill just hav to wait n see wat my PS decides on Thursday. ugh! so nervous n paranoid

So today i finally got my BA and it was great. I...

so today i finally got my BA and it was great. I got to the office at 6:50am as a nervous wreck but the staff made me feel so comfortable. I hav had many bad experiences of nurses putting IV's in and could never get it on the first try but my CRNA did great. I didnt feel a thing. She numbed the area first for minimal pain n it wrked :) It all happened oh so quickly. the CRNA said here comes the margarita. Ive heard stories that it's painful but it wasnt at all. I was out in about 10minutes. Next thing I know i hear a faint voice saying ur surgery is over. i woke up a lil while later on a nice comfy recliner n warm blanket. my vision was blurrd for a while n i felt the heaviness on my chest. I had very little pain. They told me surgery started at 8am and ended 9:05am. I had waken up 30minutes later. What I like about the place is that the company they receive their implants have A warranty on the implants so if they rupture before their 10yrs they get replaced. DOUBLE YAY!!!!! they ended up placing 360cc on my right and 415cc saline submuscular on my left since my left is smaller. my boobs feel so stretched out, i feel lik im goin to pop. they look HUGE but in a good way. cant wait for them to settle


So today is Day 1 of post op. I woke up with a...

so today is Day 1 of post op. I woke up with a sharp pain on my right boob (my mistake with the previous update. My right boob was the smaller one. cant tell from my left and right lol) I believed because it was the smaller one that was stretched out more because my left boob feels fine. I just took pain medicines and I felt better. I am a little sleepy but I feel just the same as the end of yesterday. My arms are almost completely useless tho. I posted up My day 1 post op pic. It may not loo very big from the front side, but the side view u can really tell. I couldnt take a side view pic because my arms hurt. Ill post more detailed pics wen I get the strength.

I feel pretty good. My left side barely hurts n my...

I feel pretty good. My left side barely hurts n my right is a little numb. I feel lik im progressing pretty good. i don't feel that useless just really tired. Cant wait til they drop

So ive been wearing a bra now. I am currently a...

So ive been wearing a bra now. I am currently a 36C. I still think i could of gone bigger but im ok wit wat i have right now. Im basically back to normal but my right side is still extremely sensitive.

So im a little mad dat their not as big as i...

So im a little mad dat their not as big as i thought they would be. I mean ive seen girls in C cups n dey look fine but me in a C cup doesn't look as big. My PS told me its because I have a broad chest. IDK how this whole thing works because ive seen people with less CCs than me and they look lik their boobs r bigger then mines. He said he put as much as he could without it being to high up. He said giv it time and wait for them to settle down to make a real judgement. That all this is just a process... Ill just have to wait n c...

So im amazed. i went to VS to get fitted n im a...

so im amazed. i went to VS to get fitted n im a 36D or 34DD. wtf?? no way. my boobs dont look that big.... i want them bigger but i dont think im an actual "D" i mean i do fit in it perfectly and snug but it doesnt look full.. lik i dont see my crease in them which big boobs should look...ill post sum pics to get opinions

So with a good push up bra (add 2 cups) i feel lik...

so with a good push up bra (add 2 cups) i feel lik those r the size i want. i might end up getting it to match the way it looks in the pushup :) at least its a big improvement. ive been puttin non stop lotion to rid of any stretch marks since it seemed to want to pop up. in a few mnths ill go for round 2 n this time memory gel silicone :) yay
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

him and his staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. They knew exactly wat they were doing and explained everything by detail perfectly. They took very good care of me until the last minute. Process was smooth and pleasant. i HIGHLY recommend him to anyone, anyday.

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