Praying for the Best After Removal at Age 64 - Dallas, TX

I'm not big on writing so this may be on the short...

I'm not big on writing so this may be on the short side.
20yrs ago I decided I want to look like I had breast. I was a small 34A more like a AA. Wanted an normal 34C the doctor talked me into a full 34C. The major problem I had was I was left in pain for 10 months. My breast and nipples felt as if they were plugged into an electrical socket. At 6 months I went to another PS for a second opinon, who told me all looked well but only time would tell about the pain. After the 10 months I noticed I had lost 90 percent of feelings in the breast but if the nipples were touched the only thing I felt was pain.

I learned to live with it but knew this day would come. I had noticed the left breast began to look fuller and the shape was a little different. My mammo shows a rupture and some capular. My orginal PS is no longer available so I have checked with the PS that looked at me at the 6 month mark.

So now at 64 years of age I will be going for removal
The PS wants to remove with a replacement. I asked about just a lift but he says I am too thin (a nice way of saying I have no breast tissue to make it work) and the lift would not look right. He says the only to make it look ok would be either to replace the implants alone or have a lift with small implants. Otherwise I will just have loose skin drapping over.

I don't really know how I feel about any of it except I know I don't want to take the chance of hurting again for 10 months. I have looked at pictures of other sites that show really bad after results in order to prepare me for the worst then I can be greatful if is just bad not really bad.

I had the Mims, fuzzy implants so I expect it will not be an easy removal. Again time will tell.

My insurance will cover some of the cost as I have documention of a rupture.
I will try to keep the up-post as my operation date is March 28.
I will also try to add a picture.

Day after surgery. There was a lot of clean up on...

Day after surgery. There was a lot of clean up on the left breast. Not as bad for the right but still more than the surgeon had hope it would be. He did find a quarter size lump in the right breast that the mammogram had not picked up. He said I had made the right decision to explant. Now he is hoping not to have a lot of fluid build up because of the large empty pockets I have. If I see too much swelling he wants me in first this Monday morning to aspirate. He will show me pictures of what he had to remove. Turned out to be a longer process than he had wanted for me.
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