Honored to Have Dr. Melmed As my Doctor ... I Am So Grateful for Dr. Melmed & His Team - Dallas, TX

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After 9 months of researching the breast implant...

After 9 months of researching the breast implant removal procedures and "interviewing" doctors all over the USA, I found the best.... Dr. Melmed!

Dr. Melmed is a doctor with integrity and honest about how my breasts would look after the implants were removed. Dr. Melmed explained in detail how he would proceed with the surgery step by step, drawing pictures that helped me to understand all the details. Dr. Melmed is the most caring and kind doctor I have ever been to.

Before Dr. Melmed, I had experience with 4 different Plastic Surgeons that never listened to me or my desires of what I wanted. After 4 breast silicone implants placed over the muscle and always too big and all of them ending with wrinkling, capsular contracture, ruptures, etc. it was finally time to get these things out of me. I felt enough was enough and I want to be free of all toxic foreign objects that looked fake and felt fake and caused my breast to look downright unattractive with my clothes off.

Of course, my main concern was what would I look like after the implants were removed. After spending time with Dr. Melmed and seeing the before and after pictures of other patients, and after the examination and hearing what my outcome would be, I was excited beyond belief to be myself and normal once again.

Dr. Melmed did an exceptional job and my surgery was extremely successful and I am thrilled beyond belief. I look better now than I have ever looked in my entire life! There were no problems and no issues at all. I followed the directions exactly as directed, which is key to get the best outcome from any surgical procedure.

The Anesthesiologist, Dr. Drennon and Jane, the nurse in the surgery center, were fabulous. Dr. Melmed has the best team there ever working with him to make sure his patients are well cared for. Everyone is kind, caring and so gentle.

Dr. Melmed, Janet and Linda were always available to answer my questions and the easiest and friendliest Doctor's office to work with. I am extremely happy and satisfied with my results. Most of all I feel priviIeged and I am honored to have been a patient of Dr. Melmed's!

Posting before and after pics in one week.

Post Op Day 5

It has been a week and I am feeling great, but limited in what I can do still, due to surgery and still healing. I sure do not want to rip up all the intricate detailing of Dr. Melmed's handiwork. :)

I absolutely love the "heart shaped" bandages on me... what a sweet detail for my surgeon, Dr. Melmed, to add to my new beautiful and oh so happy boobies!

Please send me a private message and your email if you would like to see my before and after pics. I will be more than happy to share them with you, but not publicly.

Quite Extraordinary.....

A man's perspective:
This year I participated in the discovery and journey of having silicone breast implants removed. No, not mine. These were my wife's implants, but I participated in some of the global search and evaluation that she worked on for many years.

My lovely wife has had a series of implants installed, removed and replaced before I met her, and this spanned over 20 years. Looking back through her medical history, she began to piece together and correlate many vague but persistent health symptoms possibly related to the implants. This discovery process took a few years, and she reached the decision to go back to her natural self and have them removed, with the intent of never looking back.

A previous implant removal that she had done several years ago resulted in a large amount of sagging despite the big downsizing (or maybe because of it).

Dr. Melmed and the staff.
Other than some old skiing buddies who are physicians, Dr. Melmed is the most straight-forward doctor I've ever spoken with...especially as the operating physician. He is very thorough, extremely knowledgeable, has a great sense of humor, very easy to work with. Dr. Melmed and the staff are like family—they get to know you personally and what you want. They told my wife exactly what will happen, what she will feel and what the recovery will be like.

The procedure and results.
There is a solid hour of discussion with the doctor and staff: what the procedure entails, how long it will take, what to do after the operation for proper healing (and importantly what not to do). Follow the basic directions and you'll be fine. My wife had some tenderness in the breast area for the first few days, as they said, and it actually began dissipating the day after the procedure.

As far as appearance goes, my wife and I were shocked to see how good her breasts looked the day after surgery. Why? There are two main reasons I can think of: one is that she has had large implants removed once before (that doctor simply removed them and sent her home)--her own breasts were saggy as a result. The second reason is the internal and external lifting that Dr. Melmed performed. Her breasts look like those of a perky 30 year old, and not those of someone who is twice that age. Yes, there is a bit of healing still to be done, but they are simply getting better by the day.

Other benefits.
In the years I have known her, my wife has always suffered from some nebulous allergies...sneezing, sniffling and generally a dragging feeling. Allergists discovered no causes, but they were cognizant of her symptoms. We had never found any correlations either. During the first week after the implant removal, she has put-out only two sneezes that I've heard. Huh?? I'm accustomed to hearing an almost constant barrage of sneezing and sniffling, no matter what part of the country we are visiting. The silicone bags didn't seem to be leaking (I looked at them after removal) , but who knows...and it could also be the outer lining that has caused her body to react. It's a strange foreign object in the breast area

Overall, it was a great experience. I seriously encourage you to talk with Dr. Melmed about the procedure if you have an interest in getting back to a natural body and possibly better health as a result.

Post Op Day 10

Wow... things are going great and I have even been able to work half days. I am still having to watch my movement and get sore if I over extend or use repetitive movements, like typing on a keyboard or using a mouse. My breast are looking better and better each day. Thank you, Dr. Melmed!

If you want to see my pics, please send me a private message with your email.
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