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This blog is the reason I am doing this tomorrow!...

This blog is the reason I am doing this tomorrow! Thankful for all who have gone before me and shared their experiences. Same story as many: skinny girl with flat chest, silicone implants (300cc) over the muscle in 12/88 (I was 18!), replaced in 12/00 to go down to a 225cc, stayed with silicone (wanted 200cc but they "weren't in stock"). Have miraculously nursed 2 babies in 2003 and 2005 but always had trouble with the left one, clogged milk duct. Several years later discovered a rupture at mammogram, intracapsular so I was told "it's no big deal."

Today, I can't lay on my left side and my left breast is pretty hard. Recently have been getting numbness and tingling in my hands and feet and joint pain. Weird since I'm only 43. Hoping to resolve some of this with this explant and become healthier..... Will be hard not to do yoga and exercise for however long!

Surgery went well, sore already, particularly left side

Happy to have this part over! Everyone was very professional and nice at the Ambulatory Care Center and I don't remember much except waking up in recovery. Bandage is very tight but it doesn't bother me. Throat sore from tube but again not a big deal. I'm actually amazed that I feel as well as I do. In fact, my husband took me across the street the Boston Market and ate soup and cornbread. As you can see in the pic, I am truly flat as a pancake although yes anything there is smooshed down. Dr. Melmed did say that I have "very little tissue." Soooo, have to get used to that. No regrets though!

Post-Op Day 2

Well I feel pretty good but the girls look pretty sad today. Not that I could blame them with 25 years of abuse by silicone. There is quite a lot of wrinkled skin that my body will hopefully be able to fill in time. I'm optimistic only because of those of you who have gone before me and had similar concerns. Thank you!!
Drains came out yesterday and this was quite painful but my time of the month came today so I think that's part of my ultra-sensitivity. Dr. Melmed was very sweet and apologetic that it hurt me. (I actually cried and have had 2 c-sections, one bladder injury and nursed 2 babies. I don't recall ever crying during those times.) I did appreciate his kind words though. He and his staff have been great to deal with. I will be sad for the explanting community when he retires although there is no mention of his doing so.
I just had a shower and that was great. Back in my Walmart bra and PJ top! The inactivity is hard..... Really need my yoga class for my hips and back due to the tightness. Oh well, gonna try and do some stretches and read a book. Just glad to have them OUT! Still no regrets.

Feeling good on Post-Op day 4

I am actually amazed that I feel as well as I do. I think this may be a testament to Dr. Melmed as I have minimal soreness, no bruising and stopped pain meds on PO day 1, after he took out the drains. He told me I wouldn't even need Tylenol but could take it if I wanted. I haven't. I don't want to feel too good or else I might do too much. I had capsular contraction on the left and that left side and incision are probably the worst but it rarely bothers me. I know my photos don't look great (yet) but I think they will fluff up in time. They look pretty good in this Target (Champion $18.99) sports bra (recommended by another reviewer) so I'm content for now.

Anyway, my point is that the skill of your surgeon is important so if you are considering this, get someone who is either a great surgeon or has done thousands or both, like Dr. Melmed. My gynecologist practices at the same hospital and so I called her to see what her opinion was. She said he is an outstanding surgeon, physician and human being. I noticed that his hands were very gentle whenever he touched me (anywhere) and I think this is a good quality in a surgeon also.

2 week update

Ladies, I am posting these photos for those of you interested in my progress. So many brave women have gone before me and shared their personal experiences, so I feel obligated to continue to do so.

I must admit that I haven't been on the site since my last post. I have been trying to move forward with my life and let my body heal. Sitting on this site lets me wallow too much and focus on these particular body parts too much. I am lucky to have my health and a very supportive husband who somehow finds me attractive, even at this stage of healing. Anyway, I will continue to keep y'all posted and thanks for your encouragement and support.

PS: For those who have asked, I am in contact with Dr. Melmed and he has encouraged me to give it time. If I still have loose skin as a final outcome, he has said he will do an in-office procedure to remove it. I did not have an external lift as most with little tissue do not need one but he did do an internal lift and I think that's why (at this point) I have the smiley face wrinkle under my areola.
*I also found a marble sized lump under my armpit a few days ago and understand it is probably silicone since my left implant had ruptured. Both Dr. Melmed and my GYN have assured me that this is likely and not to worry yet about the lump being that I am only 2 weeks post-op and it may be silicone, debris or inflammation.

4 week update

Getting better slowly but surely! Especially the left.

8 weeks post-op

Still improving! This is a process ladies; be patient!!!!

7 and 1/2 month update

Ladies, I felt I owed it to you to update again! Loving my new more natural, athletic look. Still wish for more fluffing but I'm still that same skinny girl who wanted implants in the first place!

This bra is awesome and comes in nude, white, black and light pink. So comfortable and makes clothing look great.

My left side is still painful where the damn silicone implant had ruptured. Right side is fine. Still seeing improvement I think.

Glad I did it. So happy to be me again after all these years!

Meant to say: JOINT PAIN 99% GONE

One day I realized my joint pain after long rides in car etc., sitting at my desk, not doing yoga etc. is 99% gone! Coincidence? I think not!!

1 year anniversary

Still improving somewhat!

November 17th was 2 year anniversary

Still glad I explanted ladies! Still massaging with coconut oil which I did from the start. Jockey bra still awesome.
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Found his name here from other patients and have loved him so far.

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