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I am a 37 yr old nurse and a mom to 4 beautiful...

I am a 37 yr old nurse and a mom to 4 beautiful young daughters. I breast fed all 4 of them and to say the least, they sucked everything out of me, lol. I made the decision 9 years ago to have my breasts lifted here in Houston, TX. When I went in for my first consultation the plastic surgeon convinced me that I not only needed a lift but breast implants as well to have a better outcome of the procedure. It also added roughly 4000.00 more to the lift making the total 10,000.00. I was a small saggy C cup before my lift with smooth saline implants under the muscle. 

When I healed from surgery I was a DD, not what I asked for. I had told the PS that I wanted to be a full C maybe a small D but no bigger and he agreed. About a year later I started noticing that I was feeling more tired than my normal self and that I was having cloudy thinking instead of my usual sharp self. I was also experiencing muscle pain and stiffness in my neck shoulders and upper back. The symptoms progressed a little worse each year until finally this year the brain fog and fatigue was so bad that I could no longer function. I started seeing every specialist I could think of. I went to my primary care doctor several times and had him run every blood test there is and the results were always the same, normal. 

So I went to see a cardiologist, gynecologist, pulmonologist, and a neurologist. They all ran several tests including MRIs, CT scans, x-rays, 24 hr heart telemetry, ultrasounds and more blood work. After my million dollar work-up, I again was told that none of them could find anything wrong with me. So my primary care doctor told me that I must be depressed and tried to prescribe me an anti-depressant, I said no thank you! I started researching breast implants with brain fog and fatigue and found so many other women having these same types of symptoms and I decided that maybe it's not just a coincidence. I started calling PS around me in the "world famous" Houston medical center and they all told me I was crazy because "I had the safe saline implants that they even put in cancer patients". That's when all of my research and googling led me to all of the positive reviews of Dr. Melmed. I gave his office a call and I was treated like a person with a valid complaint of my symptoms and his office assured me that I was not crazy and that Dr Melmed had done close to 4000 of these explants both saline and silicone and the women were better after their implant removal. I read letters of women thanking Dr. Melmed for giving them their lives back! 

So I set a date 2 weeks after first speaking with his office (luckily they had a cancellation) and I am now implant free! Dr. Melmed was amazing! He is so loving and caring and takes the time to make sure that you not only understand exactly what will happen in surgery and to your breasts but he treats you like family, his whole office does. I felt so safe and cared for, almost like his own child. He eased all of my fears and anxiety with his warm and humorous personality, he has an amazing bedside manner. Everything that he told me would happen, happened exactly the way he said it would. Even the ambulatory surgery center was amazing, they make you feel so comfortable and cared for. 

The anesthesiologist was absolutely phenomenal, not only did he make me feel very cared for he made sure that I had no nausea or any other complication of the general anesthesia. I typically have extreme nausea and I hade none, not even the slightest bit of nausea! Since Tuesday I have already noticed huge changes. Not only do my breasts look amazing, like I had originally wanted, a lifted C, but my symptoms are improving! I had a lump in my neck on the right side close to the base of my skull and it disappeared the same night as my surgery! This lump gave me so much pain and I was always trying to massage it out and it has vanished! It's been only 3 full days since the explant with lift and my brain is clear, no more fogginess!!! I am still a little fatigued but I just had a major surgery and I know my body needs to work extra hard to heal. I'm just amazed at how less tired I already am, I feel amazing! My muscle aches and pains are gone and I can stand up straight again without these heavy bags weighing my chest, shoulders and neck down.

I want to go out and run a marathon even though I know I can't right now ????! I feel so horrible about letting these implants take me away from the woman I use to be and the mother and wife I should've always been! I am angry that the FDA doesn't care enough about women to fully explain what these thing are capable of doing to our bodies! I now have to repair and mend 9 years of basically being a hurting, brain fogged, zombie towards everyone I love! I've always been a part of everything, but not as myself. It's heartbreaking when I think about how much I've missed out on, not because I wasn't physically there but because I wasn't mentally there! I was exhausted and brain fogged and in constant pain. I know that my family has had to suffer right along with me. I blame the FDA for refusing to recognize that this is a serious ongoing problem. It is shameful that they are not willing to consider the fact that there are so many women having the same complaints and then they have the explant surgery and miraculously they get better. I can attest to this statement because I am one of those women! If anyone would like to know more about my personal experience please email me and I will gladly discuss any of it with you.

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Dr. Melmed is the kindest, most caring and loving Doctor that I have ever met! I highly recommend him, his office staff, the surgical center and their Anesthesiologist!

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