32 Years Old. 13 Year Old Saline Implants. Breastfeeding for 7 Years Straight and Ready to Explant! - Dallas, TX

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I got implants when I was 20. I was just insecure...

I got implants when I was 20. I was just insecure and thought implants were the answer. I enjoyed having big boobs at first. Now, I'm married with 3 kids and I just feel like I look foolish. My breast are too big and now saggy, I look frumpy. I'm so grateful I have been able to successfully breastfeed all my kids. I've actually been nursing for 7 years straight. Insane, I know. I've adopted a much more holistic healthy lifestyle and for the past 3 years found eating a real food, traditional food diet has helped a lot. But I kept feeling I should have more energy and feel better a than I do. I tried everything. Every supplement. Gut healing. All organic. No fluoride. Toxin free beauty and household products. Oil pulling. Energy healing. No sugar. No gluten. Anti inflammatory. Working out. These things help but I felt like I should feel better. Finally, I decided I was lacking spiritually. I started praying and reading scriptures and trying to turn my life over to God. During that time, I learned about holistic dentistry and realized my 3 root canals could be the problem. But I wanted to know why these teeth went bad. And I found the teeth meridian chart and realized my root canals were in the meridian of my breasts. Suddenly, it clicked. 3 years after my implants I had 3 horribly done root canals. I believe my breast implants have been a cause of low grade inflammation and my teeth were the weak link. I know I was trying to show humility and God opened my eyes to what I've been unknowingly searching for. I found Real Self and am to grateful to not feel so crazy! That I can get these toxic implants out and just be me! I have a consult with Dr Angobaldo in Plano, tx this month and then Dr Melmed in Dallas in June. I'm so anxious to hear my options. I'm most worried about what will happen in regards to breastfeeding in the future. I want at least one more child and if I can't breastfed I'll be crushed! Has anyone had implants out and successfully breastfed after? I don't care how my breasts look. I want to feel healthy and be able to nurse any future children. I don't mind having saggy breasts so long as they work! I can get a lift when I close down the baby factory ???? I can't wait to get these things out. I never thought I would long for a Small chest but I think about it constantly. I'm so inspired by all the women here who have done this and shared their experience! It gives me hope and takes away a lot of the fear and doubts I've had.

Had 1st Consultation

I saw Dr Angobaldo in Plano,TX today. He was kind. Nice facility. He seemed concerned that my boobs would only be a B cup (I would be thrilled with a B) and that my husband might not like it. He only showed pics of women he lifted and implanted again ?? I just don't think he understands and that's ok. I know what I need and my gut says he's not the surgeon for me. He also said he can't do surgery till I've stopped nursing for 6 months. I didn't know about that, I need to really accelerate weaning! His quote was $3500, which I felt was fair and reasonable.

2nd Consult and Surgery Scheduled!!

I met with Dr Melmed today and was so impressed. He made me feel comfortable and was so kind and caring. I think my breasts look scary bad and he didn't make me feel that way at all. He said upfront that he is direct and honest and I like that! He is honest but delivered the message in a kind way. He also said I should have no problems breastfeeding any future babes, which was my biggest concern .

I scheduled my surgery for end of October! For the surgery (explant with lift), anesthesia and hospital fee it totals $8000. But he gives a $500 discount if you pay cash or check and 15% off for Firefighter/police/military/teachers ???? I'm not concerned with cost, when it comes to something this permanent and risky, I want the best and I'll pay for that!

I'm so excited! It's going to be a long 4 month wait but I have to wean my 2 year old.... Any tips on weaning??

Drained my implants today!!!

I called Dr Melmed today to ask if draining my implants was a possibility for me (saline implants over the muscle). He said no problem and I was able to go in today!! I was surprised and excited and nervous. No more big boobs in a matter of minutes! It was as simple as a tiny pinch to numb, then insert a needle and let the saline drop out. In about 10 minutes it was done!! I feel like I lost ten pounds. My posture is improving already. They are very saggy but I expected that. My areolas are already shrinking back to pre BA size (which is one thing I was really hoping for!) Since I have a few months till surgery I thought draining would allow my skin to start to retract and heal and give the surgeon a better idea of what actually needs lifting. I'm so glad I did this! The pictures are scary but I always like when women post all their pics on here. This was right after draining and they already look better. I'll post more over the next days/weeks. Seeing other women's pictures has helped me keep a realistic perspective. I hope these help
Someone. And it is helpful to see how the body heals itself with time!

24 hrs after draining

Areola almost back to normal. Skin looking better already. I love how soft and squishy my boobs are. I can't wait to get the plastic sacks out but still so glad I decided to drain first!

1 week after draining

It's crazy how much energy I've had this week. The weight, literally, off my chest has given me more energy and motivation to get things done. It's also interesting that I don't feel SO hot all the time. I never thought about the fact that I was walking around with two warm water balloons on my chest. My skin looks better daily, it's amazing how the body heals itself when given what it needs. I can't wait to get the sacks out, they poke me from time to time which I don't love but still happy I drained them.

I'm still nervous about getting a lift or not. I know I'll have more kids so I wonder if the lift is a waste of time/money. But it would be nice to have my excess skin removed and nipples placed back where they belong. I don't know ???? anyone had a lift and then had more kids? I need advice from those who've walked this path!

2 weeks post draining

Skin is looking better each day. I'm seriously thinking I might not want a lift. A little sag doesn't bother me too
Much. And I think once the sacks are out my body will heal even faster. But I'm still undecided. I'm a 34b now, I'm surprised I'm as big as I am, I thought for sure I'd be smaller. I'm so glad I drained them and am able to get a better idea of how my body will look. It's booby baby steps ????

To lift? Or not? Breastfeeding in the future is my biggest concern

I have surgery in a month and it's been 2
Months since deflation. I love being smaller and can't wait to get these bags out! I'm just on the fence about getting a lift. If breastfeeding (not esthetics) is my biggest concern, I feel like maybe I should just get the bags removed and be happy. But then I think I'd like my smaller boobs to have more perk than they do currently.

I'm so impressed with how much my skin has retracted at this point! With such huge implants for 12 years and breastfeeding for 7 years, I didn't think I'd have this concern. I thought I would DEFINITELY want/need the lift. But now I think I could live with slightly small and saggy boobs. I just have vain moments and want to have small perky boobs, not just for me but for my sweet husbands sake. He's been so kind and patient and I want him to enjoy the outcome.

I worry about breastfeeding a future baby. And I worry about scares around the nipples and changing the shape of my nipples. Ugh. I'm just praying that I will come to the right decision. But any thought or advice are welcomed and appreciates ????

Less than a week till explant

I decided to get the lift. After looking at pictures I realized they are not very symmetrical. I want my husband to enjoy them and I think I will be happier with small
Perky boobies. I'm nervous. Worried how my kids will do during my 4 days of not being able to hold them. But mostly excited to get these gross bags out of my body and do some serious detoxing!

I'm free!!!!

The toxic bags are out!!! Surgery went well. Not painful at all. I get the drains out tomorrow so I'll get a peek at them then. So grateful to be on the other side!

4 days post op

Feeling great! Haven't needed any pain meds the past two days. I have energy but it's hard to not use my arms and hold my little ones. The scars look a little scary to me but my husband is thrilled! He thinks the shape is great and he knows it will only get better. I've been taking large doses of liposomal vitamin C and vitamin B complex. I also started taking liposomal CBD oil. I really think these supplements have made a huge difference. I'm excited to see how things improve. It's not perfect, and I'm ok with that because I already feel better.

1 week postop

Feeling great! Healing more each day. I can do all my household chores now just fine. Scars are healing each day

2 weeks post op

SO happy with my results! The shape is fantastic and everyday I see improvement in my scars. I'm so glad I got the lift and went with Dr Melmed

6 weeks post op

They are still healing and changing everyday. Very happy with the results. The picture doesn't do them justice!

2 months Post Op

Still very happy with my results. The shape is fantastic. The scars aren't my favorite but they are fading slowly. I use an essential oil blend on them every night and morning that seems to help. I've also used raw honey and caster oil from time to time just to switch it up. My energy is much better and my sex drive has finally returned! I also have had the motivation to start working out again. Something that has been gone for years. I wish I had never gotten implants to begin with but grateful to have found RealSelf and found women who inspired me to make a huge change that I knew, deep down, was exactly what my body was needing
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