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I had 275 cc saline implants placed under the...

I had 275 cc saline implants placed under the muscle at 20 yrs old. Like many young women, I felt inadequate by my small chest. I was a 34a and about 100 pounds at 5'1. There was absolutely nothing wrong with me. They were perfectly proportioned with my frame. Looking back I wished I would have never done anything. I did enjoy having them and they were a huge confidence booster through my 20s. I had my first child at 24 and nursed her for one year. My breast changed. They were a little smaller and not as tight. More natural looking. I also got a few stretch marks. I was still happy with the look of them. Then at 29 I had my second child. I nursed him for 23 months. When I weaned him I noticed they were much different. The implant hung high and my tissue hung off the bottom. I also gained lots more stretch marks. They are faint but make for bad skin quality. I went in for a consult for a revision in June. I had slight capsular contracture in my left breast (which was holding the implants high) and we were going to use a larger silicone implant to fix the problems. I came home excited. I deserved this after devoting my body to my babies. I started researching this gummy bear implant they were going to use. By pure chance or divine intervention, I came across horrific pictures of ruptured implants and information on breast implant illness. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Thousands of women were getting sick from implants and having them removed. I had never heard about this. Then I saw the symptoms list. Fatigue, joint pain and skin rashes stuck out to me. I had bad hip joint pain, was always tired and got psoriasis, get this, about a year after having my implants put in. So My mind wasn't instantly changed. I'm only 32 and still have vain moments. I figured this wouldnt be me. The more I read and debated, I just couldn't unsee the stories or images. So I discussed it with my husband . The fact that every 8-10 years I would need surgery and 8k to upkeep these breast. (That alone had my hubby saying "take them out" lol) The concern that they could make me sick in the future and possibly have been the cause of problems I already had. Also the fact that capsular contracture would eventually happen again. So I spent the next month researching like crazy. I found this forum. I was so excited to see women who went back to their pre implant self, even after years of implants. I gained the confidence and hope that I wouldn't come out deformed to proceed. So after much research I found out about Dr. Melmed who happened to be in Dallas near me. I emailed with him first and sent pictures. He said he thought I would have a great outcome and look better without them. I then went to a consult. He is so sweet and gentle but funny and charismatic. He has a huge personality and presence. He treated me with respect. He asked me if I was ok with being small again and that I needed to be completey ready to let go of them. He showed me pictures and told me we would have a great outcome. He recommended the benelli lift (taking a crescent shaped piece of skin from above the nipple and raising my nipples a few cm. they were low after nursing and the implants dragged them down.) he also said he would do the internal lift ( he does on everyone) I was so confident in everything he said and had talked to many women who had used him and were thrilled. So I set a date.
Surgery day came. Medical City is one of the top hospitals in the metroplex and I have nothing but good things to say about all of the people I came into contact with. From the preop, anasthesia, surgery to post op. I did wake from anasthesia with a very sore throat from the tube ( I couldn't swallow which was scary) it went away fast and I didn't have any nausea or pain. 5 hours after arriving at the hospital we left. I took the Tylenol 3 every 4 hours anticipating pain and napped off and on the whole next 24 hours. Returned to melmeds office for drain removal. Was super easy. No pain just slight discomfort. Unveiled my tiny boobs which were squished and deflated( as expected) They perked up some over the next 24 hours. I was amazed at how much higher my nipples were. It was only a couple of cm's but made a huge difference on me. I had very little pain or discomfort. I have a 2.5 year old so my mom has stayed for all the lifting, bathing Ect. I've taken it easy and am just now getting to feeling back to normal with energy levels. It's been 10 days. I'm pretty happy with the initial look. I'm hoping they fluff some and the skin retracts a little more. My skin quality from my stretch marks has me worried. When I lay flat, they look wrinkly :(
Good news though. I haven't had any hip joint pain and some of my psoriasis has already disappeared :) The fatigue I won't be able to tell about till I'm more recovered. I'll try to update with any changes. The stickies will stay on for nearly 4 more weeks. I'm terrified of what it looks like under there.

Update healing process

I've had so many ups and downs with healing from implant removal. I don't mind being small at all. I love how most clothes fit me so much more. I have good days and bad about the healing of my nipples ( I had a crescent lift) that are not even and one points outward a little. I did notice that in my before explant pics that it had started to a little after nursing but it's much more so now. I'm hoping time will help with those little issues. I also have major issues with lying on my back. My breast are wrinkly when I lay down. My surgeon says to give it time that it takes time for skin to retract and tighten. We shall see. They are far from perfect but I'm happy with them upright. Especially having nursed for 3 years of my life. I'm hoping they get better and better because getting implants again is not happening!! I'm so happy to be rid of all the tiredness, joint aches and brain fog!!!

12 weeks

Feel so much better. Love the way I look in clothes. Getting more comfortable with how they look outside of clothes. Still not happy with how they look when I lay down :( skin wrinkles bad. Not sure if it's from the nursing or combo of the implants stretching the skin and nursing. Not happy with the shape of my nipples. The incisions were a little sloppy. However for me, I prefer them to the anghor lift scars. My left nipples also points outward but it did that a tad after nursing two babies, just does it more so now. Oh well
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Charismatic, funny, sweet and gentle. Genuinely believes in breast implant illness and hasnt put implants in anyone in over 20 years. Has done more than 5000 explants. Very experienced in the field.

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