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So I am excited and pleased to say I have finally...

So I am excited and pleased to say I have finally decided to move toward with the surgery. I have not set a date yet because I have to clear things with my heart specialist first. So it may be about one month before I can set a date. I have always had small breast, and it does make me feel like I am less feminin because of this. I have a good amount of confidence already and I know this will only add to it. I am 24 years old 5'5 145 lb mother to one 4 year old. I have decided to go with saline breast implantes 300cc. I really enjoyed consultation I had with Ricardo Meade. He made me feel really comfortable and his staff was very helpful. This money is coming out of pocket so I did have to choose wisely. I have thought a out doing this for a couple of years now but now I am just finally fed up with padded bras and the lack of femininity I feel. I have always liked the more natural look so I want to make sure this change is noticeable but not dramatic. My cheast area is probably my least attractive part on my body and it always has been. I have had 2 heart surgeries so I have a scar left behind from my last one which was at the age of 13. I am no longer insecure about the scar but I am dissatisfied with the emptiness in my breast. Growing up with almost. every woman in my family having breast does make me want them more. I will keep you guys updated.

So I have another consultation with a different...

So I have another consultation with a different doctor this Friday. A last minute decision but I think I may have gotten lucky. He is about 1300 hundred dollars cheaper, all good reviews and he works in the same facility as the first doctor I liked. Hope all goes well...oh and I finally added some pictures. is consultation day. I really hope... is consultation day. I really hope things go well with this doctor. I have to be there by 12:30 so I have lots of time to sit here and drive myself crazy thinking about what question I am going to ask. I have a feeling that I will be walking out with a date set for my surgery. Wish me luck!!!

I am so happy. Today went wonderful. I am actually...

I am so happy. Today went wonderful. I am actually having my surgery this Wednesday. I met my doctor today and he is very nice. We decided on 400cc. I am surprised by how quickly I got a surgery date but not complaining at all. I will keep you guys updated. Kindle is going dead...ugh... is the day..getting ready...nervous as... is the day..getting ready...nervous as hell but this is nothing compared to having a baby or open heart surgery. Guess the older you get the more you have to worry to take a long shower and lay down for a while....goodnight.. home about 2 o'clock. They made me feel... home about 2 o'clock. They made me feel really comfortable. I woke up with very little pain. I just was surprised at how good I felt. I have not even gone to sleep, I just have so much energy. I have gone to the store twice ( I did'nt drive) I just felt like walking around. I do feel tightness in my chest but nothing to bad. Breast look wonderful. He even touch up my heart surgery scar..I thought that was very nice of him. I will post more picture in a little while. Arms are lifting easily. Pain as of now is 4. I got 410cc in both breast.Doctor just called to see how I'm doing. I love him already. He truly cares about you and your look.

Its day two and I'm walking around, cleaning up, ....

Its day two and I'm walking around, cleaning up, .....its just so crazy to me that I feel this good. Wish I could get my videos to upload...I will keep working on that today. I'm about to take a shower then take some meds. More pictures coming too.

Day 2 has been good and bad. Well I went to the...

Day 2 has been good and bad. Well I went to the mall, out to eat...ect. Well I forgot my muscle relaxed in the car and went about 1 hour past the time I should have taken it. Yeah that didn't feel good. But I got home and took my meds and a nap, now I feel better. I am afraid I may be constipated. I have not had a bowl movement since Tuesday. I brought some prune juice so I hope that helps. Well nap time again. Talk to you gals tomorrow. Ps.added more pictures.

Just got home....been out again

Just got home....been out again I think I am feeling like I we to small. Ugh. Hopefully when time goes by they will become more fuller. I got 400cc....some girls look huge with this size. Maybe its just in my head. Anyone else feel this way?

Went to a comedy show today. I have noticed that...

Went to a comedy show today. I have noticed that constipation is something that can happen after surgery. Keep stool softeners and prune juice around just in case.

Well I did not do much today. My son came home...

Well I did not do much today. My son came home from his fathers house and he had a fever and was sick. So I stayed home. I am constantly looking at my breast hoping they get maybe I need to take a break from looking at breast so much... comparing myself to others only makes me feel worse. I like them when I have clothes on, but they look so small when I am naked. I wonder should I express this to my doctor. Or maybe I can just work out and then maybe that will make them look my stomach has gotten a little bigger due to not moving around much these last couple of days. Plus I think the surgery may have something to do with my stomach getting bigger/swollen. I wonder why he choose 410cc. Is it becaus thats all that will fit? lol... but to me my body could have taken more.... or maybe I should have did high profile.... I may still be buying push up bras and padded bras just to get my desired look. Ugh... I love my doctor but I think we should have spent more time on trying to figure out what I wanted. I think the sizers I tried on looked better and bigger that my breast do right now. I guess it might take time.

Well I have come to the conclusion that my breast...

Well I have come to the conclusion that my breast size are perfect for my body. I just need to hit the gym. When I sucked my stomach in they look great. So this is a personal have to post some more pictures soon.

Ok its been a couple of days since I wrote...

Ok its been a couple of days since I wrote anything so let me get to it.... Well my son went to the hospital maybe a week after surgery for his asthma we just found out that he had. Well lets just say I went from resting and taking care of me to up and moving around taking care of him. He was in the hospital for 5 days, but he is ok now. However I am now sick with a cold. Its weird that a cold can do more damage to me than a breast augumentation... lol... I have been feeling crappy since we got back home. I seem to be pulling through now. It has been a very overwhelming couple of weeks. On top of everything I have been moved to another department within my job, whichs really sucks. I have not been to work since the surgery so that news was very shocking and hard to take in. Let me stop complaining and get to the update on my so I have stop taking pain meds completely. So the worst part of the process... constipation. I believe the meds cause constipation so be aware of this. It reminded me of when I had my son and for at least a year after havihg him constipation was very frequent for me. So if you had any issues with this during your pregnancy because of the meds... I would go buy some things that will make it easier on you to use the restroom. I have notice them changing in shape and size. My bras are getting to tight and they are dropping. The good news is I can tell they have a lot more dropping to do so the size may exceed my expectations. I have had no sharp pains, no problems moving my arms around, no problems with anything physically. I sometimes have to remind myself I had surgery to keep me for over doing it. Even though it may not hurt, I do not want to do anything that could damage or hurt myself. My nipples are very sensitive which is not a bad thing for me. It is only a problem when I do not have a bra on. I have yet to start working out but that will be my first priority after going back to work. Nothing excessive just a jog with some stretching and whatever my doctor will approve. I notice the scars actually look more worse than what they actually are... He used skin glue, so are that black stuff is actually just stuff I need to clean off. Ok thats all for now... more pics have been posted... 14 days post op

Over a year update

No problems at all since having the surgery. My breast are a part of who I am. Worth it 100%.
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