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I am scheduled for BA July 19th. I am getting very...

I am scheduled for BA July 19th. I am getting very excited yet also nervous! My Pre Op is July 10th where we will go over size, meds, take pictures and finalize payment.
I have always wanted BA because of my small size and after two children I am 36 almost A. I wear the best VS bra there is, but I still don't fill it and I am always pulling it down. 25 Days and counting!

Pre BA pics

Ok... I'm finally posting the REAL me pictures... I am not even an "A" cup! I just turned 48 am 5'8 and 138lbs. I have had 2 children and nursed them both. I'm hoping to be more proportioned and have a natural look! Will keep yawl posted!

Getting close!

Ok... 16 days until my surgery and I am getting a littler nervous! My pre-op is scheduled for July 10th... My husband is going to go with me. Not sure if he can go in, but want him to be able to be as informed as possible since he will be taking care of me. I bought us baseball game tickets for our anniversary which the game is the week after my surgery and the day after my post op. I'm nervous it will be too hot as its a day game and I may get too sweaty. My ps said it may not be a good idea as my insition may be affected... Any way... Will keep yawl posted!


This morning was my pre-op! It went well! My hubby came with me so he could have as much information as he could since he is taking care of me afterwards. My ps and I didn't discuss actual size, but we went over pictures and she has a good idea of what I am looking for. I'm hoping they won't be too small. My hubby dropped off my RX at the pharmacy and ill pick those up when they are ready. I missed my EKG appointment so I have to go back tomorrow morning. My BP was high in the office today, even though I took my RX. I'm sure it's because I had coffee and was so nervous.

7 More Days!

I can't believe it's only 1 week till my surgery!! I'm getting everything done to prepare! Got my hair done last night and will be getting the house cleaned next week so I won't be stressed and my husband won't have to do anything. EKG was yesterday and all is well! Just counting down now! It's all I seem to think about! Kind of nervous what my co-workers will think hen I come back with boobs. I know it doesn't matter what they think but still...

3 Days to go!

I only have three days to go! I'm getting nervous about the surgery but excited! So glad my husband is going to be with me! Have my scrips, I layed out what I'm gonna wear that day and did some house work over the weekend. Gonna have a maid service come clean the floors, my kitchen and the bathrooms really good the day before. Hubby is traveling for work and I'm working later hours this week as we have someone out on vacation. With it to have the house clean so I won't stress about it!

I did it!

Ok.. its 7:30am and its almost 24 hours since my surgery.
I arrived at the Dr. offic at 7:45 where I was checked in (made sure several times why I was there and what type of implant I was getting - silicone or sailine). I was weighed, BP was taken and I had to take a pregnancy test to to be sure. I was then given a Xanax, something for my tummy and something else which I dont remember.. LOL.
Then, I changed into the surgical gown, had a beautiful net put on my hair (hubby was still with me at this point and took a video) and then Dr. Gibby came in and marked my breasts.
Once my husband left and I was ready I made it to the surgical room. When I laid down, they removed my gown from the top to my waist and put these compression wraps on my calfs that would squeeze my legs to keep my cirulation and imitate walking.
My anestesiologist started to put my iv in my arm but when she put it in it hurt and she said it was swelling so she moved it to my hand. MUCH BETTER... She said "I am going to give you a margarita, I make a great margarita." A few minutes later I started to feel pretty good and said "I love margaritas and I can feel it." and that was it was starting to kick in and that is all I remember.
Next the nurse was waking me up and having me take some pain medication and spoon fed me ice with sprite and I got to eat some crackers. They told me my husband was on his way to pick me up and he came in and was with me while I was trying to wake up before going to get the car. Man was I TIRED.. I felt like I was going to get sick a couple of times but I didnt! YAY! I really didnt want to get sick.
I had a bra on which they told me was basically just to hold my gauze in place as they didnt use tape which could cause scaring. The nurse helped me get dressed and wheeled me out to the car. I was first wheeled thru an area where it was all medical staff, then I was out where there were regular people. At that time she said "keep your eyes open"... I tried but man it was so hard. I got in the car and slept on the ride home..

I had a pretty rough day of it. Once I would take a pain med, I was out like a light! I moved to the couch a couple of times but I could not get up by myself and being on the couch wasnt as comfortable as the bed. I didnt seem to have much problem resting propped up. It seemed like everytime I would get up and move from one place to the other I would shake uncontrolably and was SO cold.
I had a rough night.. My husband set a timer of when to get up and give me my pain meds and my antibiotic. I also took Xanax with my pain meds when I went to bed. At 1:30am I woke up to go pee and take my meds and when I got up to head to the bathroom, I was shaking so bad. My whole body.... It hurt my chest a lot and it made it very hard to pee. When I got back tot he bed.. still shaking, I was in a lot of pain!!!!! I took my meds and covered up and finally stopped shaking.. cried! :(...

Got up every 4 hours to take my pain meds and xanax and slept surprisingly well. This morning I am like a new person. My implants are of course sitting high and really tight but I am sitting up in bed with and ice pack on my chest. I was able to get myself sitting up and am able to move my arms pretty good. I had to losen my bra a little to help with pain and after yesterday I am feeling much better. The test will be moving out into the living room or just getting up and moving around which I had a tough time of yesterday.
Here is an updated picture. Will be able to shower tomorrow so once I take my bra off, I'll post a new one. Not the best picture as we dont have a lot of lights on but you can see how high they are sitting. More later!

Post op Day 1

Cant Wait for them to Drop

I know its only been 3 days since my surgery but I sure wish they would drop already... I have the typical riding high, tight and odd shaped breasts at this early stage. Am finding that morning time is the toughest as I am so tight. I am taking it as easy as I can. God Bless my husband! What a trooper. It has been a little overwhelming for him to take care of every need I have, plus the house, my son and the animals... But he is doing a GREAT JOB!! My butt is feeling tired and sore from trying to stay and sleep in an upright position as I cant sleep on my side. I can turn slightly but my breasts hurt when I do that. Should be getting my massages to do when I go see my Dr. on Wednesday for my post op and hoping to go to the Rangers vs Yankees game on Thursday if I can handle it. I just have to be patient and as another woman said "listen to my body"...

Post Op

Today was my post op. Finally found out that I received 380cc in my left breast (Lita) and 385 in my right (Rita).. LOL... I am doing great today. Havent taken my Pain meds or anything today. I had a rough day yesterday after my shower. It was a work out and I was only down to 2 Vicodin and was worried if I took them I wouldnt have anything to help me sleep and that is what I needed the most!! Sleep is so important and its hard to stay sleeping upright every night. Though my back didnt bother me, my butt did.. ugh!! After my shower I got so emotional and even worried that my breasts were too large, especially not aware of how many cc's I was getting. I cried and became anxious.. Now I know why they gave me the Xanax. Helps so much...
I got my stiches out today! I only had 3 on each side. I got a scar management gel sheeting which I peel off the backing, place it on my scar and reuse it after each shower until it either doesnt stick anymore or falls apart. This will help my scar become more soft and straight with zero bumps or lumps. Healing / compression strip.....Highly recommended!!
Got out and shopped for sports bra that I can wear to work because there is no way I could wear a regular bra right now and when I am ready I'm gonna shop for some great sexy bra's. I feel great about my choice and Love Dr. Gibby!! Will post pics later.

Pic Update Day 3 and 4

Day 6

I have gained a few lbs with the constipation as well as trying to relax and heal and I ate.... Sue me... LOL! I'll br back on track ASAP!

Day 8

I am feeling really great. Still have limits on what I can do as far as house work etc. I slept great last night. Best nights sleep so far and I am pretty much off my pain medication. I am sleeping almost totally either flat on my back and I can sleep slightly on my side as long as I am propted up.

When I took my shower yesterday and was drying off, I accidentally rubbed my left incision site with the towel and it hurt like crazy. Both incision sites are really sore now too.

My husband and I are both motorcycle riders and I have my own bike but knew I wouldnt be able to ride for at least 6 weeks but thought I could ride with my husband yesterday.. NO WAY.. too bouncy and we just rode to the grocery store and back... THAT was painful. I guess no riding even as passanger for a few weeks..

My ladies are both feeling more soft and I feel they have gone down a little weather its swelling or they have dropped some or both.. ?? I am doing my first massages or exercises at least twice a day by pushing lightly by breasts together towards each other, counting to 10 and releasing... doing 10 sets of 10. If I can do it more often, I do.

Drove to breakfast yesterday and feel I can drive this coming up week when I go back to work..

Day 11

Today is my second day back to work and I feel pretty good. Can't walk as fast as I normally do an taking a shower is still hard. Mostly when I raise my hands to wash my hair, my insicion sites pull and hurt. They are super sore too!
I can't wear my surgical bra as its too small. I wore a less supportive bra yesterday to work and my boobs ached so I out on my sports bra when I got home and slept in that. I get more support. My shoulders and neck area are tight too. I knew that may happen but I know it will go away with time.
I keep getting pains in my insicion sites and its so sore below them. I have the gel strips on and they look to be healing very nicely just so painful. I have been doing my breast excersizes by pushing together and go for my next follow up next Tuesday where I think they will give me excersizes to so pushing up but I'm nervous about that with my insicion sites being so sore.
Anyone had that issue?

Post op 2 weeks

Today I feel great! Almost back to my 100% self. My pain is virtually gone. I do have some sharp pains in my left breast when it moves a certain way. I was able to actually sleep flat last night and even some on my side!!! Yay! My incision sites are almost not even noticeable (have kept on the silastic gel strips. They are awesome! My sites are still tender and hard but know that will go away in time.
I still feel muscle twinges when I use my arms a certain way but no pain.
I am pushing them together everyday, several times a day with no issues and they can almost touch each other. Should get new massages to do next follow up which is Tuesday.

My breasts have home down a lot as far as swelling and they don't look so odd shaped anymore!! Love them! Will post updated pics soon!

4 weeks post op

Sorry it’s been a while since my last update.
It’s been over 1 week since my 2nd post op visit and it went really well.
I was given pushing up massages to do now so I am doing both up and together twice a day, but I also do them at my desk at work if I can. The more the better she said. Also, I am now able to sleep pretty comfortably on my sides which helps push them together so that’s a plus.
I have gained weight and I know some of it is from the implants themselves but the 2 weeks after my surgery I ate like a pig! I got the ok to start doing low impact workout and walked last night which felt great! My husband is going to get me an elliptical so I can start really working out and I am so excited about it.
I am posting a picture that I took last night. I think they look great and my husband loves them too!! Big plus!!
My incisions look really good and I am now on my second set of gel strips so they last a long time and really help the scaring. I still have big bumps under there but that should eventually go away.
I still have to be careful doing certain things with my arms like pushing or pulling like when cleaning dishes or the house etc. But I feel great and am really happy I did this.. now just lose a few pounds!
Until Next Time!!

7 Months After Surgery

I am finally posting an update. It is now 7 months after surgery and I am very happy with my results. My right breast seems a little smaller than my left but it hasnt totally dropped yet. I had less breast tissue and that breast was smaller so Dr. Gibby put about 5 cc's more saline in so she told me it would take longer to drop. I go for a follow up I think in April or May. This was the best decision I have ever made. !!
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

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