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Just seeing if anyone had very very very small A...

Just seeing if anyone had very very very small A cups like me and got 440cc and what were the results? Here are some ideas of what I'm looking for. Yes, I know the one with the red C on the picture is much larger but my husband and I both seem to like them. Opinions? What size do yall think they are??

8 days away

I have 8 days until surgery and I don't know how I feel. I'm nervous and excited all at once. I have seen so many boobs in a week my heads spinning lol I bought an awesome front closure bra today for post surgery. It's a 38 and I usually wear a 34 but it still feels really snug. I got a larger size because of swelling. I don't want it to be so tight it is uncomfortable. Any suggestions on this? I know it needs to be tight on my boobs but the way the 38 feels, I think a 34 would be miserable.

5 more days til surgery!!

So the more i look on here at boobs, the larger i want to go.. Even though i know with my size and lifestyle, 450cc is plenty big enough. But i saw a few pages with 550cc and around that area and i LOVE the way they looked!! So round and full and so much cleavage!! Has the boob greed started to hit me already?? Did anyone else have this problem? I don't want to regret not going big enough but I also don't want to look ridiculous from going too big. Ugh.. what to do!

No more pain meds

So I stopped taking my hydrocodone this morning. I had surgery 2 days ago and feel fine other than being constipated. I've taken dulcalax, eaten cherries, tried coconut oil and black coffee. I don't know what else to do and it's KILLING me. My stomach, which is usually a flat 6 pack, is sticking out further than my 465cc boobs!! I'm swollen under my arms and around the incision areas but not in pain. What do I do about this horrible bloated tummy? It's making me sad :(

Only been 5 days and I'm in love

My favorite part of the day is showering so I can rub coconut oil all over my beautiful boobies! Lol.

Doing good

Had another appt today to get my tape changed. Should only have two more. Everything is settling and getting squishy at the same rate. Doc says they look great!

Almost 3 weeks

3 days from being 3 weeks. Feeling great. Some days I feel like my boobs will never change just from looking at them daily. I know they will soften and change shape but it's so hard to imagine. They definitely feel like part of me though. I can hardly remember what I was like before surgery. I am happy with my results, Dr Wallace did an amazing job! But I think I will be a bit upset about the size compared to what I truly want.


Progress pics

Week one through four


6 weeks post op pics

Not much change in the shape of my breasts. Not that I can tell anyways. They are getting softer but I think they still have a ways to go. Hopefully they aren't done changing. Wearing a bra is awkward. I still generally wear a sports bra and still sleep in one. Got measured and I'm a 32DD. They seem so small but they are beautiful!

14 months post op

My breasts are my best feature now! I love them.
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