1st Consultation Next Week. 5'4" 34B Wanting D's - Dallas, TX

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I am nervous, I have my first consultation next...

I am nervous, I have my first consultation next week. I am almost 23, no kids & still researching. I've wanted bigger breasts for as long as I can remember. I am hoping to weigh 135 before my surgery. Currently 148. I wear a 34B hoping to be a full D after. I Was wondering if anyone with similar stats was willing to share their experience

Boob Wishes

Tomorrow is my first consultation! I have some photos of my boob wishes! I am a 34B hoping to be a 34D after.

1st consultation complete

I met with Dr. Khan in Dallas today. I am 5'4" 34B. She measured me and reccomended I get 304cc silicone implants. Anyone with similar stats have anything to share? I was hoping to be a natural D after the procedure & swelling goes down.

Before photo.

Preparing to have the surgery 8/21 3 days before my 23rd birthday. My PS says 304cc smooth round silicone will be perfect for my frame giving me a natural look. I'm really hoping to be a D. I do not want to feel "boob greed" after the fact. I haven't found too many with my stats of 5'4" 148lbs that got any less than 400cc

Where to get labs done?

I have to get my lab work done and I am new to Texas with no primary care doctor. Has anyone done labs with quest diagnostics or some place similar?

Also i found out just 3 days after surgery my cousin, also roommate, is leaving TX to go back to our home state. This leaves me all alone after surgery living on a 3rd floor apt alone! Hoping my mom can visit to help with things like groceries and cleaning around the house... Its also right around my 23rd bday. feeling lonely and emotional.

Has anyone been alone after this procedure?

Nervous !!

Its a little more than 2 week out, I l have signed all the scary documents that are required when being put under.... I have made payment arrangements and now I am freaking out. I am not a huge fan of anesthesia. Anyone else feel anxious the closer it got to surgery?

3 days until new boobs

I am freaking out everyone !!! It's only 3 days away. I have been dreaming of having boobs of my own forever and now just a few nights away.... Also still freaking out about anesthesia. I had my blood work done with my nurse yesterday and she's such a pro !!! Glad she will be there when I wake up from surgery. I should be able to pick up my post op meds Wednesday and surgery FRIDAYYY!

Does anyone reccoment to buy a special pillow to help with sleeping ?

I have boobs of my own!!

I am home & very happy. I know I am swollen so they will go down some but I can say I have boobs :) thank you ladies for you support and warm wishes I will update tomorrow after my post op visit. Today I will rest and follow doctors orders for my 24hr recovery. Sorry all my photos posted upside down ????

Best Decision !!

Ever since I can remember I've always wanted larger breasts. Unfortunately it didn't happen naturally. I recently moved to Texas and started researching more about breast augmentation. I joined real self and I found Dr. Khan. I emailed for a complimentary consultation and Kari in Dr. Khans office emailed me right away. My consultation went great I met the nurse Betty and Dr. Khan; all my questions were answered I saw before and after photos of the work done by Dr. Khan and she measured me for the size 304cc. I was mostly intrigued by the 24hr recovery process which really works as long as you follow all the instruction. I had surgery yesterday morning and was out with my friends by the evening. Everyone from Kari in the front, Dr. Khan & nurse Betty is great. I know I can reach out to anyone at anytime with questions or concerns and I will get a prompt response. Anyone in the Dallas area considering a breast augmentation I reccomend Dr. Farah Khan & will refer everyone to her !!

it's my birthday !!

So I had my surgery Friday, Saturday morning I drove myself to my own post op appointment! My nurse changed my tape and Dr. Khan said everything looked great. After my post op I went shopping and got my hair done & spend the afternoon with friends & last night I went out to a concert!! Still in shock I had surgery just on Friday. The mornings are tough but once I take my ibprofen 800 I feel much better. I am back to work today. I don't know why other doctors are not practicing the 24hr recovery!! I recommend everyone looking into this surgery consider 24hr recovery.

My boobs are still numb on the bottom half and I have small brushing right above my insicion and also my insicions are starting to itch like crazy! I cannot wait until after 6 weeks is over !!

Alcohol & supplements

Ladies when did you feel it was okay to start drinking alcohol again & or start taking supplements again? I used to take 1upnutrition supplements to help with cleansing and weight loss and hunger control?

I gained too much weight I'm ready to get back to the healthy me ! I stopped my supplements 1 month pre op and it's been 1 week post op!

1 week post op

It feels great to wake up every morning with boobs but.... The mornings are the hardest I only have 1 ibprofen 800 left but my chest muscles in the morning are so tight. Sleeping is very uncomfortable and sneezing hurts the worst.

right now my concern is that my left Breast looks MUCH larger than the right.(very discouraging I hope it won't last) I'm hoping that right breast just needs to drop. Also my right breast is the most sore. The sensitivity to my nipples is back ! But the bottom area right above the insicions is still numb.

My Dr. Office said I can start back on supplements after two weeks so 1 more week. I am ready to get back in shape.

It's official, received this in the mail today !

304cc Natrelle silicone filled

Chest breaking out

Has anyone had a breakout on their new boobs? I am freaking out. They are small & red and sometimes itchy.

1 month post op

I am in love with my boobs :) they are so soft and squishy! They feel so real and look so natural. I have feeling in my nipple but directly under the nipple to the insicion is numb.. Odd feeling. The scars are dark and I will post pictures soon, in excited to see my doc at the 6 week post op appointment and find out about scar treatments or what creams to buy. I sleep so comfortable on my side and some night I can lay on my chest other nights it feelings like I'm laying on something and I can't move it out of the way lol.

Dark insicion

My insicions are heeling well. Pretty dark I hope I can use a good scar cream to lighten them. Can't wait to see how much they fade over time!! My 6 week appointment is October 5th I am excited to see me PS. Hope she is please with the results ... Also I have been breaking out on my face and chest bad. I hope this clears up and doesn't leave any scaring.

Love the way they look in a tank top.

Just wanting to share some updates of my results today. Loving the feel of them so natural also they look so good in clothes !!!

6 week post op appointment was Monday

Surgeon is happy, I am happy!!! They are perfect... The before and after photos are amazing ???? I fell in love all over again.. Dr. Khan said she can't even feel the implants and my boobs are super soft :) even my bf says they are soft like pillows. Glad I trusted her with the size and silicone ... First consultation I was set on saline and so glad I didn't stick to my guns on that one. She is an expert. I have dark incisions and Dr. Khan recommend to massage them with lotion and not waste money on a scar cream. She also told me to wait a year to let them heal and fade ! I am confident they will fade. I am ready to bra shop and enjoy these babies!! I still get boob greed time to time but nothing a great bra can't fix ! Anyone on the fence about a BA I say go for it! Best decision I've ever made for ME!!!

34D at Victoria secret

Finally went to buy a bra .. Honestly will prob wear once or twice a week. I have enjoyed being free my breasts sit perfectly where they belong without a bra... I went for a slight push up bra that would be comfortable for every day use.. Will buy more bras slowly.

how soon have women went to get a bigger implant?

I am a week shy from being 4 months post op with 304CC silicon moderate plus.... I really loved my BA the most 1 day post op with all the swelling.... now that they have settled I still don't feel i have the upper pole fullness I desire.... I would like to go up in cc's and I was wondering how soon is too soon.
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