Breast Augmentation from 34A to full C small D. 330cc Moderate Profile Allergan/Natrelle. 5 feet even 112 llbs

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I just spent a good 10 minutes trying to figure...

I just spent a good 10 minutes trying to figure out how to write this review so bare with me! I am 5'0 ft 112 pounds, petite, 25 yrs old. I have my first consultation this Friday and have been obsessively looking at pictures for my wish boobs and pictures of boobs I dislike. I have wanted to do this for about 8 years. I'm 25 now and finally decided it's time to get this started! It has been pretty difficult for me to find other women with my stats so if you do and have had a BA please comment below, I need as much help as I can get.

Current boobs

During the consult the PS suggested a range from 300-375cc moderate profile. Opinions? I am leaning toward 330cc. I'm afraid that there will not be enough projection but I like that the diameter is wide since I would like a fuller cleavage and more natural look. I was told that the type of moderate implant projects more than a normal moderate implant. The brand is Allergan.

Wish boobs

Here are some wish boobs!

Booked appointment!

Ahhh finally booked the appointment. Scheduled for 7am on September 2nd! I'm still not completely sure of the amount of cc's I want. I said 330cc mod profile but almost everyone says they wish they went bigger. I've never been someone to show off my boobs so I don't know if I would want them bigger. If anyone has had theirs done and wishes they went smaller or larger please let me know!

Breast augmentation preparation?

Does anyone have any suggestions on supplements to take before and during the BA? I'm curious if maybe glutamine or creatine could help with recovery? I will be purchasing the infamous wedge pillow of course but would love any suggestions!?

1 week until pre op

Is it normal to be so nervous about it? I'm still unsure if I'd prefer mod classic or mod plus! I've read a lot of ppl say they wish they would have gotten mod plus to start with. I'm going to suggest that in my pre op and see what his opinions are. I've been having a lot of dreams about the new boobs and it's been keeping me up. I wake up every few hours with anxiety about it all. Anyone else get this?

I was wrong about implant!

I found out during my pre op that my surgeon is using Allergan Natrelle Inspira (SRM) moderate profile which has more projection than the classic Natrelle line! So this really kept me at ease since I was freaking out that it wouldn't have as much projection when actually it is very similar to moderate plus dimensions. I changed my size from 330cc to 345cc and now wondering if I should go to 360!! ???????????? I'm afraid I'll regret not going bigger.

Some more before pics

I feel like I'll miss my little boobies

All done

Had my surgery this morning at 7:30am went home and napped for about an hour. My doctor doesn't use the strap so that's nice and suggested to take a nap, take a shower after the surgery and warm up the chest muscles and tried to slowly raise my hands above my head. He uses a glue that protects the incision so I'm able to shower. But I'm actually in a pretty decent amount of pain at the moment so I will be taking my pain meds after I eat to help it then mayyyyybe shower. The pains sucks :,(

Update day 2 and nausea

Threw up 3 or 4 times yesterday so now I'm so afraid of throwing up again today. It's so out of nowhere. I've been taking the nausea medication before taking the pain meds but it doesn't seem to help. The pain kind of moved to the incision and under my armpit/lat area which I thought was random. Overall I am awake and walking around the house. My sister has been AWESOME helping go to the restroom which now I'm able to do on my own. It's funny though when I forget I can't do small things. I would read other ladies' experiences and thought that I wouldn't have a problem with it for example pumping a soap dispenser. NOPE! It felt like my implant moved up and down it was the strangest feeling. I did sleep through the night, set an alarm to take my meds so I would wake up in pain and all went well :) just impatiently waiting for the pain to start subsiding for good.

Oh! The doctor suggested to try lifting my arms over my head the first day back in the shower... I was afraid to shower but was in fact able to lift my arms over my head. Woohoo!

I haven't eaten much but forcing myself to so that I can take the meds. Mostly oatmeal, crackers, pretzels, and turkey bacon (random I know).

I'm a little nervous bc the implants are so tight that it looks like I never had them done but I knowwwww they need to settle, just kind of has been making me sad wishing I went larger. I hope everyone recovering is doing well!!!


345cc Allergan Natrelle Inspira moderate profile

More nausea

Welp. I threw up day of surgery once I got home 3 or 4 times all liquid then the next day a couple days and today once. I had an actual meal yesterday night which I kept down and then today I stopped taking the pain meds completely hoping that was the reason for my nausea and have been doing fine for the most part. My left boob has a stinging pain in a specific sport. Is that normal. Other than that I have pain under my arm pits and lats but that specific spot has to take the cake for the majority of the pain. I've been icing which helps and am able to lift my hands over my head. I did go out and run errands with my sister and my friend since the doc said go try and move around somewhat. My sister helped me shower, I was too afraid to look at the new boobies lol but she took some pics for me for "progress pics" I'll probably add them soon :) thanks for the support y'all!

Update!! 4 days post op

I stopped throwing up either yesterday or the day before because I stopped taking the norco pills. I don't like taking the muscle relaxers because I pass out for hours after and hate that. I've got doggies to watch after lol. SO I've been taking just one Tylenol every 6 hours or even longer. Today's pain was surprisingly worse than yesterday's so I took half a muscle relaxer. Tools a shower on my own and changed bras. Doc said I can wear my own sports bra so I had some different sizes ready. They suggested a front zip one from Walmart buy the zip wouldn't stay up so I returned it and bought a really good one from target. I had no idea how much nicer changing bras would feel. It feels more secure... The band isn't hitting against my incision which I placed a panty liner on the inside just in case. So I definitely recommend this bra. Super bloated... Even though I've been going to the restroom... I might have a hemorrhoid? Idk anything about em but tmi... It hurts. Well here are some update photos :) I'm excited to see some changes in the weeks to come!!

Works sports bra

The PS said they'd prefer the bra be a little looser than tighter so I might go grab a large. This is a medium. Which is weird I'm used to wear an XS or S lol.

First day back at work today

6 days post op I decided to go back to work. Started driving 5 days post op. A little difficult but doable. Now, for work. I thought I was fine until a few hours in and I'm not sure if it was the driving or moving my arms more than I had been the past 6 days but I was in a good amount of pain. I've been on only Tylenol so it's not the best. I also work my surgical bra PLUS no wire front zip sports bra over it because it felt more secure driving. But when at work it was too much I felt like it was too tight and irritating. I can't win. After work I didn't take anymore Tylenol and haven't had much pain at all except for my right boob incision :) update pics coming this Sunday hopefully. It also slipped my mind and I tried to toss my towel over my closet door.... Wow worst pain ever. That and I've sneezed a couple of times. Egh!!!

Boobs today, shouldn't have gone back to work so quickly

Here are some photos today and then a little collage. I mentioned I went back to work... It's a 45 min drive with traffic and I also had to take my dog out during lunch which is about a 25 min drive no traffic and it took a toll on my poor boobies I was in a lot of pain. Oh well. I have "zingers" on one specific spot on my left boob only. I'm not even sure if it's the zinger but it it's a burning sensation sharp stabbing pain only when I lay in a specific position. Then goes away once I sit up. I'm pretty tired throughout the day but I was diagnosed with lupus a year ago so I'm not sure if it's a combination of both the surgery and generally being tired. I cannot wait to get back in the gym. It's starting to get to me already.

One month and a few days post op

One breast is higher than the other but I realized I think my boobs were this way before and I never noticed til I took pictures! My incisions STILL look crusty and black idk why. Anyone else's this way at about a month post op?

Oops missed a pic

Boob feels update

Half of my boobs (underneath) are still numb. That's probably the most annoying thing I hate the feeling of numbness. My nipples seem to stick out even more than before and almost never get hard. I'm hoping this gets better. I also noticed an indentation about a week ago under my left boob I thought it was the start of "double bubble" bc I originally didn't have THAT much skin under the nipple. But thank goodness it went away hopefully STAYS away lol. Nipple still numb and sensitive. I started lifting legs (machines) and body weight 3 weeks post op and started shoulders and some arms 4 weeks post op all has been great and I'm soooo glad I'm back in the gym feeling more like myself :)

Almost 6 week post op update

I FINALLY was able to rub off the incision glue. Today was the first day that I noticed that my boobs are softer and move around more I can squeeze them together easier. They don't seem like they've dropped anymore but maybe I can't tell? I have some punching nerve type pain only in my right breast and only when I lay down at a certain angle with a bra on lol. If I pull something quickly it hurts A LOT and is sore right after. I do wish I went larger :'( no surprise there hahahah still numb under the nipples. Also, the pics in the bra were in my old 34A bra. I try to remember I was completely flat before so they are significantly larger. :)

Also don't like...

I don't like my nipples. They were already super puffy and stuck out but are now a lot more noticeable with the breast implants unfortunately. They are partially hard here but you can see a little. Profile from corner

post op appointment

I had my "1 month" post op appointment today but it's actually been 7 weeks. Finally got my silicone strips! I cut them into smaller strips and then in half to make them last as long as possible. Hopefully I religiously keep with these. The pics are what my scars look like now with absolutely no medical glue on them. The last bit actually just came off yesterday, perfect timing!

Double bubble anyone? 2 months post op

It's been 2 months post op as of a few days ago I've noticed both boobs are now very soft and squishy. I'm not sure if you can see in the picture but one breast looks like it could develop double bubble. It looks like a shadow but when I feel it it's like there's an indention. This happened a month or so ago went away and now it's been back. Opinions anyone?

Still numb/indentation issue

About half of each breast is still numb including left nipple. My doc said that he does not believe this will come back. I'm super disappointed in that because things feel very strange every day. Anything that touches it or grazes somewhere where it is numb it's a strange feeling almost hurts. Intimacy is somewhat different bc of it. I have an appointment December 6th for my 3 month post op update.. I did email them regarding the muscle flexion issue and sent pics and they did not see very promising on this being fixed but we shall see. I'll post a pic of my breast while flexing so you're able to see the indentation.

Scar update

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