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Hello! I have been wanting to get implants for as...

Hello! I have been wanting to get implants for as long as I cam possibly remember and I've finally reached the point where I have done so much research, saved up, and I'm completely ready. I had my consultation with two different doctors last Monday, April 29th... and I have made my decision to go with Dr. Craig Hobar here in Dallas, Texas. I had several great friends recommend him and I am beyond excited with my decision. The doctor has recommended a mild lift with implants. Both proceedures will be done at the same time, and surgery will last about 2 and half to three hours. The final number of cc's has not been determine. Looking about 700-750 CC, HP, saline. The doctor will insert the implant through my armpit.. I know theres a fancy medical term for that.. I forgot it. :) I literally have a countdown on my phone.. and I CANNOT wait for the surgey! woo! I chose to have the surgery on July 3rd, since I will already be off from work on the 4th and 5th for the Holiday. I got so excited that I forgot to actually talk about me... I am 22, and I work in Mortgage banking.. aka I do numbers and paperwork all day. so luckily I can return to work shortly after the surgery, since I basically sit all day. I am also excited at the fact that my doctor told me I could begin cardio about 2 weeks after my surgery (depending how my body is doing).. and I can go back to weight trining 4-6 weeks after surgery. this was important to me since I have recently become a gym rat and I want to make sure I continue with my workouts and stay on a great path.

26 Days out!

I'm getting more and more excited and yet, extremly nervous at the same time!! O-M-G!! So... I am a smoker, or was, the doctor stressed that I am not allowed to smoke 30 days before or after my surgery. Which is fine, I rather have boobs than smoke anyways! So I quit on Sunday 06/02/13, cold turkey and I'm doing just fine. The doctor has perscribed me Pentoxifylline. Has anyone taken that or know what it's for? I thought the doctor originally said it was used to sort of wash out all the nasty chemicals in my blood from smoking, but the pharmacist described it a little bit different. I have a two month supply, and it came in the largest pill bottle I have ever seen! lol The pharmacist also warned me that I may be sick for the first few days, but I havent had a problem or noticed any change. I have noticed since I've quit smoking that I am much more alert in the morning. I am probably the worst morning person you will ever meet, and I'm generally running late! But, this past week has been so different, I've been early and way ahead of schedule (very weird for me) but I'm liking the change! woohoo! Cant wait for these next few weeks to go buy! I just need to keep my nerves down!

Less than 24 hours out!!

I have my surgery tomorrow morning at 7 AM CST. OMG! I was driving into work this morning and it all finally sunk in. I thought to myself "In 24 hours I will be laying on the operating table." For the first time I have huge butterflies! So nervous! I wish I had to day off so I could really rest and be ready for tomorrow, but who am I kidding? I know I'd allow myself too much time to think about it all if I was at home... so I guess it's good I'm at the office today. EEEKKK!

I'm home with the girls!

Hello all! Surgery went smooth today! Ended up with 700 CC saline implants filled to 650 cc left and 620 cc right. I'm pretty sore, but not awful. I'd rate in at a 6. Hope tomorrow will be even better!

Day 5

Hello all! It's day five and I am back to work. :( I truly enjoyed lounging around the house and being waited on hand and foot.. but all good things must come to an end. *sigh* I didn't do much over my days off. I rested a lot and caught up with a bunch of great movies on netflix and on demand! I had my first post op appointment this morning and the doctor said I was healing great, and I learned some exercises to help shape the breast and get the implant down some. I will say, I truly expected to have larger breasts. I actually specified that i wanted that beautiful round implant look, call me crazy I like the fake look. I also mentioned to my doctor that I wanted 750cc to 800cc. I ended up with 650 cc left and 620 cc right. I know my doctor would not lead me in the wrong direction, and I hope they fluff out some and give me a good DD.
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