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About to undergo BA but unsure of size. I am maybe...

About to undergo BA but unsure of size. I am maybe a small B. I tried on sizers and to my surprise I only liked the 250 CC which is much smaller than I thought. Thinking about going back to retry them on. I'm only 5'1" and 105 lbs. was looking to only go up around a cup size. Moderate plus, is 250 CC reasonable???? Worried as everyone is saying that is way too small!


Here are my before and wish boobs

Getting ready

I'm four days from the surgery. I was panicking all week, I suffer from occasional anxiety attacks but the past day or so have been calm. I am trying to mentally prepare myself. Also, trying to get everything ready, I am a total planner. I'm stalked up on cat food and litter, got my meds, surgery clothes ready, laundry done, sheets changed, etc. yet I still haven't decided on size and that is what causes my anxiety. I think it's either 275 or 300 as I am 5-1" and 103. I want full cleavage with out the huge busty look. I have seen so many girls with same stats turn out so different, it's scary. Hopefully I survive the next few days without too much anxiety......

One thing I was wondering about is massage. I get them regularly because I had an upper back injury and the muscles clench up and I can't turn my head. Can anyone tell me how long they had to wait? Was a chair massage possible or is there anything special they can do to accommodate me for a while? It really is a medical issue for me not just for pleasure so I am searching for ways to still get them early on....

All done

It's done. I got through the surgery ok. They gave me lots of meds after and nausea meds so haven't felt sick. But now I'm in serious pain. Pain pills aren't really helping. Just breathing hurts if I breathe too deep. My back is killing me from not moving. Also extremely bloated.

On the plus side I chose 300 and I think they will look great. A smidge big for me now but when swelling goes down I think I will be happy. Now just to find a way to take the edge off the pain....

Day 2

Less pain today. Haven't showered though because I'm alone today and yesterday I needed help to just towel off. Ready for this bloat to go down. Also need some MOM or aloe Vera or something because I cannot go to the bathroom. It has been three days and feeling like I'm gonna explode. Also really hurts to take off my bra even for a second. Guessing the "heaviness" will subside after they aren't so swollen? Here is a couple pics. Front looks good but big but side view is kinda funky.

Day 3 post op

Today really sucks. The pain isn't quite as bad but I think I pulled something in my left side putting my hair up and it feels really weird now, almost like it stings and I think the pec muscle is spasming. Im also so over this horrible pregnant looking belly bloat. I have gone to the bathroom a few times thanks to MOM but still so terribly bloated. And I have total cabin fever just sitting in my apt when it's so beautiful out.....kills me. Also is the first day I'm completely alone and I have way too much time to think about all this. Yet terrified to go to work this wednesday. Can't I just FF through the next few weeks???? lol

I would post a pic but hurts too bad to take my compression bra off

Day 5 post op

Today was the first day of no pain pills but I took muscle relaxers for my back which is killing me from laying down and not exercising. I finally felt well enough to try on some clothes and take pics. Still hurts a lot to take off my compression bra or touch my breasts at all. Just wanted to update some pics. Can't tell much in clothes but bikini looks good. I could have gone another 25 cc but I'm still happy at this point

Over two weeks now

I am finally feeling a bit better, I am still struggling with back pain and on muscle relaxers but it's getting better since I started laying flat at night. Boobs are starting to change, not quite as swollen. However right is not keeping up with left so they are slightly uneven and right is still bigger. Now I'm worried about them shrinking more. First they seemed too big now I fear they will be too small ha! I guess I will be patient and see what happens the next two months. I tried on bras for fun but still too hard and the breast won't even go into the cups yet so I am still just sporting the sports bras.
I think the incisions are doing ok but they still hurt especially if there is a seam. I feel some thing weird in my right, as if there is an air pocket and the bottom inside area have a slight flat spot pretty visible at certain angles. It is not painful so I'm trying not to worry too much....can you see it? As long as it's normal I'm ok :) belly bloat is finally starting to go down it it has taken forever!

Bra suggestions?

Can anyone suggest supportive comfy inexpensive bras? I am hating these sports bras but I know I'm still changing so don't want to invest a lot. Also how about sports bras for running for when I can get back to it? Trying to find something supportive for under $50 each

Over five weeks

Still not very soft but hoping that change soon. Wish I had more cleavage. I have been disappointed since the swelling has gone down and feel I went too small. I have a lot of side boob but in clothes you can't even really tell. I'll have to grow to love them because there is no way I will voluntarily go through this again. Posting some pic comparisons from week one and week five....


I found that Marshall's is great for finding bras. I can fit some 34 C but I think D fits better because I have so much side boob. And I love under armour sports bras.


Not much has changed lately. I think they still have to drop some. I really like the shape just wish they were bigger because in clothes I still look pretty flat. Funny because I thought they were huge when I first had them done but I look at pics and they dont look any smaller really but FEEL so much smaller. I think we all probably has this dilema. Here are a few pics. I got my first massage today since surgery and it was GREAT. I put a pillow under my belly and boobs had some pressure but it wasnt bad enough to stop and my back really needed it!!!! She was good about working with me....and had all kinds of questions lol

9 weeks woohoo!

So, I am finally seeing changes and boobs are softer but still have a little ways to go, at least they MOVE now. Its funny day to day to see them change. One is always ahead, I used to freak but now I dont really worry since I know its a continual process. They are still sore with certain movement, still cant imagine pushups not because it hurts but feels soooo weird. I can sleep comfortably, have gotten a massage and can do most workouts. I am not back to running but that is due to my foot injury not the boobs. It really bums me because I am putting on weight and mentally that is hard but I WILL get back into shape soon. I havent gained much, its more of a blob feeling. And boobs do make you look a tad heavier so trying to get used to that.....I was asked to post pics in clothes so I tried to take a variety. Funny how different they look in different clothes.


More pics

3 month anniversary

Still hurts to wear underwire. Measuring 32 DD. Getting used to the size, love the shape

Additional pic

6 months

It's been 6 months. Doc said everything looks great. I still have some stiffness and soreness. I wear a sports bra at night because it is uncomfortable if they fall to the sides a little when I lie down. I did a 200 degree sauna and that may not be a good idea as immediately had a pain in my breast that lasted a few weeks. He said to be careful with that as the silicone can heat up and it can deteriorate the shell so I won't be doing that again. Other than that things are pretty good.

6 month pics

I don't think pics loaded the first time. Here's another try....
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