31 Y.o. 5'2" 105 Lbs. 32 A Cup to 545cc Natrelle Inspira SRX (Extra High) Silicone Under Muscle Revision (No Kids) - Dallas, TX

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Hello all. Ive had implants in the past the max...

Hello all. Ive had implants in the past the max cc's were 325cc going from 32 A cup at age 18. There was some wierd muscle control remaining and the implants had a very wide base and it didnt look very good on me. I had them removed at age 23 and redone at age 25 with less cc's thinkjng it would fix the wide placement problem. It did a little but the doctor failed to revise the muscular issue by making sure muscle was detached in the correct areas. So i still had unusual control on the implant when ever flexing my pectoralis. That and my own breast tissue would also pull away from the inplant whenever i would flex making it obvious that my own breast tissue was a tiny bitnof fat sitting on this large implant. I had them removed again 2 years later at 27.
I am finally having it redone a THIRD time after deliverating over it for the last 4 years. I will be using Dr. Laurence Weider in the Dallas area. I am looking forward to my surgery in just 3 days.
I am going very very large for my body and frame size. My skin remained stretched and even though they tightened up a bit and even fluffed a bit my boobs remained very saggy for A cup boobs. It is the worst of both worlds. Small AND saggy.

Day One Pictures

These pictures were taken yesterday a few hours after surgery. No idea yet whats going on under the bra hut i have my post-op appt. At 1030 this AM where ill try and get pics with the bra off. I am supposedly going to be a 32DDD

Day 2 (36 hours post surgery)

I am thrilled to report the look of my new boobies! The dent at the bottombof my aeriola has been pushed out nicely by the implant and when i tested the bound up muscle by flexing for the doctor today it did not seem like my little boob was trying to pull away from the implant as he successfully released the muscle that was causing this issue. I will get pictures of me trying this after about a week as im scared to ruin something during the initial healing stages.
They seem large but i guess i feek like they are a little smaller than what id hoped theyd be. BUT i say this knowing they havent dropped yet whereby they could takebon a whole new look. I originally wanted ti fk to a 32F or 32G but my skin wouldnt allow for that much stretch even with my little boobs still having so much slack from my old implants.

NOW DONT GET ME WRONG; i absolutely can be perfectly satisfied with what i have now and AM excited to watch them take shape. Ill keep posting pics and all the nuances i come across. I know theres a bajillion reviews on B.A. on here but i remember how much i wanted to find reviewsbof people with my same stats for a better idea sk maybe my review will help a few folks of my similar build and background.

Okay... now pics...

Day 4 (96 hours post op) - Fever after missed Hydrocodone Dose!

Ive been really good about staggering my valium and and pain killer but sometimes so well in fact that i forget the hydrocodone entirely. Ice forgotten it twice now and both times ive paid in kind with a fever anywhere from 99° to 102° fahrenheit. Its coming back down now thatvive taken the pill. Also, i remember from a previous B.A. my doc issuing me an elastic band with velcro on one end (like a wide belt) and instructing me to wear it when i sleep to keep the implant in place from travelling upward in ots pocket while i slept (which sleeping upright also helps with). I bought a strap myself today at walmart and have (relatively) loosely affixedbit where id had the other accross my chest and ubder my arms. I have also placed a small rolled sock between the breasts to put light pressure between them to discourage any tenting from the velcro strap. I am pointing to the sock in onebof the pictures. I think ill give this a try for the night and see how it fares. Ill also call my PS in the AM and see what he thinks. Ill correct mg myriad typos when im not si incredibly doped up O.O

One Week Post-Op (7 Days)

So everything looks to be healing as it should but due to the continuing fevers my anesthediologist and i agreed that perhaps another round of antibiotics is in order to make sure my lungs are recovering well. That and a spirometer for me to work on expanding my lungs. In other news, there is still a shadow on my left breast to what seems like a muscle that might still be tethered where it ought not be. However if this is the last holdover from the other musculature problems that I was having I am still a happy camper. And I am still sort of hoping that it might resolve when the implants drop. I can't stress enough how well my plastic surgeon did at untethering all of the other bound up muscles left over by the other previous breast augmentation jobs. For those wondering I have tested to see if the muscle scrunching still happens as it did both with and without implants in the past and it no longer does. I will add pictures of this soon. What do you all out there think so far?

Feeling very "blah" on the antibiotics and getting wierd dreams?

The title pretty much says it all. Here are some pics i took last night.

Two Weeks Post-Op!!

They are slowly but surely finding thier precarious home in my body. I demanded a lot of my small frame but everything is going very well and as planned. It was a very good idea i think for that regimen of antibiotixs they put me on. It could have turned out to be nothing but with so many risks o was glad to head anything off with the antibiotics. I atill have that tethered muscle look in the one spotbon my left but hopefully with time it will give out a little of notbi can live with it for a while then maybe have my doctor go back in and snip it. He already made superior strides with all the other muscle contraction issues. I still havent shown pictures of this improvement but perhaps at 3 weeks i will feel more comfortable flexong enough to take multiple pics for my review. I have done it a little teensy bit here in there enough to know that the problem has indeed been fixed. Sorry all for my typos, i type very quickly and i turned auto correct off and dont always have time to proofread. BUT, that said, its 2WKPO picture time!

3WKPO (21 Days Post-Op)!!!

Thats thethered muscle on lefty is finally relenting and i couldnt be more thrilled.

Also, my 2wk (or 1 month depending on how you look at it) is tomorrow and ill likey be getting my stitches out. Yay!

Though to be honest they havent been a bother and id rather have them in a week too long than a week too short with these ginormo's lol.

Will post pics after i get the stiches out tomorrow.

Would love some outside input from you guys!

31 Y.o. 5'2" 105 Lbs. 32 A Cup to 545cc Natrelle Inspira SRX (Extra High) Silicone Under Muscle Revision (No Kids)

Very kind and insightful well-practiced doctor and surgeon. Was able to do a phenominal job with me and i had lots of muscle deformities from previous surgeries. I also wanted to go HUGE and he was able to give me the biggest size possible while also staying within safe limits of my bodies frame and my skins integrity.

I could not have asked for better results!!! Everyday they get a little better as i am almost 1 month out. 

1 Month Post-Op!

And they're looking good/great I think!!
The tethered muscle is nigh gone. I will take pics flexing tomorrow to show how much it's improved over my very first pics.
Enjoy these 1MPO pics!

Showing a bit of flexion as with my very first post

Still a slight bit of puckering but they're still healing and if this is the worst of it I'm OKAY with it!!

I have had two previous breast augmentations that...

I have had two previous breast augmentations that i consider botched jobs. Dr. Weider was able to substantially correct the issues and notbonly that gave me a great looking pair of breasts!

I have also done a full review of my before and after experience please look at my other reviews to find a more detailed account of my healing process and to see Dr. Wieder's work progress during the healing stages.

8 WKPO Tomorrow

Hi all (if anyone reads this thing lol)

Tomorrow will be 8 weeks post op and they seem to be dropping and 'fluffing' nicely. Still not sure what end result will look like but i can tell they arent quite there yet.
Good ol lefty is still behind righty but long as they get to the same destination eventually right? =)
Wouldblove to know what you all out there think.

And now: pictures.

11 WKPO Yesterday =)

Not sure anyones really reading this hut just in case figuredbi'd update it. Yesterday was 11 weeks and im a week away from 12 weeks so it seemed like annokay time for an update. Ill do another at 3 months.
They are looking okay but they are still a little stiff so ive begun massaging them. In the past my implants never got soft and i dont want that to happen with these. My peck muscles are very well developed whichbis probably why i have both the stiffness and the muscle deformity. Either way they are still a lot nicer than when i had no implants PLUS the deformity.
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Very kind and insightful well-practiced doctor and surgeon. Was able to do a phenominal job with me and i had lots of muscle deformities from previous surgeries. I also wanted to go HUGE and he was able to give me the biggest size possible while also staying within safenlimits of my bodies frame and my skins integrity. Excellent experience all around. I hoghly recommend this doctor and his office.

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