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Well here we are. I've always been pretty muscular...

Well here we are. I've always been pretty muscular and had zero boobs (minus breastfeeding). I have more muscle in my chest than boob. My pre op appointment is October 17, and surgery is scheduled for November 4. So a little over a month away! I'm about 5'5" and 145lbs looking to go full C, currently 34 A. Right now I'm planning on 380cc with textured silicone.

1 Day post off

Yesterday was the big day! I arrived at 11am, they took me back, I got changed and met with a few of my nurses. Dr. Burns came in, drew all the marks on my chest. Then my anesthesiologist came in and talked me me about everything too. She started my IV and then I went back to th OR. Last thing I remember was th Masi the put on my face. Then I woke up in the recovery room with a nurse and my husband came in shortly after. There was no pain when I woke up, just a lot of tightness and I was sleepy. We left shortly after that. Got home, had lunch. Because you're. It allows to eat a good while before hand and I took a nap. When I woke up, alll the meds they had given when had worn off and I couldn't even sit up out of bed by myself, haha. My husband can to help roll m ( not very fun, it kinda hurt,). I then took one pain pill and on muscle relaxer and we just hung out for The rest of the night. I took on everything antibiotic last night right before I laid down again. I've have one muscle relaxer and 2 pain pills this morning. My chest is so tight and it's challenging to get up and move from place to place. Sleeping wasn't too good either but I expected this the first few days. I can definitely see a major change so fair in my boobies but I haven't taken the bra off yet.

4 days post op

I'm feeling pretty normal. I would describe my chest as more tight than anything. My right side more sore than the left , but I think they are both healing pretty well.


6 days post op

I don't think I ever mentioned my stats. I'm 5'5" about 145lb I had 420cc silicone under the muscle on Nov 4. My chest is still tight, but everyday is better and better. Only time I feeel "pain" is when I wake up in the morning, once I get moving everything loosens up and I'm fine. They are still pretty high and hard, but they are definitely improving. I'm very happy with what they are turning into.
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