24yrs Old, 5'2 115lbs - 304cc Silicone Implants with 24hr Recovery. Dallas, TX

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I've known since I was around 16 years old that...

I've known since I was around 16 years old that one day I'd get a breast augmentation. I've worn a 32A bra ever since I've "needed" one and I've always been self conscious about my chest. To me I've always figured that I can change almost anything about my body either in the gym or with makeup.... except my sad little boobies. As we all know here, getting just about any plastic surgery is expensive and requires you to take time off work - I'm a bartender/makeup artist/student so I really can't afford to take time off without pay - so it's taken me quite a while to finally go through with even having a consultation! I recently turned 24 and got engaged to the most amazing supportive man I've ever known and he's the one that asked me if I hadn't gone trying on bridal gowns because I was self conscious about the size of my breasts. And well.... he was 100% right. He helped me scour this website and various others looking for doctors in our area and came with me to my consultation with my 1st choice - Dr Khan. We read reviews, looked at her work, and after speaking with her I knew she was the one!

We got to play with the silicone and saline implants and I knew immediately I was going to get silicone. They just felt so much softer and looked so much better even sitting on the table saline just wasn't an option. She took my measurements and talked to me about what look I'm going for (natural looking D, but I'd be happy with a full C) she told me my options were 286cc or 304cc silicone implants and showed me samples of both. Honestly to me they looked identical but I decided to go with the 304cc just in case the boob-greed sets in I'll know I got that extra tablespoon LOL! She specializes in the 24hr recovery breast augmentation which she explained that she uses cauterization to prevent bruising and doesn't cause any unnecessary trauma to the area also minimizing swelling and pain in general. I was told I could go home after my surgery and take a 2 hr nap, get up and take a shower and meet my friends at the mall! I haven't seen many reviews on this method but the ones I have seen have been very good and there was no added risk involved so I'm gonna do it =) I won't be returning to work the next day like they said I could, I'm taking off 3 extra days just in case. I'm doing the inframammary incision with the implant placed under the muscle.

I don't have any photos at the moment but I'll try to take a few before shots tomorrow. I'm super excited and can't believe this is all happening so soon! Only 10 more days til boobies!

Before pics!

Here's some pics of where I am now, I was measured two days ago at VS and I am a 32A for sure. I can't wait to post some after pics in this same bikini! Only 10 days to go!!

Got my lab work in today... feeling discouraged by my family doc

So lemme start this off by giving you a little background - I called my primary care physician (family doc/PCP) on my insurance 2 weeks ago to schedule an appointment to get my blood work done before surgery hoping some of them might be covered by insurance. I have no problem paying for them out of pocket if I need to but if I can get them for free or at least partially free why not right? Well today was the only day that my PCP had available between June 11-24 and I have to have my labs done no sooner than 2 weeks before my surgery date, it's now exactly 7 days pre-op.

Well first my doctor tells me I shouldn't feel like I need a breast augmentation and he tells me I look great the way I am (am I the only one that thinks this is totally inappropriate of him??) and then tells me my labs may not be done in time so I should be prepared to re-schedule my surgery.... uhh I've already paid for this in full, I'm not about to have to pay more to reschedule! He also asked me why I hadn't come in sooner when I had the earliest available appointment he had! He questioned my choice in plastic surgeon and kept asking me if I had done all of my research and if I had already had a consultation... I have a surgery date! Of course I've had a freakin' consultation! He then tried to tell me he might be able to find a way to get my insurance to pay for part of my breast augmentation if I go with another surgeon via his recommendation. I've never heard of health insurance covering any elective surgery, especially not a boob job! I love the surgeon I've chosen. I've been researching breast augmentations since I was 16. I've literally wanted this for 8 years and now that I'm only a week away I have to hear this BS?? He ended up putting a rush on my labs after I looked like I was either going to cry or rip his throat out but there's a chance I won't have them all done in time for my surgery date.

I'm so annoyed and discouraged right now I could cry. I've already taken the time off of work to have my surgery and recovery time, I honestly can't afford to reschedule at this point (if I've been reading my paperwork correctly my surgeon has a strict cancellation policy since she only does surgeries on Thursdays and Fridays and uses a hospitals operating center). I know I need to find a new PCP after this, I just don't know what to do about my blood work at this point. It doesn't help that I have raging PMS right now and I already want to cry for absolutely no reason anyway, but this has really crushed my mood today. I thought being stabbed with a needle was going to be the worst part of my day, now I'm so stressed out I don't even think I can eat right now.

Lab work came in! Only one more sleep til boobies! + Wish pics!

Thankfully my lab work came in just in time and my surgery is going to be able to go as planned tomorrow! I still don't know quite what time I'll be going in since they're supposed to call me this evening to give me all the final details and answer anymore questions I might have but I'm really hoping it's early in the AM! I'm supposed to shower with Hibiclens tonight and tomorrow AM and then shower again after I get home and take a 2hr nap with Dial antibacterial soap. I'm hoping I'll feel as well as my Dr has been saying I should cause I have to go to the mall by Friday with my fiance to finalize his wedding band order. My fiance bought one of those dorm-room pillows (with the sloped back and arm rests) for me to sleep in so I can't roll over and potentially damage my goodies lol! I thought that was really sweet of him =) I also picked up my prescriptions yesterday, one antibiotic, a sleep aid, and giant 800mg ibuprofen tablets - happy about that cause I really don't like taking hardcore pain medications!

My Dr told me she'd prefer for me not to wear a bra at all for the first 6 weeks, no surgical bra or sports bra or anything with an underwire, which seems a little out of the ordinary based off of what I've seen on here. Have any of you ladies who have had a BA been told the same thing? Also for those of you that were in the same boat, what did you wear under your clothes for "coverage"? My work uniform includes a thin very fitted top so I'd like to find something that will give me some coverage while still following my Dr's orders...

Also included some wish pics =) They're all of Melanie Iglesias cause I love her proportions! I love that she can play them up or down and they're not so big she looks top heavy but they're "just right" lol

Nurse just called with my arrival time!

I'll be getting my twins tomorrow at 7:50am! only 15hours away!!

little over 24hrs since my surgery

I am SO glad I chose to do the 24hr recovery! I was a little skeptical at first but here I am, about 27hrs after my surgery, and I'm feeling great! Walked around the mall for a few hours yesterday afternoon after I took my 2hr nap and shower and I've been doing my stretches (raising my arms up from my sides til they're touching above my head) every half hour to ease the tight feeling. I just drove myself to my follow up appointment which was a little interesting at first (I drive a heavy muscle car so it was a little uncomfortable turning at first but it got better the farther I went) but they changed my tapes on my incisions and said everything is looking great. I haven't been in much pain, at the worst it was maybe a 4 or 5 out of 10. It's more of a tight feeling and muscle soreness, like I did a million push ups and pull ups. I have very minimal bruising but I am very swollen and bloated (gained about 8 pounds since yesterday am!). I've attached a few pics from today and yesterday, I'm very happy with the way they've turned out so far! I definitely don't feel 100% yet but I am comfortable doing simple errands like laundry, cooking, and doing the dishes already.

Returned to work last night!

So last night was my first shift back at work (serving/bartending) and it wasn't too bad! For the most part my coworkers were very helpful (most of them knew) so that made coming back a lot easier. I did lose track of time and took my ibuprofen an hour and a half later than I should have and things did start to get pretty uncomfortable especially close to my incisions. I bumped into a table at one point (my depth perception is totally off I swear) and that did *not* feel good. Overall I think it was a successful day back and I'm hoping the rest of my work week just continues to get smoother.

I'm going to try to update every Thursday/Friday with pictures so we can all see my progress on a weekly basis, I can't wait for them to drop and fluff! Speaking of dropping and fluffing, what have you ladies experienced with gain/loss in cup size? I read a review last night where she gained 3 cup sizes after dropping and fluffing (I think she said it was 9 months post op)! I'd personally love to stay close to the size I am now but an extra cup could never hurt right? haha!

Sorry for the lack of updates!

I've been super busy with work and trying to get back to my normal routine I haven't been keeping up with my posts. I've been taking pictures every week in the same top to monitor my changes but hadn't really seen a difference until I put them side by side! Holy crap have they changed or what?!? I'm really happy with my results so far, especially the size. I was getting a little worried that the implant I chose was going to be too small but it's EXACTLY what I wanted...small enough to hide if necessary but big enough to make my body look proportionate in a bikini or naked (or in a sexy dress you know haha!)

I bought my first real sports bra today since I can resume light cardio and I'm dying to get back to the gym. I wasn't a huge gym rat before my surgery but the lowered activity has me feeling a little fluffier in places I'd rather not be lol

Anyways a little advice to my ladies planning on getting a BA in the future...know what YOU want going into it, just because your friends "would go bigger" doesn't mean you have to. This is YOUR body, no one elses. Girl friends keep telling me that mine aren't as big as they expected or aren't what they would have done but that's just it...They're not me. Be honest with yourself and your surgeon and I'm sure you'll love your results!

Got sized yesterday!

So after 6 weeks of waiting I finally got sized at Victoria's Secret yesterday and...

*wait for it*

*drumroll please!*

I'm measuring in at a 32DDD! Holy cow! Definitely a lot bigger than I expected but I love them! I tried on a few bras and the 32DDD is definitely a perfect fit in the Body by Victoria bras (I bought one for a comfy every day bra) but a 32DD worked in some other styles as well (Very Sexy & Pink) so I bought a black lacy Date Night Racerback bra from the Pink line in a 32DD. It's so weird to finally be able to wear styles that I've never filled out before! I'm so used to the add-2-cup-sizes push up bras it's crazy being able to wear an unlined, unpadded bra and feel confident. I still have more dropping and fluffing to do but I'm beyond happy with my results already =)

So it's been almost a year!

and I'm seriously sooo happy! I feel like they worked out to be the perfect size for me, not too big, not too small, even though I do measure in at a 32DDD (some brands a DD fits better but we all know how crazy bra sizing can be). I love that I can wear a bra and make them look absolutely insane, or go braless under a revealing top and still have a nice shape and cleavage goin on.

My scars are also getting lighter over time and are barely noticeable anymore which I'm super excited about too

Implant details:

Just so all of my implant specs are under the same post and not all over the place, I got:

Natrelle Style 15
- Sillicone
- 304cc
- Smooth
- Round
- Moderate Plus profile

Dr Khan was absolutely amazing! Her 24hr recovery breast augmentation really works! She was very informative and helped me choose a size that would enhance my figure without looking fake. The whole process was very easy and comfortable, from the moment I walked in to my consultation all the way through my surgery date and follow up. Dr Khan and her staff were very helpful and informative and I couldn't be happier with my decision!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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