22 Years Old, 5'1, 105 Lbs- 339 cc Mod+ Unders!! - Dallas, TX

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Hello all!! So, like many of you, until now I have...

Hello all!! So, like many of you, until now I have been a lurker of RealSelf LOL. I found this website and I have to admit that I have been stalking it religiously every since. Some background on me, I am 22 years old and a full time college student. I am very petite- I have always had trouble gaining weight and never weighed over 100 lbs until the past year when I discovered weight training!! I am now a fitness junkie and live for the gym. Anyways, about my BOOBS, or lack there of....I have been a 32 A since the 8th grade. Literally nothing ever came in. I have dreamed of getting a breast aug since I was about 14, and after such a long time saving I am soooo happy that my dream is finally coming true!! I have my first consultation this Monday 10/19 and am beyond excited!!! Not sure how many of you will see this but I would love ANY advise you have to offer! Super happy to be apart of this community :)

Consultation went amazing!!!

So I had my first consultation on Monday and was really nervous/ excited as to what size the Dr. would recommend for my small frame. We started by simply talking through my expectations and what size I would want in a perfect world (Full C, small D). Dr. Khan practices the 24 hour recovery in which she uses the implant that will optimally fill my existing breast pocket, avoiding understaffing or overstuffing. She also uses cauterization to stop bleeds along the way which minimizes trauma to the area, allowing for a faster recovery. She took 5 measurements which ended allowing me to go with the Natrelle 339 cc smooth mod + implant!! I was ecstatic. She was also surprised that this size would fit since I'm starting at a 32 a, but apparently my breast width allowed for it! She showed me many before and after pics and after leaving my consult I knew 100% she was the surgeon for me. I called and officially scheduled my augmentation for December 18!!! I don't know how I'll possibly wait so long but I'm hoping it will fly! I will attach some before photos to give an idea of my starting point. Also hoping to make some sizers to play around with!

Some before photos

On the other side!

So I am officially 1 day post op and feeling awesome. I had the 24 hour recover with Dr. Khan and I was out running errands just 6 hours post op yesterday. Dr. Khan recommended that I get back to my normal activities asap and I have had zero pain, only minor discomfort around my ribs. I am only taking 800 mg ibuprofen which has worked wonders for the tightness. I am so so pleased with my results already and I know they will only get better!! Will attach pics from yesterday and today.

4 days post op

Just a quick update and some pics! Still feeling awesome, it's crazy I keep forgetting I had surgery on Friday! Still super happy with the girls :) just hoping they don't get any smaller!!
Dr. Farah Khan

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