Tired of Being Flat and Flabby ! - Dallas, TX

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Hi Dolls ! I'm 22yrs old and am doing pretty well...

Hi Dolls ! I'm 22yrs old and am doing pretty well for the most part. I have a degree, career, supportive family and friends, great boyfriend, best little dog in the world and a bomb ass personality....HOWEVER I have always had insecurities about my figure. When I was younger I was fat as I got older that fat distributed to better places like my breast and thighs (no complaints there) but I've always been top heavy with these man shoulders and rather flat backside. Most days I can ignore it but other days I can't. My self esteem has been low for way to long. I've always been willing to work for the things in life I wanted to obtain I've even tried to work for this ! Two years ago I lost 30lbs I've gained them all back now but I still was unhappy, I still had no shape. So how I see it you have to build it, buy it, or be born with it ! Building it didn't work and I dam sure wasn't born with it. I'm very excited about this surgery. It's an obsession at this point. I know I'm driving my boyfriend insane. He won't even look at images with me anymore without being annoyed :-(. I'm currently looking for an affordable surgeon in Florida. I currently live in Texas and it's about 10,000 dollars here. I'm not really trying to spend that much. My goal is to spend between 5 and 6 thousand or LESS ! Any recommendations? No one who works for Vanity cosmetics Love there work but they seem unorganized and unprofessional and I don't need anything going wrong since I'm traveling so far and will have to take off from work !

I think I want to be a LLorente doll !

I've been looking up doctors and surgery centers all over but I don't want to travel out of country ! Some how I came across Dr.Llorente ! I believe he used to work at Spectrum. He is now with New life plastic surgery. He has some pretty good reviews but I wasn't seeing any of his work. When his assistant contacted me she sent me a link to his instagram and there were round booties everywhere ! They offer a really great affordable package and financing and a small deposit ! So I'm just super excited at this point. I'm looking to schedule and make my deposit next month ! I'll be uploading pictures soon.

I'm still in the process of choosing a surgeon

Right now I'm in a process of choosing between Dr.Llorente and another doctor in Florida named Dr.Mcadoo. First i wanted nothing to do with him but I found out that he is no longer associated with Vanity cosmetics. I'm still leaning ore to words Dr.llorente because there package seems to come with more and their recovery house is cheaper.
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