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Well, I have 8 days before my surgery, and yes im...

Well, I have 8 days before my surgery, and yes im very nervous, anxious and excited. I've been praying alot, that everything will go well with no complications during or after surgery and that I get the desired results.
I my buttocks has such a wierd shape and Its not womanly so im getting it redone

Started my "make me Heal vitamins and extra vitamin K and C

First of all I've been reading the all the blogs and so far Im the oldest one to have bbI done!! (over 50) ever since I gave birth it seems my butt never was the same. I am too embarrased to show photos however, once the procedure is done, I am going to post before and after photos.
I guess you cant prepare enough..I made a list of what I may need, but since im local I wont need to pack alot. I thank God for my husband and the support from family and friends. Its kind of funny though, I called an old friend and I told her what I was having done and she laughed and said you are finally going to get your "dents" fixed!! I forgot I ever mentioned it to her or complained about it to her, but I've been talking about it for years and years, but back in the day, there was really nothing you could do about it except for implants and I knew I didnt want that!!
I am healthy, I am not on any medication, except hormones, Dr. said that is ok, so I am on my way for this transformation...
I need women who are encouraging and positive and knows the Lord to hang with me through this journey!!
Im about 5'5 166 lbs, always get mistaken for being younger than my age, nice looking and I take care of myself. I have danced for years, ballet, jazz, modern, hip hop and now I am a Zumba Instructor. Well Im not looking for a Jlo or nikki M, or this gigantic butt, but.....I do want some junk in the trunk ( to make up for all those past years just being flat, and I call it disfigured!!) My Dr. and I went over all my wish pictures and so we can be on one accord. This is a one time shot for me, I do not want to plan on doing this again, so I will post a few wish photos....until my next updated, are there any older ladies in the house??? ok nevermind....are there any believers in the house???? holla at me!!

Count down......3 days...OMG

Hello Ladies,
Well Friday is almost here, and Im starting to feel the anxiety!! My job has received the paper work of my absence, and I am collecting all of my supplies ie.. perscriptions, bed sheet protectors, a funnel ( instead of sitting down, I can stand, or go in a disposable cup).. I decided to make myself some homemade chicken soup..yum yum, taking my 'make me heal' vitamins faithfully. I Taught my Zumba class last night, and will teach again on Thursday.. Did any one of you do your BBL with a local anesthesia? Well I was reading the Q and A about it and a few doctors felt like you would not get the desired results you want, because they do not harvest enough fat under a local..however on the other hand its safer etc.....I kinda wish I would have went with a Dr. that does the General but i didnt. So my strategy is to tell him to go ahead and inject me with as much harvested fat that he can...Initially my concern was I dont want it too big, but since I've been reading pros and cons and that particular statement, im going to tell him to go for it..I rather have too much than not enough...Please tell me what some of your thoughts are about that..Holla at you tomorrow..Blessings!!!

All is well, its over!!

Hello Ladies,
I did it! its done!! i am post 1 day...Let me share I was so nervous while riding to his office. Since he does it under a local, it was done in his office. I called myself tiring myself out the night before, i did 2 Zumba classes, cleaned my house, and stayed up and made some homemade chicken noodle soup... My Husband, My Mom, My Sister and my Best friend went with me. When I arrived i had to pee, then after they called me to the back they needed a urine sample,,,im like...omg i just peed!! so we had to wait about 20 min longer so i can go again, and before they can give me the drugs to relax me. i took the drugs i really didnt feel anything until i actually got on the medical bed then i just closed my eyes. They started giving me the numbing medicine and began the procedure.. i was definetly awake during the whole thing. It Felt weird and in some instances it hurt like a stabbing feeling but when i let the Dr. know he gave me more numbing (local) and continued. I ended up getting 420cc each cheek....So far i love my buttocks it looks more full and round and im just hoping it wont go down too much!!!! Ive been writing this now for 3 days so yes, im post 3days now. I feel great and im going to post my before and 1 day post op picture...once again im so glad its over and i think if i would have given it more thought i may have went with a general anesthesia instead of a local. Anyway, my Dr. was great as well as the staff. i have my first appointment on Wednesday.
Oh, my prescription 800 mg of ibuprofen is great for daytime pain and the hydrocodone bed time. The pain itself is subsiding daily so eventually i wont need any pain medicine. I take my arnica pills every morning, my antibiotic pill 2xs day, and my make me heal vitamins throughout the day. Continue to pray and thankful for family and friends support.
I got a little mixed up on the garments and extra foam etc... but i got it straight. so check out the photos so far.....give me a min to download...

One Day after Surgery

I will post final pictures in the latter part of October....after my 12 weeks...

After Pictures on Monday!!!

Hello everyone, I will post my after pictures next week!!! Anyone having sx soon? update us and keep us posted!!!

Round 2 with Dr Fisher, Miami....2/2016

Hello RS
I am definitely going for round 2 for my BBL experience..... I'm praying, literally, in Jesus name, that I get the rules I want...the first time left my butt uneven, my right cheek is smaller than my left, I got I boil on each cheek, one piped on its own and the other I had to get lanced!!!! I believe it was from hormone pellets I had about 3 months after sx and that's when it occurred....
Well now I'm ready!!! I'm not looking for a miracle, I know I ne ed a tummy tuck, but since I keloid, I'm afraid of an ugly scar. So, I'm settling for aggressive lipo and making my butt even, rounder and fat transferred to my hip area to give me some curves....I understand I will most likely have loose skin but I think I can live with that (until they come out with something that can guarantee no scarring for a tummy tuck....) I will be in Miami for 10 days starting out in a hotel and ending up in our time share (a nice condo). My husband will be with me and also my sister and Mom...Please pray for me for to remain healthy before during and after this procedure as I am an older woman (56 yrs) and seeking to look and feel better about myself. Thank you all, I was too embarrassed to post photos last time but I promise I will this time....
Be Blessed!!!!
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