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Hello ladies I've been following RS for about a...

Hello ladies I've been following RS for about a month now and love it . I am a 27 yr old wife n mother of 3. I decided I want to get a brazillian butt lift. Even before kids I never had a big butt or was curvy. I've always had a bite size booty n big boobs. No hips at all.

After I had my daughter I lost the little butt that I did have and gained weight in my stomach n thighs. I've always been confident in my appearance as far as my face. I've always felt pretty on top but never from the boobs down. I have a AWESOME husband who loves and supports me n whatever I choose to do in life. I just recently decided it's time to do something for me.

I'm in the military so wearing this uniform covers all my imperfections but on the weekend is when I begin to have the self body image issues that I don't see through the week bc I'm so covered up. I'm still in the process of searching for a Dr. to do the surgery.

My husband loves me just the way I am n tells me I'm beautiful n sexy but I don't feel that way. I'm ready to not only look sexy but feel sexy. I've always wanted an hr glass shape so if I got to pay to get it than ol well . I'm doing this for me n my hubby benefits to lol.

Dr Cortes or Salama

Hey ladies in a dilemma . Having to decide between Dr Cortes n Salama. They both do bomb work n know exactly how to shape the female body . Dr Cortes is only 4hrs away vs Salama who is 16. Idk what's a girl to do?

Dr Cortes

So it's done I'm going with Cortes . Super nervous yet super excited can't wait booked for March 24,2014

What do I need now

So I've booked my surgery . Yay ... Now what do I need now to prep for pre n post op? Any recommendations are greatly appreciated?

3 months

Hey ladies I'm on here more than anything it's crazy bc I'm not a social media buff. I've been following theses stories n they r great. I booked n paid my deposit to Dr.Cortes last week . Yay super excited . I'm looking forward to having a nice donk . I don't want anything tooooo big , but I want a nice naturally big looking butt. What will I need to get b4 my surgery to make recovery more comfortable? Thanx

Bbl 3 months

So I went to my work Christmas party w/ my girdle n padded panties on to make my butt look better n the pants I had on. The whole time I'm thinking 3 more months . Then no more girdles n padded panties I'll be flat stomach and bootylicious . Lol

3months pre-op

Hey ladies. I'm up thinking about my bbl . Went to my work Christmas party with a cute outfit . My only downfall was having to wear that corset and padded panties to make my waist look smaller n butt look bigger . Omg I'll be so happy when I have my BBL n I'll have a nice hr glass figure . 3months I still haven't bought anything . I need to get to it . Once Christmas is over I'll start shopping for my post op supplies. Every time I see the results n read the testimonies from other Cortes dolls I know I'm making the right choice . Well gn yall

Time to start post-op shopping

Well ladies now that Christmas is over I can start shopping for my post op supplies . Reading others reviews have helped with what I need . Have an in house consult with cortes this month can't wait to hear what he has to say he can do to turn this from a flat booty to a nice donk lol

wish pics

These ladies have the bodies I want. I definitely don't want a butt too huge but I want something that looks natural n big. I KNOW Dr Cortes will give me the body I want. Nice size hips n a nice round Apple bottom. March 24 can't get here fast enough.

Gained 7lbs

Hey dolls so I've been gaining weight since Dr.Cortes asked me to gain 5-10lbs a month ago. Definitely didn't expect to gain weight this fast wow do I feel huge. I know it's for the best but I definitely gotta slow down bc my bbl isn't till March.

Consult coming soon ....

Hey ladies . My consult is this sat yay!! Excited to see Dr Cortes n hear what results he can give me. Been gaining weight 7lbs exactly I sure see n feel it. Can't wait to have my bbl 2 months. I want this not for my hubby or anybody else but me . I've always felt pretty but never sexy . Hubby tells me I'm sexy all the time but I want to feel that way. Lookin forward to this transformation

Consult tomorrow

Hey ladies my consult is tomorrow . I have my date booked but I wanted to meet the dr myself b4 pre-op to answer questions n stuff. I'm just personable like that . Extra excited ill drive the 4hrs to put my mind at ease lol...

Cortes consult

Hey dolls had my consult today . Everybody is so nice . Dr Cortes is awesome he answered all my questions (I had a lot ). He took his time n explained everything to me . I showed him my wish pic n he told me I won't be able to get the projection I wanted bc of my skin being tight. I run a lot (dangot) . But he did tell me I would have a noticeable difference . He could def give me the curves I want. I'm happy with that I wanted a natural looking projection anyways. I appreciate his honesty n that he didn't tell me he could give me a look just to get my money . I've comfortable with this procedure now n can't want . The ladies in his office are so nice . I met Mariel she is nice. Lucy is a sweetheart as well . If you are trying to get in contact with someone from their office be patient they are soooo busy. Now that I've been able to meet Dr.C I feel much better about this procedure. March 24 hurry up!!! Lol

Having second thoughts (Need advice)!!!!!!!

Hey dolls, I'm in need of some encouragement. I am having second thoughts about a BBL. I read through the disclaimer and was like OMG these risks are real. I'm in debate if the surgery is worth the risks. I really want this b/c I want my body to be nice and curvy but I'm also thinking about just getting a Tummy tuck ( but I still wouldn't be as satisfied ) Help yall. Those that have had the surgery pls let me know what you think.

5.5 weeks

So I have 5.5 Weeks till I get my BBL w/ Cortes. I am sooo excited y'all. It's been a while since I've felt sexy . I've always been pretty but since I had kids definitely didn't feel sexy. I was nervous and having second thoughts now I'm excited. Y'all know how I feel. Every winter I say I'm going to loose weight n get it tight so that I can look great during the summer. It never happens. But ooooooo not this summer ima be on point this summer. Ladies I have realized their is nothing wrong being a Sexy mom.. as long as you carry yourself appropriately. I will start buying my post op items next week. I need to get maxi dresses, female urinal, benadryl, ambi, medical toilet.....

Big booty girl jeans

Well dolls need advice. What type of jeans work best for ladies with big booties? Never had this prob b4 but I need to shop for my post op body.

My fat spillith over

Ladies I am so tired of carrying all this extra weight . When I first started out I was 170lbs I am not 181lbs . Dr Cortes said I need to gain 7lbs. I'm so uncomfortable in my own skin . I haven't weighed this much since I was pregnant 2yrs ago. My pants are too tight n my shirts are too snug u can see my fat rolls . I got a muffin top fa real . I used to run 2miles with ease now I struggle to run 1/2 mile . I know this is for a good purpose but March 24 can't get here soon enough . Ahhhhhhhhh

32 days

Hey dolls , so I have 32days left yay! I still ain't bought nothing lol. I'm a procrastinator lol.. I'm really excited. Has anyone bought a post op healing supplements pack? I found one online that has all the vitamins n herbs to speed up recovery. My pre op apt is in 2weeks I'm excited about that as well. I'm going to let Dr Cortes that I want a big butt n hips but I want it to look natural . That is soo important to me. I know he can make that happen. Our sister mzphatbooty has her surgery tomorrow keep her in your prayers. It's so important that we support each other bc there is so much ridicule from ppl that don't understand n look at plastic surgery as being fake. I feel like this. " if you can't grow it ,buy it". There is to many options for us to complain about the way we look. If you have been blessed with the ability to do so then fix it .

28 days

I have been so focused on school n work n the fAm that time has been flying by . I still need to buy things . I guess I'll wait till the week b4 . I'm very excited dr Cortes has a pretty good base to start with so I know I should see my desired results. I don't really have wish pics anymore bc everyone is different. I don't want to wish my body looks like someone else n it doesn't happen . I just want nice natural looking butt n hips . Dr Cortes knows how to sculpt the body he will do great . Ppl can be so neg . They think 9k is to much to pay for surgery. The crazy part is we will spend 30k on a vehicle that's either going to break down or get traded in but won't invest money in ourselves, that's forever. How we short change ourselves.

Paid in full ready to go

Hey ladies, I had my pre-op yesterday it went well. The staff at Dr Cortes office was great as usual. The nurse and I went thru all the paper work and dr cortes came in and talked me thru what was going to happen. We talked about the areas he was going to lipo and told me all about the lumps, dents and burns that are possibilities. He said over time the lumps,dents and other things will go away and if i happen to get burned he can easily treat that. He is very honest. After that, I went to the hospital for my pre-op. The staff is nice. More paperwork , she drew my blood and asked a few more questions about my health and family history. Since i was there i was able to scout out a few hotels for the stay the night b4 my surgery. Americas best value inn is the closets its on FM1960 West . my urinal and toilet seat rails came in im sure those will def come in handy. I guess ill go this weekend and get a few maxi's, sweat pants and scrubs those are super comfortable. Im having surgery the week of spring break that makes things a little easier. Now the next week will be the challenge, having to stand up during class. Im sure ill get a few looks but ol'well i have to protect the $9503 investment lol!! Thank you ladies who have gone thru this for your posts i know that there re other things you could be doing with your time. Us dolls coming up need to hear and see the behind the seens that doesn't get talked about. I will try my best once i have my surgery to keep updating. My day is coming 18 days n counting oh my. Im ready, im prayed up ,i have a great support system and ready to leave flat booty land. Ill post more pre-op pics later. Thank yall so much for being great support when the rest of the world just wants to judge.

Lawn chair as a seat

Have any of you ladies used a lawn chair n cut the butt out to be able to sit down? Will that damage the hips though? Just a thought . I need ideas pls don't wanna stand all the time or always lay face down. Thanx

10 days n cant wait...

Since I've started the road to big booty world back in Dec I've gained 17lbs .although I have enjoyed eating all I can it's no fun anymore. I'm looking forward to eating healthy and working out again. Oh how I miss working out. My surgery is in 10 days even though I'm a bit scared n nervous all I can do is pray and have faith that everything will come out well. I'm not doing this for my hubby (even though he gets great benefit from it lol) or for the double looks. I'm doing this for me , I want to feel as beautiful on the outside as I am inside. As women we sacrifice so much for our families to ensure they feel loved and all there needs are met but we tend to forget about ourselves. After this BBL I plan to do a little more for myself like keep my hair n nails done.I got comfortable once I got married n had kids (like some women do) and forgot to look out for me. Once I'm all healed in want to get a pole for my bedroom n spice things up a bit. I won't have the body image issues anymore bc I'll feel sexy and comfortable in my own skin. This surgery will be a huge blessing and I'm so thankful that I found this site so that I can connect with other women who understand how I feel who have been down the road of cosmetic surgery and can assist along the way. The support that we give each other is priceless.

6 days left!!!

I've got six days till I have my bbl. I've bought everything and am ready to go. I'm not scared just anxious to see my results. I have watched Dr. Cortes videos and followed the journeys of ladies who have had sx with him. I feel prepared and have a good grasp of what to expect. I know Dr. Cortes will do a great job. I've been looking at dresses and outfits that I normally wouldn't wear b/c of my stomach fat or it just doesn't look good w/o a butt. Super excited once im healed to go shopping for summer clothes. Ill finally have my beach body.

last weekend with my mommy body

I'm so excited. This is my last weekend with my mommy body. Come Monday I will have the sexy curves and a$$ I've always wanted. I have gained plenty of weight 18lbs to be exact . I know totally understand the importance of healthy eating and excercise. Your body has a natural weight limit and once you have exceeded that weight limit everyday tasks and activities become more of a challenge. I know appreciate healthy eAting bc our bodies need the nutrients and exercise to keep our systems properly functioning. After my BBL I plan to eat right and exercise at least every other day. I never want to be this size again. I'm ready for a new me. A young n sexy yet classy mommy.

bbl tomorrow

Hey ladies arrived in Houston earlier n checked into the hotel . I'm at America's best value inn it's directly across from the hospital. It's ok there is a comfort inn down the street check it out. I have to be at the hospital at 5am for sx at 7 . I will definitely keep you posted once I'm done and up and about to tell you how it goes. Goodnight ladies. After today ill be sexy again yay. Ill post pics tomorrow

1 day post op

Well ladies I'm officially a Cortes doll yay!!! I'm on my phone typing this so I prob won't be as detailed as my next post that will be on my laptop. This is def a journey . I remember kissing my hubby then I remember waking up in my room that's it. Nothing in between . I have been in pain but the nurses have been great with my pain management . I wake up every 2.5 to stretch n reposition .laying on your tummy gets so old. I haven't seen myself outside the garmet yet . I know I'll like it though. He told me I couldn't get a huge butt when he wAs marking me up bc I have very tight skin. We shall see I can tell my muffin top is gone. I'll keep you posted n post pics. If you have any questions pls feel free to ask .

2 days post op

Today is better than yesterday I'm still swollen and waddle when I walk but other than that things are great. I'm tired of laying on my stomach. Does anyone know when the waddling stops? From what I can see I have no burns and very little bruising thank God. I will be happy to see my results. Dr Cortes put 1000cc each cheek n 350cc per hip , That shocked me because I have tight skin n wasn't expecting him to be able to do that much. I've been taking my meds around the clock n wake up at least every 4hrs a night to get up n walk. It's so important to keep you from being stiff. Got a follow up sat. If all goes well hecan take out the drain in put me into a nice one piece . I took my shower last night it felt great. My sis helped me out but I also didn't feel faint either. The Luke warm water felt great . Well I'll post pics later I'm hungry..... Garment makes my butt and hips look way smaller than it really Is

4 days post op

hey ladies this sx has def been life altering. I had my emotional breakdown earlier. Ive realized the only way to stay focused is to focus on the end results. I am tired of being wrapped like a pig n a blanket. im getting more n more irritated by the day with sleeping in one position. I now appreciate sitting on my butt. tomorrow I get my one piece on and hopefully once im able to see some results im sure ill be better. O by the way doing #2 SUCKS.

sister feedback

Hey ladies I need help to make sure I'm not tripping. After you had your sx where u emotional? Cried about little things. Did u feel like u really didn't wanna be bothered? Did u feel kinda like ur there but your not? Was ur appetite off? We're u tired a lot? I'm just trying to make sure everything I'm feeling is normal right now. I feel not me at all. Had my lymphatic massage wasn't bad at all. Did u lay on ur stomach or back? I had to lay on my back the 60 min session I was concerned about my butt but it was good to lay on my back lol.

Post op photos

All these are with no garmet I'm still very swollen but I know once it all goes down I will love my final results .

Need advice

How long after your bbl did it take y'all to feel normal again? I have my days when I feel tipsy , like I'm here but not here is this normal? When does it go away?

where should i buy fajas?

Hello ladies today has been such a great day. Im finally feeling like myself again. I was able to move around and do things that I normally would. I took a good look at myself today and most of my swelling is gone minus some in my legs. My booty sittin rights and hips look great. I look very natural and that's what I wanted. I hope I stay just like this. I put on my work out pants and a shirt and had a nice hourglass figure. I'll be 2 weeks post op Monday Im looking forward to being able to sit on the yoga mats. I'm so thankful my bruising Is almost gone. I will need a tummy tuck which I expected bc I had loose skin b4 this surgery. By the way Cortes did an AMAZING job on sucking all the fat he could out of my tummy . It aint been this small in 8yrs .IM so pleased with my results. I have never been this happy with my body. $9503 WELL SPENT .!!!!!!!!!! Now I need to buy another faja any suggested sites? My hubby cant keep his hands off my booty (lol) he cant wait to take it for a ride.. lol.. Well I plan to try on clothes tonight that I haven't worn in yrs ill post pics.

3 weeks post

Hey ladies I'm 3wks post n loving my body. My thighs are still swollen but for the most that's all I'm waiting to heal. I'm loving my curves . I have a nice natural big booty in nice hips n my waist is small. This is the body I've always wanted. I feel silly for having second thoughts in the beginning bc I'm so pleased with the way I look now. Later on ill get a tummy tuck but for now I'll just enjoy what I have.


Loving my new body

Hello ladies . I'm 6 weeks post op n let me tell u this is the happiest I have ever been with my body ! I look great n I feel sexy . I went for my check up today n everything is fine. Dr Cortes gave me shots for the inflammation in my thighs n hard spots on my tummy . I got a quote for a TT n fat transfer to my left hip. I fell down the stairs a few weeks ago n lost a lot of fat to my hip. You can't tell unless your looking hard but I notice it that one hip is bigger than the other. I have a heart butt I wanted a lil more projection but hey it's not his fault he gave me as much fat as he could . I had tight skin n from jump he told me I wasn't gonna get a Kim K. butt. I will start working out n doing squats to help with the projection might do the bbl video n see what happens . Overall I'm sooooo happy . I miss sitting n laying on my back. 2 weeks can't wait. This cushion thing he has us sit on is super hard n I take it everywhere I go . It has been my BFF when I need to sit . Dr Cortes is such a awesome dr he truly cares about his patience n loves what he does. O n he gives a nice discount for his repeat patience. This is by far the best decision I have made to make myself feel confident n sexy. I now have a mommy side n a wife side my hubby hadn't seen in a while . I'm so happy I made the decision to get a bbl . Once I get my TT it will be complete .

BBL Round 2

Hello ladies,

It has been a while since i have been posted to the site. I had my BBL with Dr Cortes 2 yrs ago and i must say i am not totally happy with my results. Plus side: My butt and hips are still bigger than they were before my BBL. Down side: My right hip is larger than my left which i noticed after surgery and its definitely noticeable since i seem to have lost fat in my left hip. Also, my right cheek is bigger than my left. I have also gained weight in my stomach and thighs which is my fault. I am by no means going to bash Dr. Cortes he is a great surgeon, his bed side manner was great and he was totally honest with me upfront about how much fat he would be able to inject into my butt. There are things that i did wrong like gain weight, fell down some stairs 2 weeks after surgery and that flattened some parts of my butt cheeks. I guess im overall not happy with the projection of my butt. When you pay thousands of dollars for a butt you expect a head turner bottom. I got that in the beginning but over time as swelling went down and fat reabsorbed its not as big as i wanted it to be. So now i want to go for Round 2. I'm in the air about which Dr. apart of me wants to go back to Cortes but he is more expensive than say Hasan or Fisher. I trust Cortes b/c he has done my procedure before but at the same time don't have the funds nor don't want to have the same Asymmetric hip outcome. What do y'all think? Anyone done a round 2 that can advise? Thanks
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Dr Cortes took his time and explained everything to me . He is very nice and honest . The staff is great as well . I trust he will do his best to revive my sexy .

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