Hello my BBL Ladies - Dallas, TX

I am new to this :) I've been researching BBL for...

I am new to this :) I've been researching BBL for at least 3 years Ive never been so ready. I still some questions in mind. I am 24 about 180 5'3 a little over weight I know I went to a consult here in Dallas Tx the guy (not the dr) told me to get to my desired weight they will take any extra fat and I will look a lot better which made sense at the the time but I feel like if I loose weight I won't get a really nice plumpy booty that I want. So what do to?? I've also gotten quotes for 10,000 here and in Austin TX I consulted with Tijuana Mexico Dr Manuel Gutierrez who quoted me about 4,000 which sounds a lot better to me but is it worth going to Mexico or just go somewhere in the US. Going back n forth with this for a while. Help plz!

Quick update

So I'm finally ready to take the next step for my Bbl ... I Just sent off my pics to dr Cortes in Houston I feel he's the right choice for me and better that I am only 4hrs away. Once I get my quote I will find the funds one way or another ... This is my current body. So upsetting I can't really stare too long. :(

One wish Pic

This is the only wish pic I have .. Mainly because I don't want anything too exaggerated I want it to be proportioned to my body .....and well .... Anything else is better what I got going on now ...
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