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I am new to this :) I've been researching BBL for...

I am new to this :) I've been researching BBL for at least 3 years Ive never been so ready. I still some questions in mind. I am 24 about 180 5'3 a little over weight I know I went to a consult here in Dallas Tx the guy (not the dr) told me to get to my desired weight they will take any extra fat and I will look a lot better which made sense at the the time but I feel like if I loose weight I won't get a really nice plumpy booty that I want. So what do to?? I've also gotten quotes for 10,000 here and in Austin TX I consulted with Tijuana Mexico Dr Manuel Gutierrez who quoted me about 4,000 which sounds a lot better to me but is it worth going to Mexico or just go somewhere in the US. Going back n forth with this for a while. Help plz!

Quick update

So I'm finally ready to take the next step for my Bbl ... I Just sent off my pics to dr Cortes in Houston I feel he's the right choice for me and better that I am only 4hrs away. Once I get my quote I will find the funds one way or another ... This is my current body. So upsetting I can't really stare too long. :(

One wish Pic

This is the only wish pic I have .. Mainly because I don't want anything too exaggerated I want it to be proportioned to my body .....and well .... Anything else is better what I got going on now ...

Finally put my deposit

Hey. Guys been a while since I've been on here so I finally found the dr that will be doing my BBL Dr fisher in Miami tuned out to be the best choice I. Have already put down my deposit and scheduled my surgery for Sept 20th .. They did tell me to loose some weight which I'm trying to work on its just harder than i thought ...lm really excited and nervous it's actually happening a lot of my family and friends aren't too happy about it but they can't understand what it's like to live like this ...no matter how cute i can dress up its never enough .... 26 years old and I still don't feel pretty .... My husband tells me im perfect in his eyes I just don't see what he sees .. Anyway sorry had to vent ..more updates closer to the date... Yay! It's really happening. :o

Quick update y'all .... Slowly but surely I'm...

Quick update y'all .... Slowly but surely I'm trying to get things In order for my surgery for September...there is still time but I cannot procrastinate. 1st thing I need to loose 30lbs ???? which is hard for me but , in this case it's not an option ...The more I think about it the more I want it ...

I'm so excited and nervous to get my surgery......

I'm so excited and nervous to get my surgery... I've decided to go with Dr Jonathan Fisher I've seen his work and it's amazing ! I'm in awe ! I live in Texas and I'll be traveling there any info as far as where to stay will be helpful I'm figuring it out as I go but time is ticking ... ???? either way I can't wait !

It's almost time

Hi guys I haven't on here lately but my surgery has been booked my home for the next week thru airbnb I'm really excited and really nervous my mom and best friend are coming with me... It seems so surreal I can't believe it's happening.... But the time is here .. More than anything I can't wait to see the results.. I was told I had to be within my BMI and I'm there!!! I did it without any supplements just eating right and exercising...just 1 more week. I'm counting the days ????

2 weeks Later

Hi guys It's been a while that I posted anything I did get my surgery done Sept 20,2016 the first week as recovery was probably the worst thing I'd had ever gone thru , mind you it was my first surgery ever so I took it pretty hard . I'm 2 weeks out and definitely recovering by day I'm obsessed with my results ! I am still healing patiently waiting for time to fly by so I can not wear this garment .. I'm excited to start dressing up ! And show my apple butt ! Ppl are work call me big booty Judy lmao!!

Still recovering but looking good

So I'm about 3 weeks out I'm still swollen from my abs I guess from the lipo my butt is getting softer and it doesn't hurt as much if I sit .. wearing the garment still sucks but I'm use to it now ..
Miami Plastic Surgeon

So far Ana has been helpful she has sent me any info I've needed .. And she is also very easy to communicate.. I can email call or text and I get a response right away. I love that !

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