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Has anyone had a bbl with Dr J? I am curious about...

Has anyone had a bbl with Dr J? I am curious about how good he is. I have seen several posts and know that he is good but most of the posts are in regards to tummy tuck or mommy makeover. I am set to go in on 16th june but I have not paid yet. I am extremely nervous. Scared of the pain and post op recovery process. I have tried to talk myself out of it several times but when I look at myself in the mirror I just dont see how I can continue with my figure less body. My body shape is more like a cylinder. No shape to it at all. All round. Just about same size for boobs, waist and hips. Thats horrible. Anyway, any comments on Dr J's work on bbl?

BBL 06/16/2014. Day 5/6 post op

Well ladies, a few of you have inquired about my Sx and how it went. Sorry for the late response. I was completely out of it for the first 2-3 days. Luckily my sis was there to help me out. I practically do not remember what happened on day one. According to my sis, its as if day one never existed.
Anyway, I am slowly recovering from the procedure. Still in pain so I do take my extra strength tylenol every 6hrs to keep the pain away. My body is still swollen. Day of surgery I weighed in at 171lbs and 2 days later I was 182lbs. I don't have any drains so you can see that my body kept all the fluids. Called the docs office and they said to not worry that the body will remove the fluids with time. I just needed to get more rest and eat light foods. Day 3 my weight had gone down to 179lbs, day 4 was down to 175lbs. So i can tell that my swelling is going down slowly by slowly. Its a long process but I guess you have to be patient.
Anyone had issues with bowel movement? Dang, I have had some crazy bowel movements from day 4. I practically had BM every 6hrs like clock work. I started thinking my body is playing tricks on me. Took my first shower with my first bm and have been taking showers with each bm. It is a lot of work but it leaves me feeling fresh and clean and healthier.
Not sure how much ccs were taken out of my body but Dr J had assured me a little over 5000cc. The fat was being taken out of my big big belly, back, flanks. He also told me I would have extra skin from the lipo since I had extra belly fat with skin hanging already. Thanks to my 2 kids and unhealthy eating. Extra skin sounds gross but for now all I care about is to have a little hips and butt and look good in clothes I wear. With time, I might be able to invest on a tummy tuck to finish up my look.
Am still having a hard time with not being able to sit or lay on my butt but I know if I hold off as long as I can i will achieve the results I was looking for. Right now I feel like my butt does not look good yet, hope it will change with time. Still as hard as a rock. I have a few pics but not sure if it shows exactly what my shape is like right now. All in all I cannot complain. I had a bad figure to begin with and I feel like this is a big step in the right direction. I have already tried on most of my clothes and they fit real good. I can see a little curves and thats a huge plus for me. I would encourage light walking. I have not been doing that so my body feels weak and my legs are weak as well. I have a goal to start going out today for short walks just to strengthen up my leg muscles again.
I am very grateful for all the ladies on real self for sharing their experiences. I love the fact that everyone feels comfortable to share no matter what your body size or shape is. Its very very encouraging. I hope this will help someone else make a decision that could potentially change their life. Feel free to ask me questions whenever you want to. Either here or in private. I look forward to hearing more from all you ladies out there as well. I will keep posting daily going forward to let you know how my day was. Thank you all.
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