Approaching 30, No Kids, Completed my Transformation- 8/31/16 Dallas, TX (POST-OP)

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Hello ladies and gents. I don't really know where...

Hello ladies and gents. I don't really know where to begin, but I like most of us I have been stalking this site for a few years, and I have finally made the decision to work towards making it to the "flat" side. I recently completed a mental health program and I have made a commitment to better focus on my needs and engage in more self-care. With that being said I have scheduled a consultation with UT Southwestern Plastic Surgery Clinic scheduled for July 22nd. I am uber excited and anxious. Over the last few years I have had my weight fluctuate 15-20 lbs. as I was recently diagnosed with adult asthma and had chronic sinus infections where taking the steroids have really fought against any substantial weight loss. Aside from that genetics have played a major role in me wanting this surgery. I am both Latina (mom) and African American (dad). Thankfully I inherited my mother’s hips, but got the stomach from hell from my dad. I have always been approached and asked am I pregnant, no matter how much I work out or how little or often I eat, it just won’t go away naturally. I am 5’2 and about 179 on a good day. I wear it well as I have a little butt at the bottom, but I am flat as a board on the top, not only lacking projection, but also lacking about 2 inches of “crack” lol… With thirty quickly approaching I pray that I can get this consultation knocked out and be on my way to the body of my dreams. My husband is very supportive and almost every night or at least one time in the day I show him a motivational body. I’m also thinking about getting a breast augmentation or fat transfer. I have not really seen significant results with fat transfer to the breast on too many people, so I’m not sure. My husband also is afraid of my nipples being tainted after the augment because right now he loves them…lol. We will see. I will keep you guys posted on my progress in the meantime. Ciao…

11 days until consult...

Hey Realself peeps,
I'm here today to update you guys on my progression on my transformation. I have been feeling under the weather these last few days, so I'm working on getting better. Also been spending more time with my little sis/cuz and enjoying the company. We decided that we want her to be apart of my journey so she can know what it takes so she will be accompany me and hubby on the 22nd. Almost every night hubby and I have been finding wish pics and videos. This experience is really bringing us together. I was able to get a few things that were on clearance from both Nordstrom and Burlington Coat Factory. I know right...2 different spectrums. I love challenging myself to find great items for under 10 dollars and I did just that. I scooped up a bomber and 2 midi pencil skirts from Nordstrom for less than 30 dollars. I also found a midi salmon pink body con at BCF for 3.99. I spent less than 20 dollars on 4 dresses. Yep... patience is virtue. I can't wait until my total body transformation. It's going to be so great. Everyone seems to be on board and God is continuing His divine favor in our lives. I'm all typed out. Hope you enjoy my wish pic...Be inspired and inspiring.

UT Southwestern Plastic Surgery Clinic Consultation

Hey RealSelf peeps. I finally had my consultation yesterday. YAY! So my appointment was at 1pm. I made it there roughly 15 minutes early. As soon as I arrived I was greeted by 3 nurses, probably coming back from lunch. I greeted the receptionist at the desk and she gave me 3 forms to fill out. I paid my consultation fee and was directed to the waiting area. I was called back by Nurse Penny after no more than five minutes. She was so sweet and nice and she joked around with my sissy who tagged along with me for this appointment. She had a medical assistant that was shadowing her and she basically was there to watch the whole process. She asked me about my meds, medical history, and surgical history, and then offered us something to drink while we waited for the doctor. I don't know who I was expecting, but I was amazed when I saw him. He actually resembles a young Barack Obama. I have been watching Atlanta Plastics so I hear what people say about the advantages of having a physician of color, so boy did I feel very at eased. I smiled the whole entire time because I felt so comfortable and proud I might say. He asked me what I was there for, and I let him know that basically I had fat that needed to be relocated. He asked me about my medical history as well and explained to me the steps in the surgery. He then left the room so I could disrobed and entered back in with Nurse Allison. He laid me back and examined my fascia, to check for separation, which was very minimal since I have not had any babies, and then he had me stand in front of the mirror. As we stood in front of the mirror, he told me to tell him what I felt needed changing, which he agreed with my thoughts, and also added on to them. He also talked about the possibility of a mini tummy tuck, but advised to hold off on until I had some kiddos. So we talked about his recommendations including the areas where he would perform liposuction. He asked me how opposed to thigh touching my thighs am I, and I let him know that he could give me a Beyoncé thigh gap if he wanted to. Lol…So after he left he went to discuss with the surgery coordinator the process and the clinical photographer came in and took me to the studio. There I took several (before) pictures from all angles. I then got dressed and spoke to Mercedes (Gloria) the surgery coordinator. She was very nice and explained the total cost of the procedure including an overnight stay at the facility. I signed 2 more forms, and was told to keep in touch with Dr. Malafa via e-mail to inform him of any changes to my schedule, questions, or to send wish pics. He will be finding staff and then finding dates and will email me the options. So now, I’m waiting to hear back from him for possible schedule dates. I have been getting my supplies added to my cart on my shopping sites, and emailed him some wish pics. Hubby is excited and keeps telling me how sexy I am now and how great my results will be. Great experience and great staff so far...

Here's footage of my visit and consult...

I had to type something here
The Clinic
I had to type something here
Hope you enjoy. Some of the videos wouldn't post but they will be on my YouTube page. Type in dcs0088 or Alopecia Diva.

My Pre-Op Appointment Scheduled (Quick Post)

Hello Realself Peeps!!!
I have my Pre-Op appointment scheduled for August 11, which is next week guys!!! This is basically the sign off on the surgery and a move closer towards my surgery date. My hope is that it's scheduled before my birthday, but if not I can be patient. I ordered most of my things for pre and post-op. I have just a few more things to get. I'm sure I'll be updating after my appointment, so Ciao guys! Until next time, be both inspired and inspiring.

I finally have a potential date!!! 8/31!!!! VETS PLEASE CHIME IN IF I MISSING ANYTHING!!!

I am so excited you guys!!! I got an e-mail from my MD yesterday and he gave me a proposed surgery date. He is so sweet!!! He remembered I was trying to do dirty 30 big and he got me a date where I would be 3 weeks out for my b-day... I look forward to solidifying everything Thursday with the attending AP for Pre-op and then I will be good to go. I also ordered most of my things from Amazon so I only have a few more items to go and I'll be all set. Thankfully I will spend my first night in the hospital and the rest of my recovery at home. I have mad respect for those ladies who travel. I have the following items so far:
Raw Shea Butter Balm
Vitamin E Oil
Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula w/ Vitamin E Skin Therapy Oil
Arnica Montana 30X (Bruises & Muscle Soreness) Hylands 250 Tabs
Fajate Women's Post Surgery Postpartum Colombian Body Shaper Capri Mocha (Large)
MYD 0104 Tabla Abdominal Liposuction Board Liposuction Compression Garments Beige Lumbar Molder BBL Post-Surgical & Back liposuction Board - Moldeador Lumbar

I know I still need underpads and compression socks, but I will ask the surgeon if they will provide any of these items. I will also be researching today the best option for my post-op seating option. I saw the lawn chair and I also saw the floats. Please chime in, if there is anything I am missing or you would suggest I get. Ciao guys!!! Until next time, be both inspired and inspiring.

Supervising Surgeon Consult Complete, Surgery Date Confirmed and Paid in Full

Hi Guys... I know I've been a little MIA. I was trying to post at least once a week, but now I am a little bit behind. I was super stressed out because we have water damage in our house, and it's been over a month since we filed the claim with our insurance company, and nothing has happened. We have mold growing in both hall closets right underneath our attic as well as our entire master closet is destoyed. Not trying to sound like a whine, because the people in Louisiana our catching it way worst. I've been trying to stay both positive and healthy, and be aware of my body. I've started continually taking my meds/vitamins, I was experiencing some vertigo though. I've made an appointment with my eye physician to see if there is anything going on. My appointment went well with the supervising physician Dr. Amirla. He stressed that Dr. Malafa would be performing the surgery 100%, that he is a student and working towards board certification, but he also assured that they do not allow the residents to operate, until they feel they are skilled enough to do so. He was very thorough in his exam, answering all my questions. I asked him about Bromelain and Arnica supplements and he suggested that I don't take them. He said that he usually suggest them to people who are having small procedures done, such as botox, but on a more involved surgery like liposuction, you want to prevent blood clots, and those supplements work to stop bruising. Also he said that there is a movement towards giving people blood thinners, due to blood clots and other associated risks. I have been on here for a while so that was something to hear. I already have my supplements so I might keep them on hand just in case or maybe return them. We will see. Dr. Malafa has returned from his vacation and responded to my e-mail. He assured me that I would be given everything necessary for my recovery at home, and I didn't need to purchase anything 'special'. I will be getting lymphatic massage therapy on the 25th and then again on the 30th. If anyone needs a lymphatic massage therapist, I have found a very experienced and reasonably priced therapist. Just let me know if you want to know more. Ok, I'm done...Ciao guys!!! Until next time, be both inspired and inspiring.

RealSelf Deleted my review update...

I had my review deleted... Not very happy about it.

My Notification

Today is the day...

Getting ready to go under peeps... Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I will post as soon as I can.

I made it guys

Someone should tell us you need to build your upper body strength. I promise it has been tiresome these last few days. Trying to find out a comfortable position, getting hubby used to actually care taking. He has been very supportive and tired. My mommy came over tonight, and helped a little around the house. I have been experiencing numbness in my arms and fingers, which is annoying as I type, but I'll get over it. I have pre and post-op suppine pics from the surgeon. They do it no justice honestly. Ask me any questions...

Offended or naw...

4 daYS pos op with garment on.
I've been doing a lot of thinking over the last few days, and I was wondering how you ladies (gents) feel about someone asking about the procedure or if your butt is real... I honestly don't think it's a big deal. I have posted pictures and videos with my real face, no water marks or emojis blocking my identity. This whole process is a spiritual journey and a purging experience for me. It is what it is, I invested in myself, and did something for me for the first time in my life, not stopping because of how it would affect other people. Hopefully you guys are encouraged and empowered during this journey, it has been both emotional and satisfying, I do not regret it one bit... With that said enjoy my 4 days post op pic and video.

5 days post op

I'm loving my results so far. They seem very natural but enhanced. I'm not sure if I said what I had done, but I had lipo of back, abdomen, inner thigh, and flanks, and fat transfer to the buttock... I'm still happly, because my body is still Hella swole and I know I will be bombshell status once it comes to a minimum. My first post op appt is this Thursday and I can't wait. Update you guys then... Ciao

12 Days Post op

Beyond Blessed- MUST READ

I am very blessed you guys. I never really talked about operating day and how recovery has been. I think your diet and pre-op lymphatic massages are so important. I did not suffer from the constipation that others suffered with. I had a great meal plan including stool softening foods. I literally had a BM two days after surgery without Milk of Magnesium, or stool softeners. I was off of my pain meds by the third day. I had one episode during day 8 where I had to take a diazepam, but other than that smooth sailing. My husband has been a gem, and he is so anxious to "test out" the new Watch your diet and walk often... Good luck on your journeys RealSelf-Peeps!!!

Officially 2 weeks (still swole)

Officially 2 weeks post op
I'm showing all the fluid I still have and swelling in my abdomen and back. I've been using a pastry roller to help smooth areas out. I have my 2nd post op today so we will see when I will get the ok to continue my lymphatic massages and begin working out. I'm uber excited to continue to see my body transform. Enjoy...

3 weeks

I finally gave hubby a trial AMAZEBALLS....I am getting ready to shop for my 30th birthday party, which so happen to be a pajama jam...


3 weeks post op
Video update
Dr. Menyoli Malafa

I couldn't have been more satisfied with the entire process. My acceptance into the UT Southwestern plastic surgery clinic was a speedy process, and my doctor was able to schedule my surgery in less than 4 weeks. His bedside manner is unmatched and skills definitely compare to the heavy hitters. His office will be in California eventually, but I'm glad I caught him on his way in Dallas. He is definitely a part of my family.

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