50 and Fabulous , Well Not Yet...need a New Booty! - Dallas, TX

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Been haunting this place for a while now. I think...

Been haunting this place for a while now. I think I have read every BBL post on here gathering info . A little about me, my big birthday is getting very close the big 50 and wanting to get this done soon. I have had a tt and Breast augmentation about five years ago and love it, so not on my first rodeo to the plastic surgery game. I have two consultation for this one on the 15 feb and one on the 22 feb and I'm hoping to get it done on the 17 March as I have that filling week already scheduled off from work. My first consult is with dr. Thornton in Mansfield tx. This is where I live and I have consulted with him before and like him so we will see. Second is dr J. Which is on here, I like his work and the reviews on here are good.

First consult

Went to my first consult and really liked it! Dr. Thorton was great, was there about five minutes before going to a room. The dr. Came in and talked to me still with my clothes on, drew out just what the surgery was all about, mostly Lipo and sculpting the waist and hips and then adding to the butt. It was funny he asked what I thought my body type was now boxy, so he drew that and then drew a after.. He's doing this on the white paper on the bed haha. Showing where all the heavy Lipo would be He asked the basic questions on my health weight and then left the room for me to put on a gown. When he came back he looked at my belly and was very complimentary about my tt, said this is just what I like to see on the web and if your not on someone's website you should be! He said I have zero belly fat for him to use ( I have plenty on my lower back and flanks trust me) told me he would be taking my sides down, flanks, lower back, also my banana boats a little and my sides of my legs to smooth them out. He then would fill out the sides of my butt that dip in give them a better curve and more projection. He also said he could Lipo the bottom of my butt where it sags to lift it just a little...so it seems he has a plan. He did tell me that the intentions ( his nice word, cellulite my reality word) on my butt would not all go away, he could not fix that....the date I want is open need 1000 down just waiting to see if my sister can be with me

Paid my deposit!

I did it! Paid my deposit booked my date! I'm set!

Got my paper work for by bbl!

Received all my paperwork from the dr office on what to expect on the day of surgery. Going really fast! Got the paper work to get my lab work done I guess I'll get that done this week.
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