4'11, 130lbs - Ready to finally have a booty!! - Dallas, TX

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Well this is the first time I have ever written...

Well this is the first time I have ever written any kind of review, but I've been on RS for a few months now, and I can't even begin to tell you ladies how helpful it's been for me! I find myself not even turning on the teli when I get home and just reading reviews after reviews!
So a little bit about myself, I'm 36 yrs old, and I have 3 kids, 19, 13, and 7 (yes I started early ;]) anyways, now that I know I'm done having kids, I spent the last year working on myself. I was at the biggest I had ever been! Weighing 147! For someone being under 5ft, that's HUGE! Growing up I was never over 100lbs, even after my 1st child. So I needed a change, I changed up my diet, and I got my ish together! Went down to 113! You'd think I'd be ecstatic, and I was, until I realized how I looked in a new pair of jeans, and how I looked in leggings or yoga pants. And worse of all, how I looked in a swim suit bottom!! I never had a booty to begin with, but being this small, it was like I had a 9yr old boy's bottom! No matter how many squats I did, or lunges, for some reason I just couldn't build a butt! So I started researching and finally found out about this BBL Procedure, and ever since I've been obsessed with getting this done!
I'm in the Dallas area, and have looked at all the local doctors here to see who would be best to fit my needs, and I came across Dr. Obaid. I see a lot of dolls on here going to Miami or the DR, but I'd much rather recover in my own home, and with the demanding schedule of my kids, soccer, boxing, and college, it's just not feasible for me to do :( BUT I've already met with Dr. O twice and the experience I've had so far with his staff has been wonderful! So I feel extremely comfortable with choosing him as my doc! I'm not going for the Kim K booty (I think I'm too short to have a booty like that), I just want to finally have something back there, anything and I'll be happy!!! Obvi I want something above average ;]
Sooo, I'm excited to share my journey with all you lovely ladies!!
Here are some of my Before and Afters from my weight loss this past year.

Gaining Weight, not so fun!!

I just realized that I didn't mention how I've been trying to actually gain weight for this procedure. The pics I've posted so far is when I hit 113. Current weight I'm at 125 :/ I feel so big! for being under 5ft, 5lbs on a taller person is like 20lbs on me! So currently I don't fit in any of my jeans, so it's been leggins/yoga pants, or dresses.. Whaaa!! So I've been stuffing my face, but it seems like the more I stuff my face the more I use the "restroom" so it's going in and right back out!! But I heard that whatever weight I go in for sx, is the weight I'll need to maintain post op? Soooo should I actually go back down?
Here's a pic of by back view - before and now.

Current Pics - 125lbs

So I took some pics last night, this is my current weight/size - after a few feedback from some wonderful RS sis's, I'm planning to stay this size! I know I have plenty of fat to get out now!
I'm getting my tummy, entire back, and pubic area lipo'd. Has anyone else gotten that area lipo'd (above the hoohah)? I've always had a chunky one (sounds weird to say) and figured doc is already going to be in the area, so he's doing that for me too. Whats the recovery like? I know ppl go numb in lipo'd areas, so I'm just hoping that I don't lose complete feeling down there for months!! Don't think the hubs would like that :/

Final weight 131!!! Yowwza! 1 day and 1/2 away!!

Can't believe I'm only 1 day and a 1/2 away! Current weight is 131, I'm wondering how much of it is water weight. A little freaked out that I've gained almost 20lbs for this! Praying that once all this fat is moved around that I won't care what the scale says. I know I don't have many pics yet, but once I've finally done the procedure I'll def be sure that I do! There's not much to show for now, so don't mind me, just rambling until my booty day finally gets here!!!

Day of sx (a little late)

Where do I even begin?! First a huge shoutout to the ladies out there that are actually able to even write a review straight outta sx?! I have not even had enough energy to type!! I went in on wed 5:30am, they put an IV in me and once I went thru a full bag my doc came in and marked me up. I came in weighing 133!! I was freaked out because I gained a lot more than I expected, but doc was happy that I did! Saw the Anesthesia nurse around 6am, and next thing you know I woke up on my tummy dressed In a Full body faja, lipo boards in place and all!
I was totally out of it, but could hear my doc and hubs talking, he told him he was able to put 2000 cc's in each cheek/hips! I couldn't believe my ears!!! Did he actually put 2000 cc's in there?!!! Yes, yes he did!!! All this worrying about gaining weight was for nothing, it actually helped my doc conture me even better!
Ride home was a little blurry, however that evening, O.. M... G... It was no Bueno!!! I felt like I got hit by a truck! Come to find out my hubs didn't give me enough pain meds that night :/ He only gave me 1 Hyrdocodine for the entire night.
My doc called me personally to check on me and when I told him about my pain level, he told me I should have already taken my second dosage of 2 codines for the evening!!! Grrr!! So let's just say the hubs is all over it now.
Ok I'm getting tired. I'm going to do another update later until I can get caught up to real time.

Better Late then Never! 9 days post op!!!

Hey ladies! So I finally have enough energy and can focus enough write how my personal experience has been so far. I'm not gonna sugar coat it dolls, I'm so glad I read so many reviews on here because it really did mentally prepare me. So hopefully I can do the same for someone else! So here's my breakdown: 1-7 days post op Pain level 9-10, I've had 3 children and a BA! And I'd gladly go through either if the 2 again before doing this again lol!! My entire stomach felt all sorts of weird! It was numb in some places and not in others. And the places where I could feel were suuuuuper sensitive! It was hands down the weirdest feeling. I was so worried about my @ss hurting that I didn't even think about my tummy hurting! Again the doc gave me 2000 cc's in each cheek and hip!! He was able to pull out a total of 5liters however he literally couldn't fit any more fat inside me! The doc left 2 drains in me, 1 on each side of my pelvic area. Those suck!! It was impossible for me to lay on my tummy, and I'm a tummy sleeper! Luckily my doc said I could sleep on my side, so every night I'd wake up on the hour to go pee (not by choice, I just happen to wake up every hr), so I'd flip, I didn't want to take any chances of becoming lopsided by just sleeping in one side. Swelling/water retention was horrible!!! It looked like I had little Shrek fingers and toes! Been drinking hella fluids! Mostly G2 Gatorade. I was taking 2 hydrocodines every 4 hrs around the clock just so I could bare through it, the stiffness plus the drains, totally sucked and drained all my energy! At times it felt like parts of my stomach was on fire! I also felt the sensation of electrical shock waves going on! (I didn't go through any of this with my BA) Side note-went #2 at 5 days post op thanks to some Milk of Magnesia!! Overall 1st week was no Bueno! At this current state of mind, don't think I'd be able to do this again! 8-9 days post op Pain level 2-3 I'm finally sleeping throughout most the night, I'll flip every 3 hrs or so. And only get out bed to take my antibiotics and use the potty once. Still a lot of stiffness once I wake up or move from a really comfy position. Took out my 1st drain yesterday and then the 2nd one I got taken out today! Yay so I'm drain free!!! Can't wait to see how I'm able to sleep tonight! I'm able to touch on my belly without feeling weird! Still very numb in lots of places. Still swollen, but each day seems to keep getting better and better! Was able to walk around the house and clean and make kids dinner today! So right now I'm feeling great! I know this is really long, and I'm sure I missed some details! But totally open to questions! Attaching some pics!

11 days post op - Stiff Stiff STIFF!!

Ugh mornings are rough!!! It's like everytime I get super comfy and lay in a position for too long, the second I try to move my bod is stiff to where I don't want to move! Guess that will have to just go away over time.. However feeling really great about my results so far! At first my booty seemed really square and high, but doc and nurses assured me that it will start to drop and fluff out to be more round, and I can say that I can already see the diff! Pain level: 1-2 only when my body is stiff Using the restroom (#2) regularly now Massages: been giving them to myself twice a day Weight: day of sx 147, today 133 :) Spoke with Dr O last night found out that he took out a total of 5 liters of fat!!! And was able to put back in 4L (2000 cc's in each side) so if I do the math right that means he got rid of 5 extra lbs!! So after all the swelling goes down I should be at 128. Which is awesome since my goal weight after this sx is around 120-12! Anyways side note: Happy Momma's Day to all you Dolls out there! Xoxo

2 1/2 wks post op

Well the healing process is still pretty rough. I have good moments and I have bad. The worst of it is feeling stiff after laying down for too long especially in the mornings! That's when it's the worse! My bod is still very swollen, however I am at pre sx weight, I'm expecting to go down about another 5-7 lbs since doc discarded about 1 pint of fat. Just keeping up with making sure I stay hydrated and being patient. I know it takes time for everything to go back to norm. So far loving my results more and more each day!
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