Lipo with fat transfer to hips Bbl without booty

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I'm petite, small build, and naturally curvy 5"1...

I'm petite, small build, and naturally curvy 5"1 34-27-39 126lbs. I have very stubborn belly fat that diet and excercise doesn't melt off. I don't have "muffin top" but can still pinch a good amount on sides and above butt. I also have hip dents that I would like to be rounded out. But I'm happy with the size of my butt. Would love to see dr medienta? In Miami but don't want to travel to far. Anyone in Texas?? Dr.Cortes? I'm not impressed with anyone's work in Dallas.

Bbl in Texas?

Going to Miami

I'm so excited for a upcoming consult with Dr. Cortes but his reviews are really making me nervous. I love his before and afters but all the bad reviews kinda scared me away. So my heart is now set on traveling all the way to Miami to see Dr.Mendieta. I plan on calling tomorrow for a consult and book flights asap.

Wish pics

First consult with Cortes

I'm so excited and nervous!! I had my first consult with dr Cortes. I really want a full Bbl but told me I don't have enough fat. I have already gained over 7 pounds. And the way my body is I gain gain fat on my lower body anyways. So he suggested to have lipo on tummy, flanks, back and inner thighs and have fat transfer to my hips to round them out. The only thing that makes me nervous is that he did mention that my skin on stomach is a bit loose and could possibly have uneveness. Has anyone been told that before??? I never noticed it before but now I see it all the rest of my skin is firmer.

Lipo on inner thighs??

I never thought about getting lipo on thighs but Cortes did mention it would give me a better shape with hips and will also give more fat for transfer.. Has anyone had it done with him before?

Surgery date set

Nov 6 is my date!! I'm so excited!!!

Endermologie after lipo???

Has anyone had endermologie After lipo?? Or a lymphatic massage?? How soon after procedure??

One day post op

I had my surgery yesterday with Dr Cortez. I had lipo in upper lower abs, flanks,upper and lower back and inner thigh also Fat transfer to hips. I'm in my faja and also wearing compression socks. My body feels extremely sore I can't imagine getting all this done plus bbl. I haven't taken any pain medicine just Advil. I just feel beat up. I hope I recover fast I have to go back to work next week :/ . I've been eating pretty bland and drinking fluids. I also have padding under my faja on my hips and stomach I Look Huge!! I don't nbie how I'm gonna hide it next week at work!! How did you ladies deal with that??

Before pics

This was taken the day before surgery I'm 138lbs ( I gained a lot I'm usually around 120-128 lbs.) my measurements are 29 1/2 on waist 34 around my belly button and 41 1/2 around hips. As you can see in my pic my hips are shaped wrong one side dips in a lot. So my goal is to have a small upper body it'll make my booty look better and bigger and just round out my hips have a more even look to them. I told him I wanted a natural shape and nothing huge and exaggerated. I haven't taken my faja off I plan on showering tonight or tomorrow morning.

I hate this!!

I'm 4 days post op and this is the worst feeling ever!!! Im so tired I have zero energy .. Lightheaded and I feel like passing out. I can't stop crying I'm going crazy. I can't wait to start feeling better!! I highly recommend taking more time off. This is so hard on your body. I also didn't tell anyone other than my husband who's ar work.. And he has no idea what in going through . Ugh!!!

1 week post op

So much better!!! Thank God!!!! First day back at work felt fine even went shopping afterwards.. I can't wait to wear normal clothes again it's so hard to hide my hips I'm huge!!!! My hips look insane!! Can't wait for them to get smaller!! I have to pretty much were extra baggy clothes and buy size large pants that Barely fit. I hope I can still fit in all my old jeans size 26/27. I wanna be curvy and classy I don't wanna look like no #starlets lol. My tummy and waist and back are still swollen I plan on making a lymphatic massage appointment next week!! I also have my first post op visit with Cortez next Monday. Also my faja is really big on me I should've had a smaller one. My bruising is really bad it's worst on my left side of my body it's all the way down past my knees and yes it hurts to walk and my dumbass wore heels to work. So far hardest thing is getting In and out of my car. It's hard being patient. I'll update soon I'm just writing not sure if it even makes sense. ???? ohh yall see kims pics?

26 days post op

Everything is going great so far. I'm still swollen and bruised but it's improved so much in the last week. I still have a bit of pain in my inner thighs and stomach I wiyldnt say pain it's just uncomfortable like really sore feeling. My hips are ginormous lol I do have a ton of swelling and I'm sure im holding a ton of water weight too. I can't wait till I'm all healed up and these hips go down a bit. I love my shape!! Complete coke bottle shape that I love!! But hips are to big for me right now. My lower back is really hard and is still swollen. I did start lymphatic drainage massages and did notice a huge improvement in bruising and swelling. I do wear my compression garment all the time!! It's so important in healing. I ordered a custom fit one from Marena. The one dr Cortes gave me was cutting on my sides and didn't fit well but I had to wear it for a about a week and I had to wear lipo foam with it. So my new custom one is great cost me $147. But it's great if your proportions are diff like me I'm short and waist is small and hips are xl. None of my old bottoms fit had to buy all new clothes. I can't wait to wear cute clothes again!!

1 year later

So it's almost a year since my procedure and it's one of the worst things I've ever done. Not a day goes by that I regret this procedure. I'm so wide from my hips it's not what I had asked for. My lipo on my stomach is very botched I called to see if he would fix but would charge over $6000 to fix. And that's only to fix stomach.I'm now in search of a new dr for lipo revision on stomach and hips! Dr Cortes makes every patient of his look the same. His ideal look is chicken legs,wide ass hips,big butt and botched stomach! Don't go unless that's the look you're going for.

His ideal look is chicken legs,wide ass hips,big butt and botched stomach!

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