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Hello ladies and gentleman that someday may come...

Hello ladies and gentleman that someday may come across this review/journey. It's with much excitement and anticipation that I begin to write my thoughts on what's to come. Let me start by saying that this website has been such an inspiring tool for me to proceed with my review. It's truly hard to expose your innermost vulnerability with the world. I hope that my journey will help others decide on such a life changing experience. Let me rewind a bit so you can understand what brought me to this decision I'm about to take. Since having a child I struggled with weight and it made me so unhappy as I've tried so many diets and programs. You name it, I've tried it. From traditional to non-traditional which includes acupuncture. I was determined to conquer my goal of being healthy and skinner again. There is no way I would accept this body. So years passed with so much frustration, a divorce happened and I lost weight, only to make the decision of getting a device implanted called Essure. (Birth control that is being reviewed now by the FDA) I don't want to bore you with the details but this device just did not agree with my body. I gained weight, struggled with depression and so many issues. 2012 came around and the Essure device perforated my uterus. I had to have a partial hysterectomy. Lets just say I gained even more weight. I was not happy. I've gone through too much in life. I kept trying with personal trainers, the weight watchers of the world programs and anything as I was desperate. Nothing helped so i consulted with my physician and he suggested gastric sleeve. I was pre-diabetic so it was a must to lose at least 50 lbs. I know I had tried everything so I decided to go for it. 2014 came and I went ahead and did the procedure, that was a piece of cake compared to the all protein diet I had to endure the first few weeks. But something along the lines happened so not even 6 weeks post op GS, I had to go under the knife again. Yikes had my ovaries and cervix removed thanks to endometriosis. Still effects from the Essure device. Well no one expected that I would now be dropping weight like it was butter melting in a skillet. Lol So in 9 months I lost 105lbs and have maintained. Tragically for me I have excess skin and very deflated boobies. Lord if it's not one thing is the other. Although I'm extremely happy with my new smaller body, what's left behind makes me cringe. So now it's time to deal with the aftermath of being a MWL person. I'm determined to be what I've always envisioned for myself. I deserve to be happy and if I've failed in other areas hat will not be the case this time. I'm going to be courageous and post what I look like now and hoping come 2/2016 I can share the after look. Excited to announce that my consult with Bradley Hubbard, MD is scheduled 11/10/15. Crazy thing I was planning to fly out of the country for this to save money. Being a single mom doesn't allow you these types of expenses but I will work my arse to pay for this. Yes already looking for a part time lol You just do what you got to do to make your goals in life. Some people may not understand why I'm subjecting my body to more trauma but to me the way I look now is more traumatic. So please don't judge us that decide on this journey. Cheers to all the brave people that have done this. I will be joining you soon. Until then I will write periodically and continue to read obsessively your reviews.

Consult this afternoon

Gosh, I have to say I'm so full of mixed emotions today. I get to go see Dr. Hubbard... the anticipation is killing me that I can't focus at work. lol
I'm very excited to see what he has to say and meet his lovely staff that I've heard so much about.
I'm nervous at the same token just because I will have to bare my entire body and thoughts but I know it's a must.
Need to give a shout out to my RS sisters that are Dr. Hubbard's patients as well... Plano10 and Kristina77. Thank you for all the texts of positive affirmation.
I cannot emphasize how blessed I feel to have come across this website.
Promise to come back later and share my experience today with Dr. Hubbard. I hear nothing but the best and that to rest assure that he will treat me with utmost care. Gives me peace on such an emotional roller coaster.
Talk to you later ladies and gentlemen sharing your journey on here.

Finally Met Dr. Hubbard & Staff

Where shall I begin... walked into Dr. Hubbard and immediately was greeted by sweet Leslie. Filled out my paperwork and to my surprise, I ran into Martha another of Dr. Hubbard's patient. I was so nervous for nothing because Dr. Hubbard is so down to earth, ,professional, friendly, very knowledgeable and so is his staff. The entire consult was so informative and I walked out of there just extremely excited for what's to come. I truly recommend Dr. Hubbard based off my consultation and looking forward to my big day.

75 Days until Transformation Day

Oh I'm so excited that I just can't hide it (ok so I'm singing that as I type). It's official and I'm on the books. Glad the holidays will keep me busy and then January will be brutally busy at work with Tax time, so this time shall pass super quick.
So now I'm asking my fellow RS sisters to let me know what I need to prepare for the big day. What essentials do I need?
I'm having circumferential tummy tuck (lower body lift) and BA plus LP so shoot me some goodies that I may need.
Thank you in advance :)

16 Days till Big Day

I went for my pre-op yesterday and had a great talk and reassurance from Dr. Hubbard. He answered my questions with patience and once more put me at ease about all procedures I will be undergoing on 2/1/16. I really feel comfortable and I know he will do an amazing job.
Cannot wait to share post op journey with my realself family. Thank you all for your encouraging words and I have to say, Dr. Bradley Hubbard has some amazing patients.
If you're in doubt about choosing a doctor, I can tell you HE is the one you need to go and talk to.
Until then... wishing everyone a great month.
The rest of my posts will be after surgery.
2016 is about making one self beautiful inside and out.

3 Days to Surgery

I'm so pumped and excited to finally be able to lay down on the OR table and have Dr. Hubbard correct those little pesky issue's I've been dealing with. I know Dr. Hubbard will work his talented hands and do some magic. Hurry up Monday as I'm anxiously awaiting my future body.
This new body has been 2 years in the making... losing 110lbs and keeping it off. The time has arrived to finish this journey and continue the path to healthy. The horizon looks so bright ahead...

Protein for help during recovery.

What can I say.... Never prepared enough for surgery but if you want to recover quicker you must have the proper nutrition in place. That's where protein comes into the picture. For us women a good 100g of protein is necessary to maintain healthy muscle mass and to carry us in the future as we age. I order this from Blue Bonnet makes it.

1 day post op

Dr. Hubbard worked his magic once again. My boobs, 360 extended tummy tuck and Labiaplasty turned out better than I expected.
Ii know swelling will come and go but I can see definition.
Pain hasn't been all that bad but probably due to morphine.
BA and TT looks amazing. Labiaplasty turned out so good. I will post when I'm better about all three areas and explain more in detail.
Just wanted my RF family know I'm good.

Day 2 postop

As promised I'm going to do a briefing on my recovery.
The lower body lift is looking amazing even with all the swelling.
BA are just perfect. Dr Hubbard is a true artist and genius. It's not much pain but more stiffness and soreness.
Labiaplasty, I couldn't be more happier with the outlook. It's quite swollen but ice become your best friend. I'll post pics on augmentation and lower body lift from yesterday. I will take more pics later when I get my bandages changed.
Ladies I know 3 surgeries may be harsh but to me is so worth getting it all at once. If you have any questions feel free to email me at

Day 5 Post Op

What an extraordinary journey this has been. Let me start with my BA and say that I'm happy to have chosen 360 cc. I didn't want to be big since I'm small frame and they look and feel so natural.
Lower body lift I thought would be excruciating pain but with taking my muscle relaxer and pain med I haven't really much to complain. The key is to move around the house at least hourly and then rest up as much as you can. I'm so glad I got a recliner because that's where I've slept since coming home. Ladies make sure to get some protein in and mylanta so you don't get constipated. Lots of water helps your body flush out all the anesthesia toxins out.
Lastly my labiaplasty which I thought would be the worst, has truly been the easiest to deal with. No pain at all maybe just a bit of swelling but ice does make it feel better. After every time I pee I would lightly pat it clean with a wipe and then put some antibiotic to keep the area moist. It's healing nicely and just looking fabulous.
This has been one journey in proud of having taken and would do it all over again.
For those of you planning on going through some of it I will post a list of items I got to help me through recovery.

Day 13

Hi peeps, I've been MIA a little these past few days mainly due to resting and a minor setback which I will explain. Overall, my recovery has been amazing and really just healing nicely.
Now as we all know there's always something that has to just happen when you believe you're Wonder Woman lol. So on 2/10/16 I started feeling this strange burning ripping sort of pain on my left lower area near my hipbone. It would be sporadic pain so I took pain pill and tried not to focus on it. Every so often I would feel the sharp pain. So since it was after hours I didn't call Dr H. I took it upon myself to remove my last drain having watched Julie do the left one the Friday before. (I've worked at an OB/GYN preciously) I went into my bathroom and sterilized scissors to cut the stitch that was holding the drain in place. Sterilized my tweezer to gently remove the cut up stitch and then washed my hands and out some gloves on and gently removed my drain out. It was to be taken out the next day at docs office. Well why in the heck would I do something crazy, I thought that was what was causing my sharp pain. I did feel
Some relief for a good few hours but then I felt it again. Every time I walked or did a sudden movement with my left side of my body the pain would knock me down to my knees and take my breath away. I called Dr H and went to see him the next day. As soon as I told him what type of pain he knew it was inside stitch near the hipbone that apparently holds up your lower body lift muscles. Stitches will eventually dissolve and heal but I may deal with this for up to 2 months. He immediately gave me a shot of steroid to help with any inflammation in that area and pain meds. I felt some relief for about eight hours but the next day I begin to feel the same discomfort again. Now I have come to the conclusion that my compression belt or any tight clothing aggravates the stitch and causes me pain. Has anyone else experienced this problem before? Really curious to see if anyone has had this issue. Other than that little setback everything else has been going extremely well. Posting pics from 2/10 and 2/12.
Hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day even if your single like me make it about you. Celebrate the brand new you. Cheers

Pain Meds and Constipation

Ladies.... Please remember that once you start taking those pain meds it's of upmost importance to take a stool softener or milk of magnesia religiously.
I unfortunately dropped the ball this past weekend since I was so consumed with the hip pain mentioned previous post that Sunday night I got the much dreaded constipation. Oh dear God that was awful. Couldn't sleep, couldn't move and I felt my tummy was going to rip open with all the straining I did. Monday morning my dear son went to buy me laxative and I was so desperate that took 2 pills and some milk of magnesia. What a mistake cause 2 hours laters I got the runs. I don't know which was worse but I was depleted of all energy. I hadn't eaten all day, or slept for a good 24 hours and it left me so dehydrated that I felt I was going to pass out.
I know it's too much TMI but honestly I'm here to make sure you don't make the mistakes I have made. I always think I'm Wonder Woman and I can do much more than I'm allowed. I don't know how to ask for help from others being that I've been so independent but this taught me a good lesson. I surely am not bionic woman lol
So my advice is follow your Doctor's instructions and make sure you do as you're told.
To hydrate quickly I recommend coconut water or pedialite. Banana is great to add fiber and potassium to your body after such harsh surgery. But most importantly REST UP and don't be afraid to have help. Let people take care of you.

Week 5 Post Op

It's been quite a few days and so thought about updating my journey. I returned back to work week 4 (last week) and it was really a struggle to stay a full 8 hour day. I work in an office and usually sitting for the most part of my day but it was hard and thankfully my boss has been so kind to me by allowing me to go home half day and work from home.
I'm easily tired and still seem to get very stiff on lower body lift incision area. I've been having an inside stitch problem near left hip that causes me a lot of pain so using any compression garments are off the books for me until that stitch heals. That was a bummer because compression garments help with swelling, and it gives you support while walking and sitting. I must admit this healing recovery has been slower than what I had in mind. Do i regret, HELL NO, I still would do this all over again. This is why I'm sharing my journey so that you all know that we all heal very differently.
I do miss working out and cannot wait until I can go back to gym to finish toning up my thighs. I've dropped 5lbs so my inner thighs will either need the inner thigh lift or I'll have to work very hard at gaining a bit of weight and do some lower weights.
I love my results so far except that my butt is pretty flat when I was very curvy when I was bigger. I guess you can't have it all LOL I will definitely be squatting and lunging once I get the okay to workout. I'll post my latest pic trying out a bikini. Warning: pic taken when I was going through some swelling. This swell hell I've read about happens. I haven't really experienced much but someday's i notice my tummy a bit swollen and definitely my flank area. I did not have lipo done, it's just normal swelling from the lower body lift.

Week 7 False Misconceptions

I thought I let you guys and dolls know that don't expect to be feeling great at week 7 of an LBL. Yes everyone heals differently, but honestly expect to be hurting a bit, stiffness and some swelling. I still don't have full energy and all I want to do is go home and sleep after a full day at work. Crazy because I have a desk job... I do try to walk around every hour to minimize more swelling. I'm sharing this so you're not going into surgery thinking that you will be feeling GREAT in 3 weeks. I have one of the best doctors in town and i'm healing nicely. Seriously thought that by now I would be back at the gym but that hasn't been the case. It doesn't work that way... slow recovery for sure, but I know worth it in the end. Reason for me not posting so much is because it has been slow and not much improvement yet. I have been following some amazing gals in here and it's nice to see, I'm not the only one that emphasizes on slow recovery. So my advice is take it one day at time... keep smiling and just hang tight because soon that so much desired body will emerge slowly. Till next time xo

Return to gym

Today I started gym up again. I must say I was surprised that I did well. Started with upper body strength training since I've lost some muscle mass after my 3 surgeries. It's time to get focused again and continue my journey.
I'm seeing Dr. Hubbard on Friday to finally begin scar treatment. Looking forward to it.
Week 9 and still get a bit stiff and experience/sensitivity pain on lower body lift area. I suppose that's normal.

3 months post op

It's been a few weeks since I update my review and just wanted to let you know that I couldn't be happier with my results. This past weekend attended my first summer pool party and boy was I proud to sport my first bikini ever. Still recovering and I know I won't probably see full results until next summer but darn it I felt so good. Being around a bunch of beautiful ladies all the time with great bodies and me being part of that this year has really boosted my self esteem even more. Yes ladies I've gotten so much more confident and well if you don't believe me then here's a pic to prove it.

First Bikini pic

Some reason couldn't post pic on other update.

Ready for Inner Thigh Lift

It's been a few months since I've updated you all. Been so busy enjoying life after all my surgeries. Life is great. I've healed ver nicely all thanks to Dr. Hubbard. Seriously the man is a genius. I'm so pleased with my results that I'm scheduled to go finish my last area on my body. Come 1/25/17, I'll be doing my inner thighs.
Don't really know how this one will feel but I know I'm in good hands.
Had my consult on 11/1/16 and Dr. Hubbard says my results will be great. So now I'm even more excited. I'll add few pictures of me these past few months so y'all can see that my doc is one of the best here in Dallas.

15 months later

Hi guys and dolls. Just a quick update to let you all know that I've completed my journey. Had my last surgery on 1/25/17 for thigh lift and it went well. Wrote a separate review for that procedure but here is a pic of how I look today after 15 months. Best of luck to you all going through your journey or beginning.

On 2/1/16 I had my LBL, BA and Labiaplasty with the best doctor in my humble opinion in the World. I can sit here and write about a book cause I think I am now his number 1 fan. I will say Dr. Hubbard is truly a genius and such a compassionate Doctor. I met him for my consultation on 11/10/15 and he was so caring. I mean you're exposing your entire body to a stranger but he made me feel so at ease. I wanted a labiaplasty so bad and I was so embarrassed to have to show him that private area but he was so gentle and so down to earth that I never felt uncomfortable with him. He answered every question I had and was so genuine with his answers. So that same week I scheduled for 2/1/16 due to work reasons. On surgery day, he got there early and marked my areas that were to be corrected. He joked with me to put me at ease. As promised he worked magic and when I woke up I was so impressed. His entire office staff are just as amazing as him. Kate his OR assistant, Julie his office manager is so kind and sweet, Leslie, Rihana, can't think of all their names but just genuine and friendly. Honestly if they ever had a job opening I would love to work for him. What an amazing person. Please do yourself a favor and visit him for a consultation if you're thinking of getting any work done. In conclusion, I want to THANK YOU DR. BRADLEY HUBBARD for making me feel like a woman again. Wishing you many blessings to you and your staff.

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