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I interviewed the finest doctors in DFW and I...

I interviewed the finest doctors in DFW and I would strongly recommend the one I chose to anyone. He is not only a genuine and honest person, he is responsive and his results are incredible. Yes, I am admitting I had plastic surgery (Allbeit under extenuating circumstances), but we as women should be proud of who we are and what we want and I took the steps and I am taking another in April to make that happen. This guy is incredible, even if all you need is a little facial. ?? If ANYONE has questions or wants more info, don't hesitate to message or email me 

Pre photos

I am barring it all on here in hopes I can help someone the way all you on here helped me. I won't go into my long story, but the summary is I went into kidney failure in a pregnancy years ago and swelled up huge literally overnight and split my skin everywhere due to lupus. I'm fine now and have been for years. After all this, I lost 100lbs. Here are my pre surgery photos after losing the weight and over six years after all the swelling trauma. My skin quality sucks, my stretch marks were constantly getting infected, and the extra skin made me feel huge even after all the weight loss. Pre surgery I was 5'6" and 155lbs. I have an hourglass shape so spanx could cover a lot of the extra skin, but it couldn't hide the outer thighs and it was VERY annoying wearing tight spanx daily for six years.

Post surgery photo

Here are the post surgery photos provided by Dr. Hubbard, and one pre muscle tightening which he did not do heavy on me, he only did it because I chose to add the vertical cut to make it tighter.

Photos two days post op

Yes, Hubbard is a miracle worker.

Surgery plan

So for those wondering, this surgery I had lipo just about everywhere to prepare for the full skin removal plan and this time I did the circumferential abdominoplasty (body lift) with a vertical addition. I go back in April for a thigh lift plus a minor arm lift, and breast lift and augmentation (all three of which he is hiding in one scar UNDER MY ARM - one of the reasons I love him - none of the other best in the city even came up with that idea but instead wanted to go across my whole back!)

Some other post photos. Incredible.

Also keep in mind I have swelling from the lipo and surgery.

Made it through New Years!

16 days post and I made it ALL night until 6am on my feet. Almost all scabs are gone. Took one of my makeshift baths which are lifesavers for those of us bath lovers. So happy!! I can stand almost straight up now.

First time wearing shorts in 20 years - 18 days post op

One more

First pics without binder on. This is all me.

Excuse my language but holy shit. I have NEVER been able to wear a straight shirt in my LIFE. And my thighs look this good still swollen before the thigh lift?? Hubbard you are incredible. I cannot thank you enough. I know my husband thinks I'm crazy because I smile ALL day.


I am getting a lot of questions about my scars and how they look. Here is a picture of the scar on my pubic line and my hip line, which is probably the area that has the most tension from sitting over. As you'll see, they are barely visible and that is still raw new skin underneath. Hubbard keeps a very thin scar line, and I doubt these will be visible permanently which is more than I can say for a lot of the after photos I saw from some of the people I consulted with. I should add I have very poor quality skin from previous kidney failure and Hubbard also did an incredible job of removing more of the stretch marks than I ever thought could be done in the surgery. I'm only two and a half weeks out and my scars already look this good. I also want to note that Hubbard has a unique way of doing the surgery where he ties your thigh lift into your hipbones or something like that so it gives incredible results long term. My hips look incredible and so do the scars even with that extra tightening.

More pics

Here are some more after my makeshift bath tonight. Three pounds of swelling dropped off today. Every couple days I go down a few pounds. Loving this! Now weighing at night what I did the morning the day before! I bet I'll be at 140 or less before next month.

Went shopping

Literally had nothing that fit so went to get a few items. Everything size small fit and a few were too big. Hips look awesome!!! Legs also look fantastic today. Cannot even wait to see what they look like after the lift coming up! Here is one pic. Ignore my tank looking bulgy - I have the zip up high side of the binder undone on both sides sticking out to give breathing room for a minute.


Had to stop taking the Valium baby dose today. I don't really need it anymore anyway. My blood pressure was getting too low on it. Apparently it can make your regular BP medicines stronger. It took two weeks before it started doing that as it built up, so heads up. I was taking 2.5mf 2-3x a day since surgery (less than perscribed).


It dawned on me you guys have seen just about every part of me except for my face LOL. Thought I would post this as I'm in my recliner tonight so you know who you're reading about.

Well that upload didn't work... Let's try again

These shorts did not even fit pre surgery

More photos

Swelling down each day. Look at those thighs!!! And this is with the band on and three shirts making me look bigger. In ??????


Had a little scare today but all is good - apparently just needed some Advil since I cannot take the Valium. On a better note, all the new clothes I ordered came in. Here is my size 6 skirt!

Trying on more new clothes

All smalls

Pain/Discomfort After Surgery

One of the most common questions I get is about the pain and discomfort experience after surgery and how long it lasts. I will be honest, the pain is not as bad as I expected. However, the general ache and tightness is a little more than week three than I expected. There really isn't pain per se, everything is just very tight, especially if your surgeon does what you ask :-). It's always worse after you sit, not as bad after you lay, and pretty much goes away with pain medication. I, being the stubborn girl I am, am taking almost no pain medication. You definitely feel the hips and the sides and the back the most, especially if your surgeon uses the fantastic technique of time your hips to your thighs inside to keep them high forever. Yes, it's tighter in the beginning, but so worth it. Look at my before picture and look at me today only three weeks later with all the lipo swelling still there. I know my husband notices. Everyone notices. And today, I went out in public and just plain pair of leggings for the first time in my entire life. The surgery didn't only fix The discomfort and concern about the extra skin, it completely changes your self-esteem and give you a newfound revitalization for life. It also, and this is very personal, can change the shape and feel of things down there, and in my case, it was so much for the better. Bathing, sitting, etc is SO much easier. I didn't even realize I had extra skin down there but my incredible surgeon did, and he pulled it up and out and cut it away and it is like a youthful feel I didn't even know I was missing from all the years so overweight and miserable. Life is anew. This surgery hasn't been easy, don't get me wrong, but it is worth every last second of it and I am thankful for the ability to do it every second with every fiber of my being.

Oh the hips...

So I've mentioned a few times that the hips are the tightest part. Man are they! I had to stop taking my metformin for a few days because of a CT scan with contrast and have already gained 3lbs off it in 24 hours! I'm sure it is no relation, but man I am mad! Thankfully when I restart the metformin tomorrow the weight should come right back off. It makes me remember how I used to feel gaining weight every single day no matter how healthy I ate - and I ate healthy enough like always yesterday!

Back to my hips. MAN are they tight! But not painful. It is like they slowly loosen up as I move, and I am totally upright now, but the first few minutes feel like something inside is pulling my thighs up to my hips. But no pain. It's a good feeling. Like I can feel how good my thighs look lol. Never thought I'd say that...

Almost to four weeks

Wow. By now I'm doing SO great. Even made it to the grocery today. Not having to take breaks to sit anymore. Very little pain medicine. A little stiff when I first stand, otherwise I'm great. Still playing it careful and safe with my tight outer thighs, but aside from some gas (which gasx easily fixes), I am almost normal. Whew!

Very odd..

It's very odd getting dressed these days. I'm enjoying it way too much. Lol


Here are a few showing scars. Not taking too many undressed but I know you all keep asking about scars, and it's hard to tell shape with that dang binder on.


Loving my thighs. Cannot wait for the inner thigh lift! And two dressed photos.


Photos today. A little swollen in my back and thighs but it still takes my breath away that this is me.

Check Up

Saw the doc for a check up yesterday. I think he was even shocked by how good his work was. Damn I wish it was April already!!!!

A little better each day

Made it an hour on my feet yesterday shopping. Only took five Advil total all day so getting better. So ready for the gas and UTI to go away but I'll take it over the other issues I know I could be having. Lol. Still have to catch myself every time I pass a mirror. Well, and trying on clothes is actually fun for once. Who would've thought you could enjoy trying on clothes. Hahaha


This AM

Still really swollen in legs, back, and below belly button especially where lipo was, but it shows a little less each day. Bought a lot of new clothes yesterday at White House Black Market all size 6, and some size 4 in blouses fit perfectly, too. CRAZY.

Over four weeks PO now

Cannot believe this before and after at only five weeks with all this swelling still here. Would never believe it is the same person.

Blood pressure

Ever since I got sick years ago, I've had residual kidney protein seepage causing high blood pressure. I always assumed when I lost the weight it would get better, but I've been on more BP medicine SINCE losing 110lbs than I took before I lost the weight. Some of it could be resistance to a long term medication, who knows. But, after this surgery, my BP started dropping really really low so I've cut back and cut back my meds under doctor supervision and I'm proud to report that I am on 1/4 the BP medicine I was before my LBL and have been holding steady at that dose for over three weeks, well past the time in which it would creep back up. I feel better (BP medicine is miserable for those of you who don't know) and I love knowing I have less medicine pumping through my body. Just another one of the thousand reasons I am SO glad I had this surgery.

Today's pics

Today's update

A little swollen today (I think the Benadryl I took didn't help plus lowering my dose of aleve) but went to PINK and got some more undies and bras (all 34Ds!!) and shirts (all size small). Loving shopping! Trying not to overdo it before my next surgery buying too much that won't fit but I have to have clothes for the next three months so it's a tossup. Lol


So I started bleaching my hair with a salon years ago to make myself not feel so fat. Made my face look better. I decided it's time to go back to my roots and go brunette. This is the look I picked. Going tomorrow. Let's hope I don't regret it!!


So the blonde is gone. I am officially a brunette. And swelling is down. Made it through Target for a full store trip. Didn't even get tired!

No pain meds

So I've been off pain meds for two days completely. No aleve or anything. No real change in how I feel so I am very excited. I did make a decision to split my next surgery into two parts - the idea of thighs and legs and back and boobs in one surgery at six hours was just too much and I know it would put more pressure on my husband and family PLUS the only month I could make work for that with the help I would need from family would have me healing over summer. So, I'm going to do everything but the inner thighs NEXT month and do the thighs after summer. Doctor mentioned he thinks approx 300cc saline for my implants since I have enough breast tissue to get a full D. Waiting to hear from them on availability with a date. Can't wait!!

Crop tops and next surgery

Love them! Great after a body lift while still swollen.

Scheduled my next surgery for 3/21/16. So excited!

Swelling down even more today

Swelling way down on my back. Still on my thighs and lower abdomen but holy moly my waist is getting tiny. Loving it. Almost 7 weeks PO now. Every day seeing huge changes now. My scars are so faded it's awesome.


First time wearing jeans since surgery. Even with swelling a loose size 27 rockin republic. No pooch in the front. No muffin top. Excuse my language but hell yes!!! And I have a butt!! Woohoo!!


Here is a pic naked showing scar improvement. They are much brighter in the picture than in real life. The one in my stomach is where my binder rubbed it raw so my surgeon wants to revise it - he is so wonderful. I really don't care but I think he is OCD. Lol.

You can see how loose my thighs are inside and even spilling over to my hip - so excited for my thigh lift. It is literally just empty skin, but hides perfectly in leggings so I can wait. Need all the swelling to go away first!! Super happy with my body lift. And love being a size 4-6. Still have swelling below my naval and gas - but it's only been 7 weeks and I had a very aggressive lift (just look at the before and after - lol).

Seven week photos

Dropped four pounds of swelling this past week. Still more to go but huge improvement. Photos don't do it justice. Love his work!! I feel like it's not my body but I'm glad it is!


Been pretty sore these last couple days. Seems like since I now have all feeling back, I'm just tender, especially on the back and thighs were lipo was done. Been on my feet hours straight each day so I'm sure that doesn't help, but seems like my back is the most sore and swollen. Anyone else have this experience at 7-8 weeks?

Lighter note

Loving the body even more each day as swelling continues to come off. My frame is tiny! Love it!

Working out

So everyone I read about is already working out by now - I am sore just being out and about all day - mostly tightness and fullness - not really sore. Anyone else have this experience? I don't have near enough energy to work out yet.

Bathing suit

End of the day so a little swollen and the swimsuit is way too big but still I love it!!

Back swelling

Firmed up my sleep number last night to 100 from 50 and it really really helped my back swelling. Didn't think about the fact that the soft bed with the temperpedic on top could be making it worse!!


Spit my second stitch tonight. So weird!


So I started doing crunches two days ago. Did 50 the first day and yesterday did 100. No residual pain and it wasn't hard (compared to what I expected.) I could easily knock out 150 straight pre surgery. Today I'm doing the elliptical. NO pain lifting even heavy stuff now. Swelling is down. No complaints today! Next surgery in just a few weeks!!!


Did my elliptical tonight. On it now as I type. Easy and very little discomfort. Only some tightness. Think I'm finally over the hump! So ready for my next surgery 3/21!!!

Scar therapy

Finally started my scar therapy. Better late than never. Lol


As promised, girl!


Almost to ten weeks and last night was the first night I slept out of my surgical compression garment. I have been wearing it 23hrs/day. It felt sooo good!

No compression!

Just leggings and a shirt. So much more flattering without compression.


No surgical compression garment two days. Sooo much more comfy. No swelling. I notice my waist is smaller out of it as I think it was keeping it from moving fluid into my thighs. My thighs seem a little thicker by end of the day. Did a full jog on my elliptical tonight with no trouble. Woohoo!


Bought bikinis for the first time in my life today. And this is how good they look sitting down due to my awesome surgeon!!

Next surgery

Moved my next surgery to 3/14 instead of 3/21. 2.5 weeks!

No compression or even undershirt!!!

T-minus 14 days


13 days

No more fish oil
Lots of protein
And wish it was tomorrow!!!
13 days left!!

Arm before photos

Here are som

Arm before photos - take 2

Here are some arm before photos. As you'll see my left arm isn't bad but the right one is almost twice as tall because of the loose extra skin. No lipo being done, just skin lift. This was the arm that was immobile with my ports and for dialysis when I was sick so all the water kidney fluid retention settled there. He is also cutting out that cluster of stretch marks.

Seven days

Seven more days and then it's time!

T- minus three days

Nervous but excited about this next surgery. Feeling super fat this week. After I eat my upper belly sticks out good because it is so tight and I feel fat. Even though it's not and I know it's in my head. Also feel like my lower back is icky looking. Ugh. Anyone else have this esperience post Lbl?

Breast before pics

Before photos

Pre-surgery photos from last week at the doc they sent me. 11 weeks post LBL, 10 days pre breast, back, and arm lift with implants.

Less than 48 hours


A little humor at 36 hours out

It's a lot better if you hum it. Lol.

I'm making a list
checking it twice
gonna find out what's being lipod this thrice
Plastic surgery junkie, me!

I'm checking the mirror
And measuring fat
Going to loose a little of this and of that
Plastic surgery junkie, me!

It may make me poor
And can't afford no more
But when I'm done I'll be the one
Who can't sit because I'm so tight
Plastic surgery junkie, me!

Upper ab bulge

Not digging this evening bulge each night. May need the upper muscles tighter. Or I may just need to workout. Lol. Will ask my doc Monday before surgery.

On our way

1.5 hours. Thank you everyone for the well wishes and calls/texts. I'll update as soon as I'm able! Cross your fingers for gorgeous Tatas and arms that don't have more skin than their actual size!!!!

Done and out!!!

No pain. Doing great!!! Hubbard is a miracle worker.

20 hour update

Can't sleep so here goes:

Pain is MINOR compared to my lower body lift. Night and day difference. Just spent an hour walking up and down the hall chit chatting with the nurse. Arms are tight but even the discomfort if you move wrong isn't really pain, just feels like a paper cut. I have full feeling in my nipples which I am shocked by and so happy about! My right arm (the one with more skin) has a longer incision so I can feel it a tiny bit when I bend my elbow and the left literally had NO pain. It is hard to remember not to use your arms at all - so glad my abs are healed enough as no way you could survive this comfortably doing arms with a tummy procedure or a thigh procedure. So glad I split my surgeries up. I got the exparel pain shot in all areas again - expensive but worth every penny. I strongly advise you get it. Makes such a difference.

I wound up getting 300cc in one breast and 350cc in the other. Apparently my rib cage is crooked and didn't realize until today they weren't even and he had to compensate for that with the CC variance. But, they look flawless and he literally gave me exactly what I wanted. I am so happy and excited. Thank you everyone for checking on me and for being my rock through all this!!

Photos from this AM

During dressing change


Pics from appt today

Views tonight

Some swelling which is to be expected but I am beyond pleased. He did amazing.

For anyone on the fence...

For the record, this arm lift, J line back lift, and breast aug/lift is EASY. I'm at day three and I feel 90% normal already. Not even in the same realm as the LBL. And the LBL kicked my butt. This procedure was easier than the straight lipo procedure I had. Anyone on the fence about an arm/J line back/breast lift and Aug, feel free to contact me. I am at day three and literally I could do anything I wanted right now except lift my arms straight over my head or lift something heavy and that's only due to doctors orders.

Pics From Shower Today

Still nearly no pain. Snapped these pics of arm lift, back lift, breast lift and aug while showering today. Today is three days PO.

Last night's pics at dressing change

Trying really hard not to overdo it since I feel so good and almost totally off pain meds. It's hard. Lol


Six days post op. Loving my results. Feeling great and virtually no pain. Still have about 9-10 lbs swelling combined all over (seems to be mostly in my back, arms, and thighs) but going down.


Need help

Bra - trying again


I need help. One week post op and my surgery bra is now too loose and I'm ready to move into a sports bra or comfortable bra. EVERY one I ordered pre surgery is too small. I am a 34DD maybe DDD. Lol. Need recommendations on good ones easy to get into! Have 80% arm mobility back but don't want to push it.

Also, moving my thigh lift forward to either April or May!!

Next surgery

Set for April 25! Thigh lift here I come! 32 days and counting.

Inner thigh photos

This AM

You can really see the old stretch marks now!! Lol. Swelling way down because I'm down to same weight as I went in and I have 3lb implants in. Lol. Back and right arm where more skin was removed is still swollen (sides of back where bra and boobs are is where it shows and lower back).

Photos tonight

Implants dropping. Gorgeous from the side. Nipples at perfect straight out angle. Let's hope it stays that way!

13 Day Scar Update

Nothing short of amazing. This is end of the day with minor swelling. Love my new arms.

First ever braless shirt

Love it! Feels weird after all these years...

New dress and no scars

Literally can't even see my lift scars now. It's only been two weeks. Absolutely crazy. Not sure if the Arnika Forte I spent all this money on helped, but perhaps. I know Hubbard did an amazing job, but this seems to be a lot better than the last one even so I think perhaps the supplement helped. Also, pics of my new strapless dress. :)


Almost t

Update - take 2

Got to love this app and the way it submits on its own. Lol.

Week two to three is harder with this last surgery just like with the LBL. I think it's because you have more feeling back and less swelling so things move more. Still totally manageable without pain meds, just more of an annoyance with all the tightness.

Had my pre-op for my next surgery scheduled for 4/25. Doing full thigh lift and going around my butt to get the back of the thighs. Lipo to my left hip to even it out to the right one we did last time, and some more lipo to by lower back to make it look smoother (the first doc did a lot of lipo there and it isn't completely finished from the way it looks).

After this, all future stuff is in office under local (removal of remaining stretch marks). So excited and can't wait to see my new thighs to match the rest of my body!!!

Hope all my RS ladies are doing well, too!

2.5 weeks!

Some arm photos from today and more pre-surgery thigh photos. Quit working out so thighs totally loose. So ready for this surgery. Photos don't even do the loose skin justice.

12 days..

Getting very excited (and nervous). Thigh lift in 12 days!


Haven't posted any update pics in awhile as I wait on my thigh lift but here's one to show progress. Haven't really worked out yet - starting tonight.


Still kicking butt with my trainer. Haven't posted pics in awhile. Definitely ready for my thigh lift 10/13. Hope everyone is well!

New hair

Decided on new hair to match my new body. Lol

Pencil skirts

I've decided after my body lift that pencil skirts are my favorite way to show off my new figure and it definitely seems to turn the most heads. And luckily you can barely even see my arm scars because of their perfect placement (thanks Hubbard!)

45 Min

Made it 45 min jogging and power walking outside in the 100 degree heat. I'll be ready for that thigh lift kicking and screaming.

Thigh lift

Five weeks until my thigh lift. Of course, I'm very nervous. I think this one probably gets my nerves more than the others because of the high complication rate. But, I'm excited and ready to go. There's nothing like having a body lift to point out how unproportionate your thighs are to the rest of you. :)

Three weeks!

Only three weeks until my thigh lift. Very excited! Starting my new review for this next.

Arm lift

I don't think people give enough kudos to a great arm lift. It really has been one of the best things I've done. For any of you on the fence because of the scar, don't be. It is WORTH it.

4 days

4 days until inner thigh lift. Getting real now!

One Day

Thigh lift in one day. It's really real now. I'll post as soon as I'm able to. Thanks everyone for the positive vibes and texts, etc.

Before photos

Taken tonight hunched over to accentuate the problem. Currently 145lbs 5'6" size 4-6. Can't wait to post afters. :)

Doing great!

Out of surgery and staying the next few nights in their hotel. Doing really well - got up and walked (OW), got my catheter out, and ate my protein. Fingers crossed for a well-managed pain day tomorrow!! Thanks everyone for all the calls, texts, and emails! XOXO

Update on Thigh Lift

So it's Monday morning and I had my surgery Wednesday. Sorry for not writing sooner. I am thoroughly amazed by my surgeon as I am proud to say I am walking and doing everything fully for myself 100% on my own with the exception of showering which I probably could do on my own too. I am already almost completely off the Valium and Codone and my pain is minimal. The new method if I left that my surgeon uses is amazing because I have not one bit literally not one bit of swelling on my calves or feet. I'd be happy to discuss this method with anyone with questions but I thoroughly recommend you make damn sure you're certain does this way as I have never seen anyone with this little swelling four days out. And I even have a mild residual swelling on my calves all the time from my old kidney stuff! Bradley Hubard is literally the most amazing doctor I've ever seen. I would write my pain at a one out of 10 and comparable to an arm left, nowhere near a body lift, and I cannot wait to see my final results! Here are a few quick pics laying down - I'll get you some more later. Keep in mind I have cuts all the way from my grind my knee around both front groin lines for a medial and across my butt plus lots of Lipo. My incisions are gorgeous. I am beyond thrilled. Thanks everyone for all the calls and texts and emails to check in. Love you guys!

Six day update

So I'm totally off anything but Tylenol and literally no swelling. The new method my surgeon uses is incredible since it spares the lymphatics. These are my six-day photos today during my garment change laying down. I can sit pretty much anywhere I want, I'm standing for up to 15 minutes at a time, and no swelling during these processes. I am beyond elated and cannot wait to see the final results.

Nine day update

Below my pre-surgery weight and very little swelling - none other than in my thighs themselves - which is amazing. Wore my shorts today and they are maybe a slight bit tighter in the abdomen than pre surgery but with all these garments and such, that could be the cause, or some swelling from the back lipo I had done. They are looser in the thighs for sure. I went to a movie today - the long walk inside and to the seat got me a little winded and tight in my mid thigh, but otherwise was great. Can't wait until I take this garment off and actually look at what's underneath - it's already obvious how great it is going to look!!!


Still swollen in midsection especially but wow. Just wow. I don't know what else to say.

Two week update

Feeling great! Only on Tylenol one pill twice a day and in regular tight compression pants, no more surgery garments. Woohoo! Pics of incisions today.

Day 16 post thigh lift

Standing straight up now and can bend my knees almost completely. So very happy with my results. Photos of incisions after my shower just now. They look great!

Day 20

Never did I realize how much my bigger inner thighs made everything look bigger. Pushed my outer thighs out because the skin folded and made me wider. Couldn't wear certain shaped clothes. Holy moly. I love getting dressed each day.

Day 24

I have been out nonstop the last few days. On my feet 4-5 hours straight with only a few short sitting breaks. Barely any swelling in my feet and none on my calves. I never dreamed recovery would be this mild for something so major and where my doc was so aggressive to give me the results I wanted. My scars are hair thin - and I've done nothing but buy clothes for 2 days. I am beyond elated - and thankful. I think sometimes we all get lost in the glam of some of the people posting on here and all the docs we are bombarded with. I was just discussing this with someone a few minutes ago. The best advice I can give anyone is to make sure you research who you use. The results are only one piece of the puzzle-before and after pictures tell so little about a surgeon and their experience. Have they published? Have they taught? Where were they trained? Flashy photos and answering questions on here frequently is NOT what makes someone a great surgeon - or capable of doing these long complex surgeries like I have had. I was in the hands of a highly trained, very skilled, well respected, and beyond kind surgeon - so please remember that and I'm always here as a sounding board for anyone who needs it. Keep texting or messaging me - I reply to all of you and although my journey is now done, I will still be here to help anyone I can and will check RealSelf religiously. I've been through hell and back to get here - but the easy part was the surgeries. ???? Picture attached of scar today. Love to all! - Leah

28 day pics

So ecstatic with my results. And I know I'm still swollen so patiently waiting to see the even better results to come! About to go hit Stein Mart with my mom. Love to everyone!

Two more 28 day pics

Just so everyone knows - I don't suck in or anything in pics so as to avoid giving false results - so this is me post breakfast. You can still see swelling on my back.

Day 29 - dressed up!

It was my sister's birthday so got dressed up and even wore heels. LOVE getting dressed these days even with these compression on!!

Scar pics - as requested - day 29

31 Day Scar Pics - in better light

Pics as requested - and two in pants for comparison. Pretty swollen after being up all day, but you get the gist.

New Clothes

Never could have bought something like this before. Lol

Another new dress

Eventually I'm going to have to stop shopping. But gosh I love it and love not having to wear any spam nor bras!

Crossing legs

Love my thighs. Never thought it would look like this crossing my legs. Love love.

Scar photos

Five weeks today post thigh lift. All scars are smooth to the touch with no raising. Also including one of the T incision.

First white pants

First white pair of pants ever in my life. Thinking I probably need a size down. But, they're white so it's all good!!!

No text

Don't think I even need text for this one. Thank you Brad Hubbard. You changed my life.

Leg scar at less than two months

Before picture

Here is before pictures before even the weight loss. This wasn't at my biggest but was within 30lbs of it.

Real clothes

No compression all day, real jeans. Love my thighs!!!!! All size 4 skinny jeans and they're not even tight!


Size 2 Miss Me. I would call that a success. Thanks, Hubbard!

Pics from New Years

Five month update!

I've had a couple people ask for updates so here goes! I am five months post thigh lift and I am overall very very pleased. I really do feel like a different person. Sometimes it is hard not to feel "fat" and see myself the way I used to look. I still do a double take when I see pictures of myself because it certainly isn't how I see myself. I'm sure others of you can understand the struggle. I am proud to report I am a size 4 but still a 36DD or 34DDD thanks to my implants. LOL. Hope everyone is doing well!

Six month post thigh lift update

Loving my results. Finally willing to wear shorts for the first time in my whole life. Thanks, Hubbard!!
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Incredible in every way. I interviewed the finest doctors in DFW and I would strongly recommend the one I chose to anyone. He is not only a genuine and honest person, he is responsive and his results are incredible. Yes, I am admitting I had plastic surgery (Allbeit under extenuating circumstances), but we as women should be proud of who we are and what we want and I took the steps and I am taking another in April to make that happen. This guy is incredible, even if all you need is a little touch up. I should also mention he is incredibly affordable which played no part in my decision but I know it makes it possible for many who think they could not do it right now because of the cost. They even take care credit! If ANYONE has questions or wants more info, don't hesitate to message or email me at

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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