Asian Rhinoplasty - Dallas, TX

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In January 2015, I had an alar base reduction but...

In January 2015, I had an alar base reduction but my nose still looked wide and flat to me. I'm pretty nervous about my surgery tomorrow since this one will be an open rhinoplasty. Dr. Rohrich was very nice and approachable during my consultation. He will be using cartilage from my septum and allograft. I requested for my columella to my lowered, my alar taken in a little bit more and my tip to be refined.

Day 2

The surgery went really well according to Dr. Rohrich. I had to provide a urine sample yesterday morning before surgery, spoke to a nurse to go over my previous medical history and the drugs I was prescribed, and spoke with the anesthesiologist to go over any complications I have had prior. All of them were very nice and reassuring. I was incredibly anxious and was being the worrywart that I am. I was given valium to help with my jitters though, and that calmed me down a bit.

Before heading to the surgery room, Dr. Rohrich came to visit me and again specifically asked me what I wanted to get done. Because he made sure we were on the same page, I finally felt ready and confident about the procedure.

All of sudden, I woke up a little groggy with slight pressure on my face. I did not feel any pain at all. I probably stayed in that room for half an hour until I was able to come to. Then, I was wheeled out into the parking garage so my fiance could drive me home.

For the remainder of the day, I was pretty out of it and slept on and off. I had cold eye patches to use to help with any swelling. I took tramadol every 4-6 hours to keep ahead of the pain, and my fiance helped me switch out the gauze below my noes every so often.

It's now the morning after and I still feel no pain. We cleaned up a little bit of the dried blood with hydrogen peroxide, and are waiting a few more hours to see if the bleeding continues before we clean up the rest.

My nose is swollen, but so far, it's looking good!

No more gauze!

It's now three days after my surgery and the bleeding has stopped. I have stitches along my columella and the side of my nostrils. I've made good progress trying to clean up the dried blood with hydrogen peroxide, but there's still a bit more to go. I also don't have much feeling along the columella and tip. Everything is still swollen of course, but at least it's not bleeding anymore!

The anesthesiologist also gave me a call today to see how I was doing. I've had no complications with the anesthesiology and the Tramadol is working fine. I've only been feeling slightly groggy, no other side effects.

Nasal Splint is gone!

It's now been a week and this morning I got my splint and the sutures on my columella removed! It didn't hurt too badly, just a few stings when the nurse removed the sutures. I still have some sutures along my alar, but I have an appointment this Monday to see Dr. Rohrich and have them removed.

I know it's still swollen but I could not contain my smile when the nurse gave me a mirror to take a look. My nose doesn't look wide and flat anymore! I don't think the pictures do it any justice, but I'm very pleased with the results so far.

I can now take a real shower as long as I'm not face forward into the stream. The nurse also recommended nasal sprays, so I'm going to buy one later to keep the inside of my nose moist. My nose is still tender so I will continue to be gentle with it.

View from Below with Splint Off

Here is a photo of the view from below. My nostrils are now rounded and not wide anymore either!

A Disconcerting Follow Up

I didn't really have the heart to post yesterday because I was so distraught over what happened during my appointment with Dr. Rohrich. In retrospect, it probably wasn't as bad as I made it out to be, but it still wasn't a pleasant visit.

My appointment started as expected with the nurse removing the rest of my sutures along my alar. The moment Dr. Rohrich came in, it became a sort of quick frenzy.

The nurse told him I had been putting Vitamin E oil on my wounds (she misheard me last Friday). I repeated again that I was putting Mupirocin (helps prevent Staph infections, I had some left over from Dr. Cochran). Neither she nor Dr. Rohrich heard me and presumed I was putting oil on my face.

I've been off BC for this surgery so my face has been disrupted and has been oily. I get it.

Then, Dr. Rohrich peeled off the tape; Expressed how oily it was in a disdainful manner;Grabbed my nose to pinch it and ran this metal piece across both sides of my nose.

It took me off guard with how much pressure he used. My nose felt pinched the entire day, and I fear the structure of it has been affected. It had only been 10 days after the surgery, but he's the doctor so I can only assume he knows better.

Another nurse came in after he quickly examined the nose and said how great it looked. I was still in a bit of a shock and before I knew it, he said he'd see me in 6 weeks and then he was off.

The nurse even told me that she's snapped at him before for doing this dermaplanning because it's rough on a nose that's pretty much just been broken. He apparently doesn't do it when she's in the room.

Overall it was a short and impersonal appointment. I feel like my tip looks taller because he pinched it so hard. My fiancé told me it looks the same, but all I can really do is wait for the swelling to go down.

Before and After, 11 days

I thought I'd show a before and after pic so far :)

7 week post op appt

I met with Dr. Rohrich last week for a follow up appointment to see how I was doing. So far, I have had no problems at all. Life is back to normal and I've been exercising regularly. The tip of my nose is still numb but it is not as numb as it was after the surgery. My nostrils are still a little stiff and the side of my bridge isn't sore anymore when I touch it. I still have stitches inside my nostrils that haven't dissolved yet that line my columella, but they do not bother me and are not visible either.

The visit was short and sweet, but I could not be any happier. I've posted more before and after photos that are more recent. I can't believe how great it turned out, and Dr. Rohrich said it will keep getting better as time goes on since it's still healing.

Progress so far :)

I just wanted to post another picture to show what my nose currently looks like. The tip isn't as hard as it was in my last post and a bit more feeling has been restored. I also don't feel tender anymore on the sides of my bridge near my eyes. I also haven't had any issues with the allograft so far, yay!

Still Loving the Results!

I guess I've been so happy with my results that I stopped posting :) Here's what my nose currently looks like. I'm still very satisfied with the procedure and I wish I had done it sooner. I didn't want anything too drastic so I'm thrilled that my nose still looks like it belongs on my face, it's just a bit cuter ;)

The side of my nostrils are still a little pink, but nothing noticeable. The scar along my columella is only apparent if you're looking up my nose, so I have no issues with it. Ideally I wouldn't have had that scar, but my nose was opened up after all.

Anyway, I cannot express enough how happy I am with the results!

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