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Consult at American Lipo Center After searching...

Consult at American Lipo Center

After searching for a doctor for 2 months I finally decided to go to American Lipo Center in Dallas, TX. The main reason is because of the price. They are running a special for $850 a stomach section and $750 for the bra line. I couldn't beat that price anywhere.

It was located very close to my house on 75S and 635N in an office building. I will say that it was weird not to see the doctor for my consultation but then again I knew what I needed to get rid of. Once Debbie informed me of everything I went ahead a put half the money down and she schedule my post-op and my surgery date.

I was also able to call in and make more payments towards my balance.

My before pics


Ok, so this timeline is not working correctly but I went to my post op 1 week before the surgery. I went on 06/05/2014 and that's when I met the doctor. He just looked at my body and told me what he was going to do and whats going to happen during the procedure.

He had me lay down to check for any hernias and to check my muscle control. He told me that my skin was a great for this lipo and I shouldn't have to worry about extra skin. They gave me a prescription for Antibiotics, Valium and Hydrocodone and told me to bring it to my appointment.

Overall I was very excited.


So I woke up about 4 am and got ready to be at the office at 5:30am.

I arrived and I had to wait a little bit, not too long. Debbie was there and I bought my balance of what I still owed. She had me go into the laser room and get undressed. They took my blood pressure and she had me take 2 Hydrocodone , 1 Valium and 1 Antibiotics around 6:00am. I was very nervous but I could tell the medication started to take effect and I was calm.

The doctor came back in around 6:30 and it was time to start. He had me lay down on my back and then he showed me the needle to numb me because of the incisions he was going to make. The numb shots didn't hurt and I did not feel the incisions. Once that was done he started to fill my body with the numbing solution. This didn't hurt but it was very uncomfortable because you could feel then cannula moving and grinding. After that he took the laser and Debbie turn off the lights so I could see what it was doing. Once all those steps were done here comes the sucking out the fat. There were times were I did feel pain and the Dr. went in a numb that area so more. He had me lay on the bed across to really get in my flanks and he also did it while I was standing up. I want to say he did his best to get as much as he could.

When he was finished about 8:45am I could already see the results. My stomach was almost flat however I did have like 3 rolls of skin on me, but Debbie informed me that it was going to go away. She then put me in a small compression garment and put medical pads were the incisions were. My stomach felt like I had an epidural it was just numb. I put my clothes on and left the office.

I went to the store and got some heavy duty maxi pads because 10 mins later I was bleeding through the pads from the clinic and through my compression garment. When I made it home it was blood and fluid everywhere. OMG I wanted to take a bath so bad but I couldn't for another 24 hrs.

I was okay until about 2pm, I guess the numbing medicine was gone because I was in pain. Now it wasn't unbearable but you are going to feel it. I just took some sleeping pills and some more Hydrocodone. The best thing you can do is GO TO SLEEP, take whatever you need to knock you out. I was not able to really move that much without help, someone has to be with you at all times. You can not take off the compression garment by yourself because it hurts to bad. I really didn't have an appetite so I ate some bread.

Be prepared to bleed and leak for 24 hrs and have someone there that can take care of you.

Day 2

Omg Day 1 was a hoot!

I am feeling a little better just very sore. It feels like someone kick me in the stomach 1 millions times and now I am feeling the pain. But I am very HAPPY with the result in just two days!!!! Major change.

I stop leaking after 24 hrs and as soon as it was 8:45 I jump in the shower. Word of advice take the compression garment off by going over your head. I could not take it down 1) I have a big butt and that made it hard and 2) the compression garment is so tight that you don't want it to touch your stomach.

Massaging your body in the shower is the best feeling. It is going to hurt starting off but once you start it, its feel so good to get a massage. Remember to take those pains meds, they really do help with the pain.

I also been walking around ALOT, my body was aching so bad from laying down for so long. You want to get around and move.

1 Week Update

Ok. So I am finally feeling 70 percent better. I got the surgery done on a Thursday to make sure I had enough rest for work on Monday. I will say that you are not going to be able to move around fast. Every walk was a slow walk. When you get up from a sitting position take your time. I could actually feel my skin stretching when I got up. Which I think is a good thing because you want your skin to be tight.

Word of advice, i would take a full week off of work. You are FINE to go back in 3 days, but i was not as comfortable as I wanted to be.

Oh yeah with losing weight this did not happen for me yet. I weighed 180 before my lipo and when i weighed myself later I was 170, but then this week I was like 178. I can tell my thighs and calfs have gained weight in them. But I am fine with that, I don't want to be thin, I want to be thick and curvy and I am on my way.


Before Pics Vs Day 2

Before Pics Vs Day 2

Day 2 VS Week 1

Dr Qureshi

Debbie is very nice and down to earth. She is really selling the procedure for the clients not being able to meet the doctor during the consultation.

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