30 Year Old Mom of Three Finally Getting a Tummy Tuck! - Dallas, TX

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So I go in for my tummy tuck on September 21st at...

So I go in for my tummy tuck on September 21st at 9:30am. I am using Dr. David Godat in Dallas.

I have to say although I am very excited, I am extremely nervous.

If you had to name something(s) you wish someone would have told you what would it be?

Anything from what to do before surgery, after, just anything in general on what to expect. Dr. Godat will be using glue to close me up if anyone has had experience with that. Also he has had me start using auriderm twice a day to help minimize brusing.

Thank you all in advance!! :)

Surgery is tomorrow!

So surgery is finally tomorrow! I have to admit this has been a roller coaster of emotions. I'm scared, nervous, but excited. I'm just ready for this to be over with.

My surgeon moved the surgery time up to 8:00am instead of 9:30! :)

Will update once I feel up to it :)

I have also added my hideous before photos...can't wait to post the "afters"

Day 1 and 2 post op review

Well everyone I survived! Surgery went great! I had a full tummy tick with muscle repair. Doctor ended up removing 7lbs of scar tissue, skin, and fat.

Day one was okay mainly just slept a lot. The only pain I really felt was up by my sternum, under my breasts. Doctor said that was normal due to the muscle repair and skin stretching. I can't get up and down out of bed (or anywhere for that matter) on my own without help.Having a walker definitely helps moving around.

Day two was awful. Definitely hurt worse the next day. Instead of just upper abdomen pain I could actually feel the pain from the muscle repair. Took my first shower today, well I set in the shower chair while my best friend washed me. That ended up being a 2 hour ordeal due to the fact that once the binder came off I got really lightheaded and nauseous. Showering for the first time ever was definitely exhausting!!

I have found that codene helps a little with the pain but Valium has been my life saver as far as helping with the pain and I actually sleep on it

But so far so good. I am swollen as to be expected but extremely happy already with my results. Dr. Godat created the most perfect line when cutting me. So glad I chose him.

Here are some pics. The pic with the binder on is day 1 and the pics without the binder on are from day 2

Day 3 post op

So yesterday was day 3 post op. Pain was much more manageable. Was told that I could take a half Valium every 4 hours in between my 8 hour full dose (does that make sense?)..and since then the pain was more manageable. Also started taking ibuprofen too which has seemed to help

Finally started passing gas and that has helped a lot with my breathing. Still haven't had a BM yet. Hopefully that comes today

My energy was up more yesterday too but I felt better than what I actually was cause I tried to walk a little more (with my walker of course) than normal since I felt more energized but got exhausted pretty quick. Back pain is still hurting but it's bearable just hurts bad due to being hunched over walking and laying around most the day on it

Overall day 3 wasn't so bad.

New pic 4 days post op

So here you have it folks my before and after. I took the before pic the night before surgery and this was taken last night. Granted I am still very swollen from surgery but I am still in shock over the difference even with the swelling I have.

8 weeks post op!

Loving my results!!

Official 10 week pictures from the doctor:)

These are the official before and after pictures from the doctor :)

What a difference!! ????

Still amazed!

My mom sent me this pic this morning and 4 months later pictures like this still blow me away to the point of tears! ???? Who was that girl?! ???? I am still so thankful and blessed that I was able to have the tummy tuck done! ???? #tummytuck #worthallthepain
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