24 Yrs Old, 5'3", 128 lbs., 32B + 450cc HP Breast Augmentation. Dallas, TX

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Had a great experience with Dr. Weider and his...

Had a great experience with Dr. Weider and his staff, especially Cecilia! Dr. weider was very professional, informative, resourceful, and had good bedside manner. Cecilia, the practice manager was also very helpful, and caring. They both made me feel very comfortable, never rushing me, and making sure I got what I wanted. I would highly recommend them!

1st day Post Op

I was a 32B with a BWD of 13in before I got my breast augmentation. I had always wanted a breast augmentation since I was 18, I just couldn't afford it until now! During my pre-op I had discussed with Cecilia and Dr. Weider that I wanted to be a small/medium D. They let me try on sizers and I decided I didn't want to go past 500cc. Cecilia had highly recommended the Natrelle Inspira implants, and with my BWD being 13in, I decided to go with the 485cc Natrelle Inspira HP as my first choice (if it would fit), and the 450cc as my second choice.

The day of my surgery, I wasn't nervous until I was on the bed and they were putting the IV in, but the staff made me feel very comfortable and the anesthesiologist gave me the "happy medicine" and I was out within seconds. I woke up very thirsty, and the nurse told me that everything went well and that they went with the 450cc because the 485cc would ride to high and didn't look natural. I wanted a more natural look, so I'm happy with my results. I didn't have any nausea, and I was able to eat fine. I slept most of the day. I didn't really have any pain, just that feeling of tightness.

The day of my post-op appointment I didn't really have any pain, I could just tell that my left breast was a little more swollen than the right. Me and my boyfriend went to go eat pho before my appointment, and I wasn't in any discomfort(probably bc of the meds). During my appt., Dr. Weider and Cecilia said everything looked good, and told me that I should go buy some laxatives/stool softeners because the pain meds make you bloated and constipated. I also told Dr. Weider about my left breast being swollen and he said that it is natural, since it was two separate operations, and icing could help with the swelling. After my post-op appt. I went to Barnes and Nobles to grab a book, but didn't stay too long because I was feeling a little discomfort. Once I got home, and laid in bed I felt fine. I walked around every few hours for about 10 minutes just to get the blood flowing.

2nd Day Post Op

Felt a little more sore today, but no pain, just a little discomfort. Most likely from the tightness. Today me and my boyfriend went to go eat some thai food. I had tom kha and some egg rolls, and then afterwards went to Half Price books, walked around for about 15 min and that's when I started feeling a little nauseous. We left soon after, and once I got home I took one of my nausea pills and laid down I felt much better.
My left breast is still a little swollen, but using an ice pack has helped! I also took a stool softener last night, and that has definitely helped as well. Im liking the way my breasts look so far and Im excited to see the progress :)

3rd Day! Boobies are looking good!

My lady bits are looking good! I'm just hoping they will come closer together, I've always wanted cleavage! I stopped taking pain meds last night because I don't want to get hooked on them. I feel fine without them, just a bit of discomfort. When I stand up I feel the incision on my right breast, but when I lay down it goes away. I'm guessing that's normal .

I woke up today with my stomach rumbling, constipated -__-. I took some stool softener and drank some coffee hoping that would help. So we shall see...

The swelling on my left breast has also gone down :)

Finally BM!!

I just had one of the worst constipation moments ever. I read up on it and I probably could've prevented it if I ate more fibrous foods (yogurt, prunes...). I took some stool softeners in the morning and then had a turkey burger for lunch. After that turkey burger, I could feel the waves of pressure. I took a tablespoon of milk of magnesia, and it didn't feel like it was helping only making the pressure worse. So I went to my last resort, an enema... 2 minutes later.. BM!!
I feel SOO much better...

4th Day! Swelling down!

It's crazy that as each day goes by my boobs look different, it gets me excited! Today is the 4th day from my surgery, my belly is not as bloated, and The inflammation looks like it has gone down in both breasts! I was comparing photos from today and the day of my surgery and it looks like they are coming closer together VERY slowly! Yay!


Feeling good and back to normal tasks, but still taking it easy. I've been able to do light housework, like clean dishes, mop, cooking, but I take it easy.

The tightness doesn't really bother me, and my breasts are becoming softer each day. My nipples have been super sensitive since yesterday, but maybe it has something to do with being on my period.. Anyhow I love my new boobies :))

3 weeks and couldn't be happier :)

7 weeks post-op

Very happy with the results! I can tell they are starting to drop!

I've started working out again about a week ago. I've been doing some lighg jogging (but with two sports bras on) and some bicycling. I've gotten back into weight lifting with my lower body. With upper body exercises, I try and keep it very light.

Everything is great and I love my new boobs! I've gotten so many compliments from my girlfriends and my boyfriend :)

5 MO. POST OP :)

Its been a while since I posted on here. But I just wanted to update you guys that I am very happy with my results. My breasts look and feel so natural, and they look so proportionate to my body! Not too small and not too big, just perfect!! I'm back to working out and lifting weights, which makes me happy!

I haven't had any problems at all, and it's been such a smooth transition. Sometimes I forget that I got a BA lol!
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