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Today is 9/20/10 and I am one week pre-surgery. My...

Today is 9/20/10 and I am one week pre-surgery. My surgery date is set for next monday the 27th. I am excited and nervous at the same time. My Dr has me taking juice plus and bromelain twice a day. They say this will help with the swelling afterwords. I am getting a full tummy tuck with lipo in the adominal, love handles and inner thighs. I have really high expectations and hope that this surgery lives up to them. I just turned 41 and want my body to look 25. I have 3 children and it shows.

Wednesday, 9/22/10 Today is Wednesday,5 days to go...

Wednesday, 9/22/10 Today is Wednesday,5 days to go and I am getting very nervous. My mind is racing 90 miles a minute. Starting to think about everything I will need to have get to be prepared for next week. I will need to have food prepared and in the freezer for the family. Probably need to to get more sweats or loose fitting clothes. Need to get a cute pair of panties to take to show the Dr. where I would like my scar. Based off what I have learned off this website, I will need to get some surgical pads since I will be leaking and don't want to get any on my couch. I talked with the Dr. about the lift recliner and the toiled seat. He said not to get any of those things because he wants me to work my muscles. My mom is coming from out of town to help take care of me. (Gotta love the mom!) If anyone has any advice I am open to them. Thanks for the support.

Today is 10/7/10 and I am a week and a half out....

Today is 10/7/10 and I am a week and a half out. Thank god for this website because as things came up I knew it was normal by reading the stories that were on here. So I will take you back to the day of the surgery and bring you up to date. I was a nervous wreck that morning and could barely sleep the night before. I got to the surgery center and they took me back and got me ready. The ladies at the center were all telling me their stories. Almost all of them have it done. They all look great so that helped alot. When I woke up I was in my room at the center and I was feeling grogy. I immediatly looked down and was so pleased to see how thin I was. I knew the swelling had not kicked in yet so I just sat and stared at myself. Then reality sat in when the nausea sat in. They gave me a suppository and that stopped that. After a few dry heaves I realized that I never wanted that pain again so I chose not to take the pain medicine. I have survived on Tylenol alone. I did not want to risk getting sick.

I have days that I just sit and cry and wonder why I did this to myself. The back pain at times is unbearable. I have learned that the more I walk the better it gets. I got the first drain out on Friday and then the other one out yesterday. What a relief. It does not hurt to hahve them removed. If anyone takes something away from my story it should be take your stool softners and then start taking laxatives a few days afterwards. You will be extremely uncomfortable from being backed up. Picture this: you are consitpated, and when you think you finally need to go you have no muscle strength to push and your butt is being pushed together by the body suit you are wearing. Not a good combination. I finally had to resort to my fleet friend. I feel like a whole new woman and I am sure I lost 5 pounds. The other really weird thing for me is when I expose my tummy and someone touches it I get the dizzies and almost pass out. It doesn't hurt it is just weird feeling because it is knumb and then it tingles. The doctor said that it is normal and it will pass.

I moved from the couch to the bed last night and that was very nice. I still have my back and legs propped up. I am looking forward to the time that I can actually stretch my legs out and lay flat. Cold compressed help the back muscles relax. I was feeling big yesterday so measured my tummy which I also did before the surgery. I was 39 1/2 around my belly button area and I was 43 before. So I that is 3 1/2" even with the swelling. It is nice to have small positive things like that to keep you going. I am scheduled to have the stitches removed on Monday. That I am somewhat nervous about about. I will post pictures as soon I can stomach having my bodysuit off.

Monday,10/11/10 2 weeks post op. I went today and...

Monday,10/11/10 2 weeks post op. I went today and had my stiches removed. Did not hurt at all. In fact I didn't even feel it. I love the staff at Dr. H's office. My scar is looking wonderful and they said to start taking baths now. I have to do that for 7 -10 days to get the sterry strips off then we will start the silicone strips. I can start light exercising now and get to sleep like a normal person again. I realize that I won't be able to lay totally flat but just knowing its ok to makes it all better.

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I had a breast enlargement in 2000 and that went very well. I decided to go back to Dr. H for this procedure. Dr. H is very caring and his office staff is top notch.

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