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Power Assisted Lipo (tickle lipo) on Flanks on...

Power Assisted Lipo (tickle lipo) on Flanks on 9/29/2011

First off, I wasn't really interested in lipo. I thought I looked fine. I work out a lot. This means that i've done an ironman, several half ironmans, over 100 multi-sport races, done really well and accumulated many awards. So unlike a lot of people who claim they work out, I've actually been working out hard for over 10years! 12 miles runs, 100 mile bike rides, hard core weight sessions, etc. But even hard workouts will not get rid of all the fat, or maybe it will, but I'd need another few years to accomplish it.

So my GF told me about a co-worker having lipo one day and looking good. That co-worker later sent her a buywithme deal. She came home and told me about it. I had her forward the email to me. It was for $999 flanks only with Power Assisted Lipo(tickle lipo). I figured WTH? I had the money and If she wanted to have hers done, I'd do mine too. So we each purchased the deal and called the following day to schedule consults and find out if we were candidates. Now, the woman we spoke with prior to the dr didn't really seem to know what she was talking about outside of her own experience. She said she had it done and dropped from a size 12 to a 2. Because if you take in protein and exercise after the lipo, you will drop tons of weight after. blah blah blah, First off, if she was a size 2, then I'm superman and can fly. She was a 6 on a good day, and easily an 8, still attractive though. So the Dr comes in and tells me he can do my flanks no problem. I was concerned that getting lipo would not do me any good because I have loose skin since at one point in time I was 275lbs no muscle and had a 42in waist, now I'm 215 with a 34in waist. He told me that even if I later had a abdominoplasty, I'd still need the lipo, so this would not hurt me. Now, I tried to research this guy, because he said something to me that didn't make sense. He mentioned that when he noticed his abs getting flabby, he does crunches, etc. Now, I train people and I can tell you that doing ab exercises doesn't do anything for fat over your mid-section but make it more noticable. I've heard other Doctors mention doing ab work to trim a midsection and I forgive them as being ignorant, but I felt a PS doing lipo should know better.

Even after my concerns, I still went forward because I felt that even if there was no results, I'd only be out $999. If he just removed a little bit of fat, that would be a little bit less that I'd need to workoff. After reading about the procedure on the net, I felt like I knew enough to know what to look for during the procedure.

On the Monday prior, I had my bodyfat tested, I was at 10%. On the day of the lipo, I went to work and left at noon. My appt was 2:00. We arrived at 1:15 to an empty office. I was worried that no one was there. But a little after 2, the staff opened the window. They were back there with the lights off. I took my drugs and was called back 10 min later. I changed into a robe and waited another 5 min. I then walked to another room and got on the table. The injections were not bad, but I have a high pain tolerance. There were three times that he jabbed in areas that were not numbed and I jumped a little bit. Other than that, it was not painful at all. After I was flipped over, I was able to look at the cannister and watch the fat being sucked out.

After he finished, the nurse cleaned me up a little and then applied the bandages. She left me with some wipes to finish up while I got dressed. Prior to dressing, I took pictures of the cannister for proof as to what was done. I got dressed, put on the garmet, and went home. I went to work the next day and was back to working out 3 days later.

You can PM me for a link to my website that shows my workouts so you can see that was back to streneous exercise in no time. I feel great now and felt fine the day after. Was it worth it? I think so, my GF notices a difference. I can't really notice it by looking, but I have a tight fitting tech shirt that is now loose. So the size has gone down and I'm still swollen. I'm patient and I have no problem with waiting the months it takes to fully recover.

28 days out now. I'm still happy. The swelling has...

28 days out now. I'm still happy. The swelling has gone down and I don't have any numbness anymore. There is still some slight swelling. I know the DR could have removed more fat. If I had paid the $4000 that he normally charges, I'd be so F'ing pissed, but I'm happy that right now my flanks look better, and I didn't have any complications. It's been ruff wearing compression for 28 days. I'll be able to stop wearing compression this week! However, I think the compression is what keeps the swelling down. So I'll see how it goes. I'm uploading new pics. I had smart lipo also, so these same pics are under my smart-lipo review.
Otoniel Huertas

Dr's maximize their time by not spending time on things that others can handle. The dr did not rush me and listened to what I had to say and was willing to answer any questions I had. It's just that I didn't have any questions because I'd done a lot of research on lipo. So since I didn't spend any time talking him up, I can't rate him anything other than average.

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