Thighs and Knees Resculptsure W Liposuction - Dallas, TX

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I'm so excited for my procedure today! Dr. Steven...

I'm so excited for my procedure today! Dr. Steven White did my tummy tuck in 2013 and it's beautiful. My legs are thick and he is going to resculptsure them! Then compression hose for weeks! Wahoo! I'll keep ya posted. Is it weird that I'm so confident this will be perfect that I'm already planning my next project? A neck lift!


I'm on day 3 after liposculpting completed with the utmost care and precision by Dr. Steven White. There is not a doubt in my mind about how great I'm going to look when the swelling goes down. I've followed every step to the letter and drive to see him the day after surgery. We were both excited to see no bruising whatsoever.

Thighs and knees liposculpture

Definitely worth it for me! Dr. White put me into super duper compression to keep everything compacted while healing. 2nd visit back since my surgery and now 2 1/2 weeks for the next visit! I hear that results take exactly three months :). Information came from 2 sources! I'll keep everyone posted. I don't have before pictures of my legs but I'll get some from the dr next time I am there.

Dr. White is the best! I've been following results of other tummy tucks since mine in 2013 and I've never seen better. I'm so grateful and lucky to have found a double board certified perfectionist...

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