Very disappointed with Dr John Burns! - Dallas, Texas

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I went last Wednesday June 19th for my preop appt....

I went last Wednesday June 19th for my preop appt. I had already emailed dr burns back and forth several times before we even met! That was a good first impression. I decided I wanted to use Dr burns after seeing his before and afters and reading his glowing reviews on many websites. Then I find out he also does pediatric cosmetic surgery on babies that have vascular birth defects AND Dr Burns volunteers with one of his PS partners to perform surgeries for people in poor underdeveloped countries! Wow! His bedside manner IS second to none. I drove 2 hours to see Dr Burns and it was definately worth it! During my preop we decided on Mentor HP Cohesive gel unders. I told Dr Burns I wanted to look like Salma Hyack and even brought pics of what I wanted.

Friday- surgery day (posted a little late)

I arrived at Dallas Plastic Surgery Center at 1130am and only waited for 5-10 before before being called into the back. I had a two hour drive to get to Dallas so I was already anxious. The nurse took my blood pressure temp and weighed me. I weighed 139 since I've had no food or water for 18 hours! I was given thigh high compression stockings to prevent blood clots then slipper socks to put over them. Then the wait continued. After 20 minutes the anethisologist came in to start my IV. I am a very difficult stick and today being I was dehydrated made my IV the most difficult part or the surgery. The anesthesiologist was super nice. She explained everything she would be doing and what to expect when I woke up. She said I may feel scared when I wake up because of pressure but that was completely normal. She even apologized for me having tiny squiggly veins and told me she's usually the good guy. After a couple sticks and digs she finally got a pediatric line in and I got up and walked into the operating room. In my hometown operating rooms are in the basement of the hospital. This operating room was beautiful. It was an all glass corner suite on the 6th floor in downtown Dallas. The nurse made sure she let me know that no one could see in- not that I really cared. I was ready for my new boobs! I was helped onto the operating table and a heated blanket was put on me. The anesthesiologist said she was giving me a benzo thru IV to relax me then she put oxygen over my face. A few minutes later she gave me what I am guessing was propaphol ("Michael Jackson") and I was out. I woke up what seemed like a second later in recovery. I immediately remembered anethisologist telling me about pressure. And I felt it. Every deep breath caused more pressure. On a scale of 1-10 I was feeling a 3 for pain. I wanted to look at my new boobs so bad but was scared to move. I had read so many stories of people waking up n pain and didnt want to disturb Anything. The dr asked if I hurt I said yes (although looking back I think I was more scared of hurting than truly hurting so nurse gave me an oral Valium and IV dilaudid. 30 minutes later I assisted in getting dressed and finally saw them- i was grinning from ear to ear. I finally had enough courage to touch them! I finally had full boobs again!! Then I got into a wheel chair and was wheeled off to my car. Because I lived so far away we chose to stay in the 5star assisted living facility located walking distance from surgical center. What a great choice. We had a nice suite in a medically staffed facility that was used to catering to plastic surgery patients. They even had 5-6 extra pillows there waiting on me and served me dinner in my room. Before surgery I selected steak potatoes peas Cesar salad and strawberry shortcake for both me and my husband. I brought ginger ale and saltines in case I was nauseated but after missing several meals I went straight for the real food and ate every single bite. And it was delicious. And for anyone having surgery there at Dallas plastic surgery center I HIGHLY recommend staying at the assisted living facility. Not only were the rates outstanding ($120 a night) the fact that We could park 10 feet from entrance to our room and not have to walk through a hotel lobby.

First night post op -Friday June 21st

I had a remarkable first night- I has ZERO PAIN! I was very consistent in taking lortab every 4 hours and Valium every 8 hours plus took my anti nausea medicine even tho I want nauseated. I felt some pressure and felt exactly like I did when I was drying up my milk after nursing my son for 18 months. I am here to give you ladies hope. I was terrified of pain and had none. After eating full meal at 5 pm I rode with husband around midnight to get some more food. I kept expecting the pain to hit thinking the local was about to wear off and the pain never came.

More preop pics

Here's another sad deflated preop pic

First post op pic

This is the first post op pic taken 2 hours post op

Still pain free

I am so excited. I love my new boobs and am very confident on the 500 CC cohesive gel size

4 hours post op

Still no pain??? I keep waiting for it to hit- They r very heavy but no pain!

3rd day post op

I know what morning boob is all about now. I still keep expecting the pain to come. Am I through that window or am I am going to be surprised later. I went for a pedicure and light shopping yesterday. Bought a few more bras as surgical one is very tight and the $50 under armour bra is too small. Luckily I kept receipt and tags on. My PS nurse recommended coobie so maybe I will order one tonorrw. Off to Walmart I went and guess what. All the big boobie sports bras were on $5 clearance rack. I bought Hanes bras n 2 packs for $5 and bought 3-4 if them. They are definately for BA boobs as soneone that's a 34 DDD without BA would not get enough lift. Anyways- shopping and eating is about all I've done. I even stopped my office to show my off and took my daughter to red lobster. I'm tired and incisions sting a little today. By the way I took shower last night and it felt great.

The bruising appeared today :(

The PS nurse told me to watch out for hematoma and today i got a little worried. I took pics and emailed and nurse said it is normal bruising. I've been taking arnica and using arnica gel and taking bromelian. Bruising doesn't hurt but incisions sting a tiny bit. Anyone else had great look till third day

Going back to work tomorrow

I am a manager at a car dealership and must return to work tonorrow. I went in for hour today and had no problems. I'm still taking Valium twice a day and lortab three times a day. I don't know if I really need them just don't want to start hurting after having no pain. Recommendations? Ibuprofen is my preferred medication yet I have heard its bit appropriate post op. I'm mentally fine on hydrocodone tho I'm considering limiting Valium for bedtime only. I've been wearing a VS bombshell bra for 6 months so there's no huge difference in preop and postop size other they r still riding high. Wore a baggy tshirt today and looked normal. I've never since recovery room wore button up shirt. Not by choice. My husband had my clothes in waiting room in was to wear home so recovery room nurse just assisted me in getting in regular tshirt which didn't hurt at all. I read of others wearing bands to help them drop. Should I do this, go braless at night or just keep wearing bra for two weeks like PS instructed.

Left nipple numbness

I keep saying I've had no pain but I do have conplete numbness in left nipple. Is this normal? I has infra mammary incision sub pectoral

I can hide them well under clothes

After wearing VS bombshell bra for past 6-12 months my new boobs do not stand out. In fact my coworkers couldn't even believe I wanted BA. Said my boobs looked good. Now that they finally do look good i plan on showing them my before pics today.

4 days post op 34 DDD

Had slight burning in right breast after working 8-10 hours and driving today. Still haven't experienced any true paid. Only took 2 pain pills and 4 Tylenol plus muscle relaxer today.

Still feeling good

This is day 5 post op. I returned to work full time at 4 days post op and today is my second 10 hour day. My incisions have begun itching today. Not unbearable by any means. I am taking tons of vitamins and homeopathic supplements and am still bruising. Don't know if it would've been worse without. Wish they would drop a little but still very happy

Bruising update

These look like they hurt but don't

Bali comfort revolution

I was getting SOOO tired of sports bras. I've read alot of good reviews on Coobie bras but was scared to buy one online without trying it out. This one looked just like it and was $25 at JC Penneys. It was pricier than coobie which by the way has a buy one get on free coupon code n Parents Magazine (PBOGO) but I'm glad I bought it. Most comfortable bra EVER!!

Steri strips came off

I have been itching soooo bad. I "assisted" it by washing it obsessively Nurse said it should stay on 10 days but my body has never liked adhesive anything

Steri strips off

This is the other one. This one looks better- haven't has post op appt. can I start using scar reducer? Any suggestions

2 weeks post op

I haven't updated in a few days and I know how much I enjoyed reading others updates so that I would know what to expect. My first 10 days were uneventful and pretty much pain free. I think that I have decided it was because my nerves were all throught "cut through" and therefore I could not feel much. Now I feel as if they are "growing back" and Im getting some uncomfortable feelings- not extremely painful but they are sore. Also- they sweat like CRAZY making my incisions get wet which makes them sore. I have started implant displacement exercises ( I refuse to call something uncomfortable a massage) and while they aren't painful either they definitely are NOT a massage. I have resumed having sex and while my husband was not an advocate of BA he sure is enjoying them as am I. I have tried several types of sports bra and while some are confortable at beginning of day my Underarmour ($50 at academy) is the one that keeps them happiest at end of day. Wearing a seatbelt doesn't feel good as I think nerves are regenerating where seatbelt rubs and nipples hurt when touched. They have fallen a lot and I hope they only fall a little more as I like them where they are located now. I had gone in asking if I need lift and dr said he thought I would be happier with BA only as I was borderline but scarring would be worse with lift. I will take some pic soon and post

New pics - sorry mirror at work is dirty

I took these pics today in mirror. My right side is still a little higher. They r dropping more. I hope they don't drop much more. I'm SUPER TIRED of sports bras. I need a smaller band bra. My boobs fall out bottom now that swelling has gone down. Don't know if swelling was tremendous or I'm just getting used to size but they feel alot smaller. Still a little sore. Driving and riding in car for more than an hour hurts more than housecleaning.

Braless pic today at work

Sorry the mirror at work is dirty. Didnt realize how bad till cropping these pics

Incision pics almost 3 weeks post op

4 weeks post op

It's been 4 weeks today and I have no more uncomfortable days. Incisions look good and don't hurt anymore. I tried wearing a band to assist right breast (pictured backwards due to taking pic n mirror mode ) but band made me sore and dr didn't tell me too. Over all. Very happy. Can't wait to wear "real" bra!!!

5 weeks post op

Feeling good. Tried on my moms "real" bra and was happy the way looked. Wearing sports bra 24 hours a day keeps the compressed. They look soooo much better n real bra. One more week ! This one is a little small but still gives me an idea of what's to come.

Very unhappy with sagging to my my elbow

As you can see my breasts look like "cow udders" now. Please read my updated original review. I am now awaiting two surgeries to correct the one BA I had 7 months ago. I had asked should I have a lift with original surgery and was advised no. Now I have to have implants removed so I can have a lift and them wait 3-6 months for Healing ( with no implants) and then surgery number 3 (all within a year) and totally $12k so that my breasts do not hang to my elbows. My preop breasts look good in a push up bra and now finding 32 G/H bras to lift them causes raw spots on my shoulders. I will update in the future as I'm going for opinion number 3 next week. Advice: go with your own instinct on what's best for you because the dr doesn't always know best.
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

I originally thought this was and Excellent dr with an Excellent staff. I originally said it was Great overall experience. I drove over 150 miles to use what I thought was a wonderful surgeon. I decided I wanted to use Dr burns after seeing his before and afters and reading his reviews. I am now changing my review after 6 months. I had originally asked if I should have a BA alone or with a lift. After seeing my pics via email I was told BA only and although I thought I needed a lift but went with the advice of dr. My immediate post op results were nice. High and round like I wanted. However week after they became saggier and saggier. I had asked for DD and now have to buy special bras as I have saggy G/H cups with a 32 band size. My breasts now hang down to my elbows! After seeking two second opinions I am being told that my behind the muscle silicone implants are not behind the muscle and that my pockets were made too low. My only way to repair this is to now have two more surgeries- one to have my implants removed for 3-6 so a lift/ reduction can done and allowed to heal and them pay for yet a third surgery to have implants out back in. Again after receiving this devestating news I sent pics to dr burns office and asked what they recommend and I was sent an $8000 estimate to have a lift. While I do know that there are no "guarantees" in cosmetic surgery I have been told by not one but two ps that I definitely should've originally been advised to have lift with BA. My coworker who had the exact same presurgical size and shape as me had a lollipop life with her BA and looks amazing and now I am having to plan two more surgeries and am very upset. My implant "pockets" were placed too low and what was supposed to be "behind the muscle" now looks like "rocks in a sock" with implants that have fallen over 8-10 inches. I really wish I would've been adamant about the lift originally . So I guess this is partly my fault. Although I am very embarrassed by my looks I will post pics so others can see. I wear a bra 24/7 as the skin on my upper breast pull so much and my shoulders have huge indentions from holding up such tremendous weight- they are actually raw skin! While my results may not be typical of this dr I feel everyone need to see my end results while searching for a PS and deciding what surgery to actually have- I relied heavily on reviews from others and was shocked when my quote for corrective surgery was higher from my original surgeon for one surgery than my two second opinions for two surgeries for other well known and reviewed PS. I am hesitant to return to the same PS that did original BA- especially since he recommended only one surgery while both other PS Said combo lift with implants put back in would not be a good idea. Next week I will seek yet a third opinion and will continue to update. I hope I have good news yet after reading pros of two stage lift I am leaning towards this as before it's all over I will have ended up spending close to $13k and going "under the knife" three times is around a year. I welcome any opinions or advice.

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