Breast Augmentation at 44 - Dallas, TX

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Finally decided on a doctor to do my breast...

Finally decided on a doctor to do my breast augmentation, Dr. Frederick Lester. I absolutely love his bedside manner. His nurse is so lovely, helpful, patient, understanding. She really looks after you, very attentive. There is more I wish to say about decision-making process and why Dr. Lester is the plastic surgeon for me. Updates and photos coming soon!

Breast Augmentation Decisions and Surgery Date

After getting my first consult with Dr. Lester, I got a second consult with a doctor who uses 3-D imaging. The image showed what my own body might look like with a 330 and a 345 implant (this image is supposed to be 97% accurate, something close that any). While this imaging was helpful and needed, it was not enough to help me get comfortable or set on implant size or make a final decision about a doctor. Hence, I went back to Dr. Lester and tried on some sizers (275 and then up 325). Insofar as sizers are helpful, I realized I wouldn't want to go much bigger than 325. (I do take it as a good sign that both doctors recommended 325 for implant size!). While the second doctor's technique allows you to get back to driving and what-not within 24 hours, I just clicked better with Dr. Lester and his staff. And, well, he is about 1500$ less. I'd rather take a few days longer to heal than spend an extra 1500$, especially since I plan to have eyelid surgery within weeks.

Dr. Lester rightly stated that I have to allow him some artistic license, aesthetic and professional judgment. He said I will have cleavage when wearing certain tops/supports, that people will notice me when I walk in the room, but that I will not look like a porn start or stripper who has gone way out on an extreme with breast augmentation. I'm trying to strike a balance between standing out/popping out in the breast area and being an eye sore! He assures me that the final size he selects will meet my desires and be in tune with my concerns.

Tired of Life-time Bags: Surgery Scheduled!

I have been told I look tired way too often. And the truth is, I do. I have bags under my eyes that make me look other than I feel and am. My eyelids are totally out of sync with rest of my facial features and skin. Looking so forward to finally getting rid of them with Dr. Paul Pin. I will post pre-pop pics soon.

Some of my data points

I was asked by someone to provide some data points so that she can compare herself to mine. Let me know if you want me to add anything!

Height: 5 feet 2 inches
Weight: 111 (fluctuates between 110 and 113)
Bone structure: small
In case you missed it: 44
Children: two (early twenties)
Breast feeding: tried for one day with first and then switched to bottles, so not really
Breast lift: not needed nor recommended


I'm really curious about the immediate, short-term, and long-term outcome post-op. I read the following:

"Two groups of women who seem to have the most difficulty in choosing the "right" size are the women who are very afraid of being too large and those who want to be quite large. The former tend to want implants in the 180 to 250 cc range. These are the smaller implants and are often chosen by slim or athletic women who definitely want to look natural and not be seen as having had breast augmentation. They are usually happy with the results, but in my experience are more likely after the surgery and living for some time with the implants, to feel that they should have gone bigger, or request re-augmentation with larger implants."

I think I fit both categories of women: I'm AFRAID of being TOO LARGE but at the same time I DO WANT TO BE LARGE! I don't think I want to be JUST LARGER: LOL SMH!

I'd rather error on the side of having improved volume and size with the possibility of going up a size or two later than starting off with a size I think is too big. Hoping for results I love the first time....

3D Images from doctor I didn't go with

As mentioned elsewhere, I got a consult with a very well-known doctor who does ONLY breast augmentation (he has written text books and articles on the topic). He says the images (above of before and after) are around 97% accurate in showing you what you will like. His method allows for 24-hour recovery. That said, as mentioned elsewhere, I decided to go with another doctor. My only complaint about 3d-imaging is that I NEED to be able to see what I would like like with a tank top on as well as a lose blouse (pull over and button up) and maybe even lose and fitted sweaters. That said, the images did help me in my final decision and in establishing a comfort level with size.

Done, more details

Glad surgery is finally done, as of 10:30am on 10/7. Dr. Lester inserted Mentor Round Moderate Profile silicone implants, 375cc each. Ive had zero pain from the incisions. However, there has been immense pressure on my chest and bit of soreness on the upper outer sides. Doing a lot of shallow breathing. I've managed to eat some soup and a little fried rice and a youvurt today. I've snoozed but not slept. I even went for a slow 20 min walk outside. My boyfriend has been just awesome. Worried about the pain the next two days????????????

Topless Day1

Decided I want to document the healing and settling process from day one.

Days 2 and 3

Pic of wounds from three days post op

Wow pic from four days post op

7 days later

Feeling great! One more week before I can do some cycling and inclined walking intervals at the gym. 10/7 surgery: 10-14 pics standing up.

Pics laying down 7 days later

Some bras from Target

These are much better than sports bras and can be worn with more tops.

Just some photo updates at Day 8

Just a progress pic, no bra

Gym clothing pic

Still 2-4 weeks to go before I am able to hit the weights again at LA Fitness. I like the way my girls look in my Golds shirt, which I do wear to LA Fitness ????????

15 days po and some comments

Well, it has been 15 days. At first I was totally excited about my boobs post op. They seemed really big and out there but not extreme. 7 days post-op I began to feel like they were getting too small. I felt like they had less projection, less volume. But now, especially at Day 15, I am again happy with how things are looking. Doc said it would be about three weeks before I saw what they're going to pretty much look like. I'm really liking the way they look in certain tops and I like the fact that I can hide them in other tops. I didn't have any pain of any kind really the first few days: just the tightness and the heaviness that you may have read about. 5 days later I went to the fair and walked around: I felt like gravity was pulling my implants down and outward, making in my sternum hurt so bad. The ride home was rough. I had to hold them so that bumps in the road didn't move or jolt them but that didn't help too much. The last few days I have had more pain on the sides and in the armpit area of my breast/chest. This made I difficult to sweep the floor and do dishes. The day of this post my armpits hurt while driving. Otherwise, I feel good.

3-week update

My implants are still dropping and hopefully I'm still fluffing out. I really like the way they look today. I have had pain or some kind of discomfort every day for the last few days. I feel sore in my armpits when I'm driving. It is tolerable and I'm not taking any kind of pain medication. I Try not to overdo it.

3 month update

Here I am at about three months. Actually, I'm a little bit over three months. For a while I was a 32 DDD. But now I seem to be in between a 32 double DD and a 32DDD: It really depends. As I read somewhere else in real self, I did not know that 32 triple D is a rare size. I'm fairly happy with my outcomes. I wish that I looks like a 32 triple D with a regular underwire that is not padded. But I can always pump them up a bit with a padded bra padded push-up bra I mean. Also, I wish it was a little easier for me to have cleavage but my anatomy is such that my breast are naturally spread apart. So, you girls with breast are close together or we are lucky. I am very happy overall with the projection and side boob. And that goes for any bright I'm wearing including sports bras. I can make my boobs look huge with a double padded push-up bra, I can make them look real natural with a sports bra, and of course I can make them almost invisible with a wired regular bra. I got the 325 implants and I do wish I gotten the 375's. But I often look at my past pictures and then I look at what I can do with the push-up bra and I'm very happy overall.
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Doctor is NOT Paul Pin. Come on Real Self. It's Dr. Frederick Lester.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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