Breast Augmentation at 44 - Dallas, TX

Finally decided on a doctor to do my breast...

Finally decided on a doctor to do my breast augmentation, Dr. Frederick Lester. I absolutely love his bedside manner. His nurse is so lovely, helpful, patient, understanding. She really looks after you, very attentive. There is more I wish to say about decision-making process and why Dr. Lester is the plastic surgeon for me. Updates and photos coming soon!

Breast Augmentation Decisions and Surgery Date

After getting my first consult with Dr. Lester, I got a second consult with a doctor who uses 3-D imaging. The image showed what my own body might look like with a 330 and a 345 implant (this image is supposed to be 97% accurate, something close that any). While this imaging was helpful and needed, it was not enough to help me get comfortable or set on implant size or make a final decision about a doctor. Hence, I went back to Dr. Lester and tried on some sizers (275 and then up 325). Insofar as sizers are helpful, I realized I wouldn't want to go much bigger than 325. (I do take it as a good sign that both doctors recommended 325 for implant size!). While the second doctor's technique allows you to get back to driving and what-not within 24 hours, I just clicked better with Dr. Lester and his staff. And, well, he is about 1500$ less. I'd rather take a few days longer to heal than spend an extra 1500$, especially since I plan to have eyelid surgery within weeks.

Dr. Lester rightly stated that I have to allow him some artistic license, aesthetic and professional judgment. He said I will have cleavage when wearing certain tops/supports, that people will notice me when I walk in the room, but that I will not look like a porn start or stripper who has gone way out on an extreme with breast augmentation. I'm trying to strike a balance between standing out/popping out in the breast area and being an eye sore! He assures me that the final size he selects will meet my desires and be in tune with my concerns.

Tired of Life-time Bags: Surgery Scheduled!

I have been told I look tired way too often. And the truth is, I do. I have bags under my eyes that make me look other than I feel and am. My eyelids are totally out of sync with rest of my facial features and skin. Looking so forward to finally getting rid of them with Dr. Paul Pin. I will post pre-pop pics soon.

Some of my data points

I was asked by someone to provide some data points so that she can compare herself to mine. Let me know if you want me to add anything!

Height: 5 feet 2 inches
Weight: 111 (fluctuates between 110 and 113)
Bone structure: small
In case you missed it: 44
Children: two (early twenties)
Breast feeding: tried for one day with first and then switched to bottles, so not really
Breast lift: not needed nor recommended
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

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