I am 5'2 weighing in at 136 pounds. - 3 weeks PO - Dallas, TX

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First of all-let me say I am not crabby (well,...

First of all-let me say I am not crabby (well, sometimes I am) and my name is not patty. My daughter likes spongebob. :)

I have really enjoyed browsing this website and reading women's stories on why they choose to get a tummy tuck and the recovery period afterword. The stories are relatable so I hope mine is too.

I am 37 years old with three kids. My oldest will be 10 shortly, and I have a 17 month old and a 5 month old. Yes, just 11 months apart and I had c-sections with all three of them. I am 5'2 weighing in at 136 pounds. My husband says I have a stocky cheerleader build, so 136 pounds on me is decent (I wear a 4-6). I am not the type of woman who can walk into a hospital, have a baby, and walk out wearing my size 6 jeans. After each of my pregnacies, I still looked pregnant for a while.

After I had my oldest, I lost the weight pretty well. I never did make it back to what I was when I got pregnant with her (I was 126 pounds). But I got darn close. I had the pooch for sure but I was able to get it pretty small. My ex-husband once pointly looked at my middle when I was holding our daughter, raised an eyebrow then looked away...he wasn't a very nice man which is why I am not married to him anymore. Anyway, after our divorce, I met my husband and we have been married just a tad over two years. We decided to have children right away and planned every detail and sure enough we were blessed with two gorgeous and healthy babies. Because I got pregnant with my 5 month old when my middle one was only three months old, I hadn't lost all the pregnacy weight yet, however I did maintain a healthy weight during all of my pregnancies but I did get pretty darn huge and held it all in my middle.

I am proud to say after a lot of hard work and sheer determination, I am back down to with-in 4 pounds of what I was when I got married which is 132. Then why don't my clothes fit right? Oh yeah, from all the blubber in my middle! When I pick my babies up and hold them....they have a built-in cushy seat attached to mommy! I still look pregnant even though I have lost all my baby weight. I hate it!

So, I have decided to do something about it. Getting a tummy tuck only just really occured to me about a month ago. I am very OCD so once I get my mind hooked on something, I become really hooked. I have done my homework and I feel confident in my decision to go forward with this. Sure, I am nervous and scared, I wouldn't be human if I wasn't but I am confident.

I want this for myself but I also want this for my husband. We are very much in love and we are very passionate both physically and emotionally. Our physical attraction is pretty hot and I can't help but wonder how this tummy tuck will enhance it. My husband says that I look great and that I don't need this done and I know he means it because he can't keep his hands off me. :) This only fuels my fire to look better to him. Make no mistake, I am doing this for myself, but it will sure be fun to watch his reaction to my new flat tummy.

Anyway, that is my story in a nutshell and the reasons why I have chosen to have this surgery. I love my kids with all of my heart, but boy, they did a number on me! My husband is sexy, handsome, and wonderful...I want to keep the fire burning.

By the way, I booked the consult four weeks ago, had the consult earlier this week and scheduled the surgery the next day for the end of August. It is going very fast, but that is how I roll. I will post before pictures soon and of-course after pictures once the surgery is done. Plus, I will write my experience down for anyone to read if they wish. Have a great day!!

Three weeks from Monday!!!! OMG!!

I got my patient packet in the mail yesterday....

I got my patient packet in the mail yesterday. Kinda made it more official; I felt my eyes go big in my head as looked through all the info. My heart likely skipped a few beats as well......

The info was very informative; a lot of it is common sense and a lot of it is the same info as a c-section. I did read however that my doctor recommends Bromelain and Arnica Montana to be taken after surgery. They both reduce swelling and bruising. Since so many of you report you have had swell hell, I thought I would give it a shot. Found them today at the vitamin store and I also started taking vitamin C today as was recommended. Has anyone else taken these products? If so, did you notice a difference? I suppose anything is worth a shot....

3 weeks from tomorrow! 6:30 am!!!

So, I woke up this morning wondering to myself if...

So, I woke up this morning wondering to myself if I was going to tell my secret to people I know when they comment on how great I look after giving birth 5 months ago.....I might just smile and say thanks and keep my tummy tuck secret to myself!

To tell or not to tell.....

I'm starting to get super excited....and a...

I'm starting to get super excited....and a little scared. Ok., alot scared. The other day, I was really thinking about calling the whole thing off and just eating my $1000 down payment. But, the thought only lasted a second. I can't wait until my pre-op appointment next Monday.

I weigh 136 and my goal for surgery is 130. I am stuck and have not lost weight this past week even though I am trying. I am frustrated. Surgery is two weeks away.....6 pounds to go.

I made arrangements for my daughter's friend to pick her up for school and bring her home for the first two weeks so I don't have to lift my babies in and out of the car twice a day. My friend, my mom and my sister all have assigned days for the first week, (my husband is taking the first two days off) but the second week, I am on my own. It will be a holiday weekend so I will have 4 days with the babies with no help before the weekend again. It's ok. I can do it. I didn't have much help after my c-sections as my husband can't take much time off. Life goes on, right? The bright side is that I will be forced to get back in the swing of things which will promote quicker healing. I really believe this. I bounced back pretty darn quick after my c-sections because I was up doing things a mom has to do. Anyway, two weeks to go and I can't wait.

I had my pre-op appointment yesterday. Seemed very...

I had my pre-op appointment yesterday. Seemed very surreal. I am nervous but excited. I got my prescriptions filled so now I just wait. I had the strangest dream last night....I dreamt I had my surgery, but nothing changed. I still had the pooch and overhanging skin on my tummy. Thank goodness it was just a dream!

My husband and I went on a date this past Saturday night and we are going on another one this Saturday night....I need to have some fun and a few drinks to calm my nerves before the big day which is MONDAY! Can't wait to go on more dates later wearing a sexy top that I look great in and that I feel confident in!

Oh my, starting to get nervous. My tummy tuck is...

Oh my, starting to get nervous. My tummy tuck is on Monday. Today is Saturday. We are running a few errands today, taking the kids to bonkers, hubby and I are going out tonight for drinks, tomorrow is church then clean the house and do laundry then Monday we have to be at the surgery center at 5:30am. Wow. I am excited for sure but nervous. Surely the recovery will be a blur because I have three kids then months will go by and it will all seem like a distant memory....right?

On a more serious note....my prayers go out
for the people on the East coast dealing with the hurricane.

Well, I'm about to go to sleep (hopefully)...

Well, I'm about to go to sleep (hopefully) then up early and off for surgery. I will be glad to have it done so I can begin the healing process. My anethesiologist just called to go over what she will be doing then my PS got on the line to ask if I had any questions.....I couldn't think of a single one. Anyway, thanks for all the good luck sent my way and I will get more pics posted soon. I did post more that I took tonight. Can't wait to see what I look like after! OMG!!

Hey yall. My surgery went great this morning. I...

Hey yall. My surgery went great this morning. I wasn't even nervous at all. It was funny though when the anethesiologist was in the room talking to my husband about how redheads are tougher to numb and that's all I remember. Had no clue when they wheeled me back or when my husband said bye and kissed me on the forehead. I woke up in recovery feeling fine. No nausea at all...even got up twice to pee but was a bit wobbly. Stopped at Starbucks on the way home and I am feeling no pain because of the meds. My PS is very adamant about taking the meds around the clock for three days even if I don't feel like I need them. Fine by me :) Hubby made a chart for the valium, percocet, stool softner, bromelain, and arnica montana. Gotta love him :) I am feeling a few little twinges and my fingers are tingly but that's it for now. About to go take a nap. I am posting pictures of the compression garment and drains. PS also said to walk way hunched over for a week even if I can stand up straight. Says it will help healing and it will minimize the chance of pulling a stich and undoing what he just did, that would suck, so hunched over I will be.

1 day post-op.....I didn't sleep all that well...

1 day post-op.....I didn't sleep all that well last night not because I was in pain but because sleep just wouldn't come. I was quite comfy in my sea of pillows in my bed and eventually turned on my side and drifted off to sleep. My pain medication makes my skin itch so tonight I will take benadryl to counter act the itching (I always itch on pain meds so this is nothing new). My husband, mother and her husband are here so they are taking care of the kids and boy what a vacation this is! :) I get to sit in the recliner and dictate! HA HA!

Seriously though, I am doing well. I have felt a few little twinges but nothing major. No tears or meltdowns. My husband took me to my 1st post-op appointment and I got a little nauseated but it passed.

My PS said everything looked great and I got to peek at my tummy, and I was really pleased with what I saw. The great news is that he said that I didn't have a lot of fullness above my belly button so he was able to stretch that sucker tight. He said he tightened my muscles 10 centimeters!! The average he said is 6. I had lots of loose skin! Yeah me! He assured me I would be extremely happy with the results and I think he is right! I get to take a shower tomorrow so I will wait till my husband gets home from work to help me. I will take pictures then and post them.

I know it has only been a day but I am surprised that this process is going smoothly...granted, I'm sure I will have days that aren't so wonderful but that is just par for the course. We never walk out of major abnominal surgery feeling fantastic. I feel the road will be worth it and I am soooo excited to see the final results in a few months. There will be no instant gratification in this process....just like anything, it takes time. But lord have mercy, I am super excited to see the results! Good night all!

Today was good. Slept a lot. Uploaded new pictures...

Today was good. Slept a lot. Uploaded new pictures before my shower this evening,

2 day post-op.....I slept on the couch a lot today...

2 day post-op.....I slept on the couch a lot today. Not in pain, just tired. My sister was here and the kids just played around me like I was a peice of furniture. Fine with me....I haven't eaten a whole lot....water and saltines but tonight for dinner ate a little grilled chick and cold pasta salad and half a roll. It was yummy. My drains are not bothering me at all and all I really feel are a few twinges here and there. My lower back does hurt from being hunched over but I can't really complain about that too much. I took another shower tonight and it felt good. I go in for my next post-up on Tuesday so surely the drains will come out then. I'm staying on the pain meds round the clock so that certainly makes a big differance. I'm happy so far....and I have a feeling that won't change. Night all.

5 days post-op. I have slept like never in my...

5 days post-op. I have slept like never in my life! I'm not sure if it's because of the meds or if it's because I have two babies!! Whatever the reason, I have enjoyed every single moment of sleep. I plan on taking my third shower today and I think we are all going to pile in the car and drive around a little. I need to get out of the house.

I am in very very little pain. My biggest complaint are the two drains which will come out on Tuesday. I haven't taken my binder off except to shower because I don't want to mess up what's healing in there. I am going to take pictures today though and post them. I hope everyone is doing well!

On a wonderful note....my husband just told me our 6 months old 2 bottom teeth have poked through! It's the little things in life, right?!

I haven't been on here in a bit. Things are...

I haven't been on here in a bit. Things are going well. I went to the doc today to have the drains removed and bummer for me he only removed one of them. That's okay though; even though they have been nothing but a pain in the butt; because if the doc says one needs to stay in, well he's the plastic surgeon, right? I go back in Thursday morning so I will keep all my fingers and toes crossed that that one comes out too. (the drain did not hurt coming out...felt weird but no pain at all). I do have to wonder why some plastic surgeons say their tummy tuck patients can't shower until the drains are out...I have been showering since day two per my doc and I'm still alive. :)

I have been struggling somewhat but I just had major surgery so that is to be expected. I have been off pain meds for several days now and just taking tylenol. I'm standing up straight and getting in and out of bed without help and getting on the floor and back up again. I play with my babies on the floor because I can't pick them up yet. I will sit and cuddle my 6 month old in my lap when is sleeping or very relaxed. The minute he gets roudy, off to daddy he goes. All in all, I have done just fine and I'm really going to like the end result. I already like what I see and I know it's only been a week, so heck yeah, I'm happy. I'm going to take pictures soon and post them.

I look forward to the future and the discomfort and the struggles from this surgery will be nothing but a fleeting thought in the air. I'm excited to get back on track full board and I know that will come soon....plus I want to go shopping. Hope everyone is doing well.

Got my last drain removed this morning....was...

Got my last drain removed this morning....was soooo happy. It felt like I won the lottery and I feel like a million bucks! I'm now sporting a different binder. It has lace and velcro that attaches through the crotch. I feel pretty good....a few aches and pains here and there but overall....good. Now that I have the drains out, I'm going to put my jeans on and hopefully they will feel good. It still may be too soon yet.

Hope everyone is doing well. FYI - I was 136 before tummy tuck and now I am 134. I am happy with that. Doc took 1 1/2 pounds of skin off and tightened 10 centimeters. That's soooo awesome!

I am 2 weeks post-op today. I feel pretty good...

I am 2 weeks post-op today. I feel pretty good although of-course I am swollen and tired. I am certainly starting to see my tummy take on more defining shape. My skin is numb and tender and I am rubbing arnica gel on my tummy and putting merderma on my scar. My scar is raised but that's normal. I have been massaging it....that seems to help.

I can't go too long without my binder as my binder is my new best friend. Even though my tummy is not at it's final look yet, I am happy. When I feel like complaining about this, that or whatever, I remember that before I had a huge blob of fat in my middle and now that is gone. That keeps me real and the fact it's only been 2 weeks. My husband and I have started up relations again....with my binder on! He thinks it's sexy and I feel better with it on anyway! I am excited though to get through the binder stage and back to real life. All in due time. I will post new pictures soon. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

I went to my PS today and everything looks great...

I went to my PS today and everything looks great he said. I have a few little dents along my incision line but those will smooth out. I swell in the afternoon between my incision and pubic line but that will go down in the next couple of months. Doc said I could stop wearing his binder and wear spanx now. I have some on right now and it feels weird because my upper torso is exposed where it was not before. I'll get used to it. He wants me to wear the spanx for the next couple of weeks and my binder to bed if I want to (which I will).

I am feeling good.....it's hard to believe I had major surgery 3 weeks ago! I bought a new dress and boy, does it look good on me! :) Yay! Love my new tummy! I can handle the swelling, and being tired, and the occasional feeling of tightness because I know that will all go away and that dress looked good! My husband couldn't take his eyes off me! It is very form fitting so I had a wonderful hourglass figure. This is what we all did this for, right?! Have a great day!

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Dr. Bogdan is a fantastic plastic surgeon. I am very happy with my results. He is very caring and highly educated. I am so glad I chose him to be my doctor. Absolutely no regrets. I highly recommend him to anyone in the Dallas area (or beyond) seeking plastic surgery of any kind.

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