You'll Never Regret Not Getting a Tattoo. Dallas, TX

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When I was 18, I was very foolish and got an...

When I was 18, I was very foolish and got an incredibly stupid tattoo. I am now 34 and won't even wear a bikini from the shame of my poor decision. I want to cry when I look at it.
I bit the bullet almost two weeks ago and purchased an 8 session package for $400. I guess it was a discount of 35%. I was able to receive my first session the day of my consultation.
It hurt pretty bad, but took less than a minute. It was uncomfortable after, but never blistered or scabbed.
The color has all faded after one session, but the black is going to take awhile. I didn't take a before photo, but here is one a week and a half post first treatment.

UTI from Picosure

6 weeks in - I definitely am noticing more and more fading, particularly on the side farthest from my spine.

I am a bit concerned because I have been generally under the weather ever since I had my picosure session. I have had UTI symptoms off and on to the point that I have undergone three courses of antibiotics and still don't feel normal.

I had a urine culture done on NYE but haven't yet received the results.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Pic from before first session and another pre second session

Just got done with my second session - I didn't really think that much change had been made until she showed me a photo from before my first session and how it looked before my second session - it has faded considerably. She turned the laser up this time and said that this time the laser will break it up into twice as small of particles. It hurt but was totally bearable and the pain stops when the laser stops. I have high hopes to be rid of this thing!

Just completed third treatment

Just got done with my third treatment. It was pretty typical. Here are my photos for comparison. She said at the next treatment she's going to add a boost feature which should expedite the process. Can't wait to be rid of this thing.
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